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Прогноз на 2017 год для знака🎄🐇 КРОЛИК (ЗАЯЦ, КОТ)

🎄🐇🐈Rabbit (Hare, Cat) - 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011.
Look in the mirror more often. A Rooster is a beautiful bird and loves itself. You should follow its example. Start liking your own personality, scrutinize the reflection. You can always see external and inner world in it. Sadness and pain, happiness and contentment, tears and smiles always reflect in the eyes. Don’t be afraid to be bright or stand out of the crowd. It will do you good at the moment. Lack of self-confidence can develop your complexes and stop you from reaching an important goal. Let people around you realize what a precious person is close to them. Avoid ill-wishers, don’t compromise with your conscience, filter out what you don’t need. The most important is harmony within you and with your environment. Money has been with you and will be with you if you know its value. Try to support your family and friends in need, don’t ignore the problems of the others and one day you will get help.
What to avoid: betrayal and gossips
Personal life: the main thing is to be honest with yourself and with your other half
The talisman of the year: a mirror (carry it around in your bag or a pocket)
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