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this text is from the book "your friend Mehdi"

Chapter twelve

Specialist’s Comment

The third season of the popular program “Fight of extrasenses “has come to its final on TV channel TNT. No matter what our attitude towards this phenomenon is, it is interesting! The participants had to participate in experiments not once, connected with sensational undiscovered murders. What extrasenses are in reality and can they indeed help special services, here is what says famous psychiatrist – criminalist, leader of the Center of legal and psychological help in extreme situations Mikhail VINOGRADOV, former and chief expert – skeptic of the project.

“I am often asked if there is extrasensorics in reality and what it is. Extrasensorics is, in fact supersensitivity. We can draw a parallel with a person’s musical abilities. One possessing this, becomes a composer, another – a singer, still another – a pianist. Extrasensorics is also divided into three parts:
1) bioenergy or healing;
2) clairvoyance, that is knowledge about the events of the past;
3) foretelling, that is vision of the future.
There are extrasenses who possess all the three abilities, but majority of them have one of them as dominant.
For example, Natalya Nosacheva (one of the finalists of the first season) is more a healer, she is a physician – neurologist by profession, she works in the hospital after Burdenko and uses her abilities to remove phantom pains from her patients. Arina Evdokimovna and Natalya Vorotnikova (winner of the first season) are more clairvoyants.
When the announcer Lera Kudryavtseva complained that she had a headache, extrasense Natalya Nosacheva removed her pain just in front of the TV camera.
When TV channel TNT announced about the competition, about one thousand people came. By means of special tests, we chose ten people who really possessed abilities.
I, myself conducted the first choice. According to the standard they had to say, what figure was covered with a thick layer of cardboard, and what color it was. The third experiment – to define by an old photo, if the person in it was alive or deceased. There was a dirty trick there – in the centre of the photo I was sitting at the table in a military uniform – to the right of me – a very famous general, and to the left colonel, and two professors. Real extrasense determined at once that the general was killed (some of them even said because of a bullet wound in the heart), and one of the civilian professors was deceased. The charlatans began to tell fortunes, watch my reaction. There were also such who, pointing to my photo said; “This one has perished.” ”But I was sitting at a distance of half a meter from them, of course twenty years older than I was in the photo.
In general, the choice of the candidates for the show is a simplified but a standard testing of people with extrasensoric abilities, which is usually carried out in special services to see something invisible to the usual eye, to feel the energy.
Extrasensorics has a scientific, materialistic, physical grounding. I always say, human organism is a receiving – transmitting device. We emit energy, and we receive it. Our energy is “copied,” remains on photographs, personal things, on close people. Even passing away, a person takes only part of his energy with him. There is no mysticism in this. Though, sometimes dealing with extrasenses makes you feel awe – struck. There was an episode during shootings which surprised the whole shooting group and me as well. A woman wrote to the program that her daughter had perished under strange circumstances – she was burned alive in the country house. According to the version of the police she smoked, and had a sudden heart attack, she fell down and the fire started from her cigarette end. Their parents were sure that it was arson (the woman was doing business, and her relatives had reasons to suspect).
The extrasenses were brought to the cemetery, to this woman’s grave. The monument was covered with a cloth, not to give the participants any prompting information. They were to say who was buried in this grave and under what circumstances he had died. Almost all the participants felt the energy of forced death and one of the extrasenses – Iranian Mehdi, put his hand on the grave plate in surprise and horror said: “This woman was choked, and there is also a dog there… is speaking! “And here the mother of the perished said her daughter suffocating with fire and smoke, was trying to save her little dog, closed it with her body. Their bodies were burnt to such an extent that it was difficult to distinguish between dog bones and human’s. So they were buried together …How did Mehdi see and hear this? It means, that energy we know by the laws of physics disappears nowhere, it is only transformed and man with his supersensitivity can somehow catch energy signals coming even after man’s death (and after the animal’s). By the way, extrasenses assure that the energy of enforced death is very powerful.
Another vivid example. A woman applied to the “Fight of Extrasenses” this spring in the final of the first season: “Please help, my daughter has been killed, but the police don’t want to investigate!”
Some time ago in the street of Nametkin in Moscow, two girls-teenagers fell from the window of a many storey building, with an interval of twenty minutes. The police immediately called it suicide (now people often speak about such suicides). But the mother of one of the perished assured that her daughter had been beaten before her death and perhaps was raped (her trousers were torn and in blood).
The winner of the third season of the “Fight” Mehdi from Iran sees through the wall. Three extrasenses went to the place of the tragedy. They were not told anything beforehand (believe, this is true, there are not false scenes in the program!), only photos of the friends were shown and were asked to tell what had happened to the girls and the most surprising was that all the extrasenses declared :they were thrown from height. They described how the girls got into the building, but a company of men waited for them there, pointed to the floor exactly, the flight of stairs and the window, through which they had supposedly been thrown down.
And Natalya Vorotnikova even exactly showed the place on the grass where the body of one girl was lying, and said that the second had fallen on the cap peak of the entrance. The program passed the recording on to the prosecutor’s office and requested to investigate to the end. But so far everything is silent… Though, as an officer of the special service can say that judging by the details of this case, the girls “walked through the window” not willingly, and extrasenses are right in a lot of things.
Journalists often ask me if the law preserving organs themselves have asked extrasenses for help.
Yes, certain extrasenses, even before the program was recorded, cooperated with the police. For example, participant of the first season Svetlana Proskuryakova (she is a legal medical expert herself) brought the certificate of thanks from MIA (Ministry of Inner Affairs) for disclosing the case about a missing person. In the region of Solntseva a man disappeared. The colleagues, knowing about Svetlana’s abilities, asked her to help, and she, sitting at the police station, pointed to the place in the forest by the map, where the body might be. In a few hours the workers of the police found the body just in the place which Proskuryakova had pointed.
