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 Once upon a time two persons got acquainted in a strange way. From the very first second their hearts stopped beating in anticipation of a miracle. Any word uttered by each one to the other was a magic word. Every touch was like the first and last feeling. It seemed never before they had never experienced such feelings. Their eyes talked to each other and their breath was like two magnets: closer, closer, closer… Any free second and any thought dedicated only to one another. They were walking, communicating, singing songs and after one phrase said to each other: ‘I love you! I can’t live without you.’ For the first time they really felt what love was and what feelings and touches meant. When the two of them were together, nothing around interested them. It was as though they transmigrated to another world with just them and the nature. A cawing crow was like a singing nightingale to them, a car passing by was a running deer and a bag crackling under their feet seemed to be rustling autumn leaves. You will say: ‘For sure, it is a fairy tale! Things can’t be this way!’ You have the right to do so. While I think that everyone has a period in his lifetime, when he understands what I am talking about: the sense behind these words, these sensations and these feelings. Someone is able of feeling, dreaming, let his imagination run and make his fantasies come true, while someone prefers to keep to the reality. But it’s happiness, when the very reality is romantic.
Years passed by and it turned out that the two can no more be together: all the relations and friends were against it and, besides they were of different faith. It was an accepted rule for the girl’s family to get married to a person of the same faith and selecting a fiancé was her parents’ obligation. It hurts so much to see adult people interfering into the destinies of two persons in love just because they are adult. But, maybe, they have never been in love at all! They will not understand the hearts which are breaking into pieces. The two of them are not to be blamed for anything; they were simply in love, that’s it. Do you really ask a girl when getting acquainted with her: ‘What are your family’s traditions? What is your faith?’ At best you will ask her: ‘What is your name?’ and the rest will be decided by your heart and your mind.
The young people wanted to be together very much. They did not imagine their lives without each other, but they were not heard. The boy saw his little angel crying and suffering and the only thing left to him was to disappear from her life once and for all thus relieving her tormenting sufferings. After a year he became aware that she was getting married. His heart could not stand the pain and out of desperation he bought for her as many roses as many times he told her about his love. All the flowers were blocking the exit from the wedding hall. Among the lovely buds and thorns the girl found a small note: ‘I love you and I wish were happy!’ One and a half years passed. The young man picked up his telephone receiver and heard terrible news: ‘Come here!’ he was told, ‘she is in hospital. She is in a very bad state. She took a lot of pills. Only you can help her!’ Of course, he came back, went up to her bed, held her by her hand and pronounced a magic phrase. She opened her eyes. She regained her conscience. She looked at him attentively and wanted to embrace him. But he did not allow doing so. Instead he slapped her in her face and said: ‘If you don’t think of yourself and your child, if your are indifferent to your life, then think at least of me, if you love me. I have done everything I could. I went away, disappeared, but you are every second in front of my eyes and I am awfully glad and happy that you are alright’. Of course, the girl was shocked by her beloved one raising his hand against her, as she believed he was the tenderest person on Earth. Then again he said: ‘I shall go away, but on one condition! Promise me that you will no more hurt yourself. Try to become happy. It’s only then that I will be able to keep on loving you. Your life is my life. If you go away, I’ll follow you!’
After saying these words he turned around and left. His eyes were full of tears. He wanted so much to embrace her, press against his heart and kiss her, but he could not do so. She had already been married and had a child.
After the ward door closed the girl was thinking about one thing: why was it that he hit her. But when she did understand it, the slap in the face became for her dearer and more pleasant than any kiss. She realized that she was holding in her arms the lives of two persons! Now she was thinking about her promise to become happy. Her heart was overfilled with joy. Because he, the one whom she loved and loves, belongs to her infinitely. For each other’s sake they became happy people, but none of them ever forgot of their dream to be together. The desire would not die away.

Once a boy saw a beautiful girl in the street. They got acquainted and understood from the very first second that knew each other for an eternity. It was it, the love! They made up their mind to get married, but understood very well that there were quite a few obstacles put in their way. The two were of different faiths. Traditions were strictly followed in each family! How to tell their parents about their crazy love? Will they understand?! And what if they will not, then all their dreams will come to an abrupt end. How will they be able to live without each other?! They decided not to say anything before they get married in secret. But… Life is life. One evening the young man, when coming back with his father from a visit, saw his beloved one. Neither she was alone. Something very interesting, perhaps, was being said to her by her mother. What was to be done? How to conceal what cannot be concealed. How to pass by without an embrace and saying about his purest and gentlest love! But there was no choice! Trying hard to hold back his smile the boy turned his head aside, but at the very last moment he could not help saying: ‘Hello!’
‘Hello!’ answered the girl. They smiled. They were almost about to pass by. But all of a sudden each parent slowed down the pace. Yes, 25 years were gone. They met. Their eyes were filled with tears of happiness. So many tormenting years had gone by. But they were not supposed to express all the feelings, which were overfilling them. Every family came back home. After the casual meeting in the street the young man understood that never again will he be able to pass by his only one the way he did it that day.
‘Daddy, I have a serious matter to discuss with you! Have you seen the girl in the street today? She was walking with her mother! We have greeted each other!’
‘Yes, I have!’
‘I love her. I can’t live without her. We want to get married! She loves me too. I understand everything. Our families have different traditions! But Daddy are there any traditions for love?!’
The father said nothing. He smiled, held his son against his heart and said: ‘I shall do all I can! You will be together!’
The same evening the girl saw her mother crying: ‘What has happened to you, Mum? Why are you crying?’
‘Everything is OK daughter! Everything is OK! I have just remembered a sad story.’
‘Mother, I have to talk to you! The boy who has greeted me today is him! It’s the boy I used to tell you about. We love each other. I don’t need anyone but him! We want to be together!’
‘Yes, my daughter! I do understand you!’ They embraced each other and tears of happiness were rolling across their cheeks.
This time no one was against the wedding. Both the young persons’ parents were only glad to see their children happy. And it felt so good to hold in their hands the destinies of their own children, whom they could make happy. The wedding party was posh, indeed. And it was just two persons, who looked at one another and thought that that day was also the day of their wedding. Everything they had dreamt for such a long time came true. Although not for themselves, but for their children!
The feelings are always victorious. The Earth is round and people must for sure once upon a time meet each other, whether they want it or not. The faces of the newlyweds, their parents and guests were shining with joy. The beloved people failed to understand why they had succeeded in such an easy way. Why none of the parents had opposed the wedding in accordance with the customs in place, but…
The secret there parents had been keeping piously went with them into the grave.
In general, it is a happy thing to love and be loved, when your nearest and dearest are healthy and your children pleased.
Lately I have been writing various stories and fairy tales, because I feel people need them. I feel that people are finding in these stories the answers to many issues which excite or disturb them. And many just like reading what I write!
Write your comments. I you want me to touch upon some topic, please, feel free to do it! I shall do it all for You. I have very little free time, but I try to work every word I write through my soul. Thanks to all of you!
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