Экстрасенс Мехди Эбрагими Вафа (mehdi_vafa) wrote,
Экстрасенс Мехди Эбрагими Вафа

The Galaxy

 There are many things we doubt before we see them with our own eyes. If 300 years ago we saw a plane, we would have, probably thought it to be a UFO. If we saw a today’s show business representative with his unusual hairdo and an evident intervention made by a plastic surgeon. We would have said it to be an extraterrestrial creature. If we became aware that people can communicate while being situated in different parts of the world and, besides, see each other, we would have been shocked. There were no explanations available to all these things 300 years ago. It means that the mankind represented by people is developing with every passing day, in spite of the fact that there is always someone or something to hinder our thinking, thus halting the progress. What are you, today’s people, thinking of UFOs, teleportation, aliens, parallel worlds or intelligent robots?
Maybe, you think that Mehdi saw yesterday a science-fiction movie or that Mehdi no longer knows what to write about! No, you are wrong.
We believe now that many things are unreal, mythical or non-existent. But time will pass and our opinions are likely to change, if aliens themselves establish a contact with us or before the man who got lost in the other worlds comes back from there. Even if such a man preserves his memory, it is hardly possible that anyone is going to trust him, because we have been indoctrinated ever since our childhood that it is nonsense! Science is marching forwards faster than our imagination. It looks like a monkey able of working at a computer. But to make it sit still, it has to be shown a banana across a glass panel. All our thoughts are spent on the problems which we have invented for us all by ourselves. But all the time we are looking for a way out from the labyrinth, in which we are living. It is the society, the state authority, the family and everything which is surrounding you. The labyrinth may have one or several ways out. Maybe, you will find one exit or, maybe, all of them. But the main thing is the time which you are leaving behind you in the labyrinth. While traversing the path, you get old! You no longer have any forces left to look for answers to any questions. And so without finding the answers we leave this world. Get closer to the nature so that it does not forget about you one day. At least be friends with the Earth you are living on so that it does not feel hurt by you. Sometimes you can look into the sky and shout: ‘I am here!’
Maybe, someone will hear you and respond. But if you keep silent, in response you will get silence!
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