During the recording of the program rescuers applied to us. A diver had drowned in a reservoir near Minsk. His friends and the workers of the MES (Ministry of Extremal Situations) searched every meter of the bottom, but during two weeks, they did not find anything ,though the space of the reservoir is not large and the current could not take it away either…
And now a group of extrasenses (in this experimentation clairvoyant Arina Edvokimovna was especially notable) was sitting in Moscow in the studio and was talking with the rescuers on the telephone. By the map, Arina showed the square where the body was and added that it could not have drifted away because it was caught on something like iron. Really, the barge had sunk in this place, the diver got hooked on its metallic ledge, was unable to free himself and got drowned. According to Arina’s information his body was found immediately and was brought to the surface. Moreover, by the photo of the perished, the extrasense told several exact facts about his character, family and that a small child had remained…
It should be noted that real clairvoyants are not many. Unfortunately, people often find themselves in situations of despair, when neither the police nor the physicians can help. Extrasenses offer their services everywhere. But how to distinguish them from charlatans?
I have been studying man’s super abilities for almost thirty years, since the Institute years, and I can say that only three-four people out of one thousand possess extrasensory abilities. Some people conceal them and are even afraid. Some are displayed in professions of a psychologist, a physician, investigator. But real, strong extrasenses who are of interest to special services, with whom we work in terms of prognosis, search of perished and so on, are not more than twenty people in our country. They are also mistaken. So, we can listen to them of course, but to make conclusions, it is necessary to rely on facts and your own common sense, but in order to distinguish a real extrasense from a charlatan, the same approach is necessary, the one used when we choose a physician. Rely on the fact that a real extrasense should have a certificate, confirming his abilities (the Institute of Traditional Medicine gives them), and the comments of your acquaintances, who you think have a sound mind, whom the extrasenses were really able to help.
Here is a concrete example. The extrasenses were shown the photo of brutally killed Nastya Mokryakova… And they exactly described the portrait of Igor Klimov who is being searched.
Not long ago, the chief of the criminal police of Ivanteevka which is near Moscow applied to the program. In spring and in summer of this year, a wave of brutal murders of children hit the country. In Ivanteevsk, on 30 April just from the yard of her own house, four-year-old Nastya Mokryakova disappeared. On the second of May, the girl’s body was found in the local forest belt. She was brutally killed having received serious injuries in the neck. Soon the police got on the tracks of a Igor Klimov, born in 1957, from South Sakhalinsk. The suspected, a teacher in the past, a hard drinker, according to acquaintances, continually displayed brutality with regard to women and pedophile inclinations. But at the last moment, the beast as if felt that he would be caught, and hid himself. A federal search has been announced.
The police of Ivanteevk asked the extrasenses for help to search the monster of cruelty (formally the words of extrasenses, naturally, cannot be considered to be a guide to actions, but they can serve as “additional operative information”). During the experiment, the participants of the project were taken to the forest belt, where the girl’s body had been found, and her photo was shown and nothing else was said. And some of them gave out facts as if they had been copied out of the criminal case. They said that the girl was kept in a closed place at first, an attempt had been made to rape her but unsuccessful, she was tortured, then they brought her to the forest by car and killed her there.
Two extrasenses exactly pointed to the place under the trees, where the body was lying, and quite correctly described the criminal’s distinctive marks. As a result of this experiment the police accepted two versions of extrasenses as to where Klimov might hide himself now. These versions coincided with the opinion of the operative workers as well.
The press announced that the British special services realized that their attempts to make use of extrasenses turned out to be unsuccessful and they closed up all their work in this field. I don’t think that we should believe in this. It is known that the language is given to the secret service man to conceal the information. Of course, part of the attempts are fruitless. But I can say confidently that all leading secret services in Europe and in the States, under of aegis of various scientific projects study and will study man’s unusual possibilities. And as soon as somebody appears with confirmed abilities “to see what is concealed” he is taken notice of.
How can the extrasensory abilities be medically investigated? For example, by means of an encephalograph and detector of lie. When real extrasenses are inclined to work, the function of certain deep structures of the brain become active, which is seen on the encephalogram. But the lie detector simply fixes the tiny vegetative fluctuations of the organism, and quite exactly it becomes clear, when a person lies, when he feels terrible, when he is sure of his words, or when he doubts.
Do you remember there was a lady Rosa Kuleshova the first Soviet official extrasense. Still quite a young doctor I was invited from the chair of psychiatry to a secret laboratory to participate in an experiment. Unusual abilities appeared in this woman after a serious skull-brain trauma. The tests were different. For example, Rosa’s eyes were covered with a special mask to make it impossible to peep, then she was given a handwritten text on a sheet of paper with large letters. She passed her hand over it and said without practically any mistakes what was written there. It was very amusing how the extrasense guessed the color of the pasteboard-box… by her buttocks. When she was asked to name the color of the pasteboard-box, she sat on it assuring that she felt better in this way. She had never been mistaken!
Sometimes, the extrasenses who have already displayed their abilities in practice, say, in clairvoyance, enter the list of analyticians in this or that field. But people turn to them for particular advice on some problem and take into account their opinion among the opinions of other consultants. I cannot say names, but I will say that several participants of the project “Fight of Extrasenses” have received interesting offers.
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