Psychic Mehdi Ebrahimi Vafa (mehdi_vafa) wrote,
Psychic Mehdi Ebrahimi Vafa

Прогноз на 2017 год для знака🎄🐲 ДРАКОН

🎄🐲Dragon - 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012.
Positive and successful year. The Rooster favors the Dragon and treats it with great respect. The financial situation will let you feel confident and stable, something you have long dreamed of and for which many efforts have been made - the reward is not far off. Dragon is strong and smart, and therefore attracts worthy people and good friends. In your personal life there will be many pleasant surprises connected with travels, meeting people, new acquaintances, which can become very important for single people in the future. Home will be warm for loving couples all year round. Friendship and comfort usually reign in the family of the Dragon, therefore, continue to enjoy your own success and the success of your beloved ones.
What to avoid: jealousy and lies.
Personal life: it is possible to enter into a strong marriage if you do not have a family. Existing relationships will be developing and flourishing.
The talisman of the year: natural stones, not necessarily precious, work well. Bring stones from all the places where you were happy.
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