Psychic Mehdi Ebrahimi Vafa (mehdi_vafa) wrote,
Psychic Mehdi Ebrahimi Vafa

The boat and the boy

 The man was offended by everyone, got disappointed in life, took a small boat and went into the ocean. His dream was to meet his half. He was tired of misunderstanding. All people became strangers for him. When his beloved one abandoned him, it hit him a big blow and he left for the ocean thinking he will be fine there. He ran into heavy weather. His boat sank to the bottom. The young man lost his consciousness. When he opened his eyes, he was in a dark room. There were many various things around him, among which he found Aladdin’s magic lamp. According to the tradition, the lamp’s owner offered the boy to make three wishes. The boy asked him, at first, to say where he was! At second, what was going on with him? At third, what was going to happen to him next? The genie answered all his questions. He said that the boat the boy was navigating was wrecked and swallowed by a whale. As far as the future was concerned, the genie began talking about his death, that no one will ever learn his whereabouts and that his mother will look at her door till the end of her life. After all he heard the boy had tears turning up in his eyes. He developed just one wish: to come back home to his mother. It was impossible. He had no more wishes left to make. The boy had thought no one waited for him or loved him.
The genie evaporated and the boy remained till the end of his days inside the whale.
Every person is needed by someone. If you think that you are alone, you are wrong.
Let us appreciate and love everything we have. It happens sometimes that we even fail to guess that this or that person is ready to give its life for the sake of yours. Love those who are near you. One day a day will come, when it will be too late and no one will hear you screaming. Your feelings will drown in the depths and hide on the ocean bottom.
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