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Интернет-портал Дни.ру: "Звезды поздравили читателей с Новым годом"


The winner of "The Battle of Psychics" Mehdi Ebrahimi Vafa: "For several years while the clock is chiming, I like looking out of the window at the city covered with snow and making a wish for myself and for others. But I come from Iran, and my "native" New Year is in spring, on the vernal equinox. This New Year is the first one that people celebrated on Earth. My family celebrates it, too. It's an interesting tradition we've got". "People often ask me to give predictions concerning upcoming 2017 and tell my opinion about the future. So, in this regard I'm quite optimistic. Good results in the foreign policy of the country and good domestic economic numbers. The "ice" in relations with Europe will start melting. And I still think that the priority for Russia should remain the development of relations with Asia. I wish you all this to come true!"- the psychic said.
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