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Мехди Эбрагими Вафа «MEV представляет»: «ЗАЛОГ УСПЕХА»

Видеоролик "MEV представляет":

Mehdi Ebrahimi Vafa "MEV presents": "Key to Success"
How to avoid mistakes in life...
✨Let only those people get close, whom you will miss being faraway.
✨Do not let yourself speak about a person behind his back more than you can tell him in the eye.
✨Do not believe when people say someone else's words.
✨Give more than you take!
✨Do not lie to yourself, first of all, then you will not deceive others.
✨Do not lose your faith, even when you are on the edge.
✨Do not ever think for other people, do not ascribe your thoughts to them.
✨Be deaf in love, but look attentively.
✨Do not try to be the first, be the best.
✨Do not spare your effort for the good and be kind to yourself.
✨If you want to be heard, speak quietly!
✨Let go of your grudges fast and forget the offenders even faster.
✨Do not be afraid to part with the last possession, perhaps it will turn into a way to the castle of joy!
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