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Экстрасенс Мехди Эбрагими Вафа

Interesting conversation

 Conscience, Love and Desire started a conversation. The conversation ended in a quarrel.
Conscience said it has a place in everyone.
Love said: ‘And as for me, people keep on looking for me all the time!’
Desire was upset, but found an answer: ‘People often change you for me!’
The three of them were sitting without even looking at one another.
Conscience tried to explain: ‘People need me, when good things are happening or when evil is done! I act as a judge. The decision depends on me and that means I am more important than you are!’
Love answered: ‘My dear, everyone is dreaming of me from birth to old age. Everyone wants to touch me at least for a second. And when I am involved, you are rated second!’
Desire meditated and said: ‘Do you mean to say that I am rated third?’ And gave an example: ‘A human being in its young age is only under my command. I am the reason why it is looking for its half. I occupy the honourable first place! It will pay no attention to its conscience and call me love, when it gets confused! In case of success I shall be priceless. I serve as an award for a human being! When I am involved, all become deaf and blind. Dear Conscience, no one hears your cries, emotions or jealousy! My status is real love!
In case of a failure, you will be to blame, Conscience. Because the person has failed to hear you and you are the first one to blame, my sweetheart Love! The person will remember you with resentment till the very end of its life as its first unsuccessful experience! I am again in the lead, as soon as a new person appears around. Will you say that I am wrong?
Love was insulted by such a cruel remark.
‘Do you mean to say that bring misfortune?’ cried Love out loud: ‘How can you compare me with yourself? You are just a desire and I am LOVE! You, stupid! I connect two human beings, as well as open up their eyes to the world. I am in children, in the nature, in God and in the word Motherland! No one can replace me! Yes, I can bring about pain, but I am not to blame, it may be put to the merit of youth, which can mix me up with you!’
Desire got silent.
Conscience went on: ‘Yes, Love is right! You, Desire, fall short of Love! Yes, Desire, it’s you who can make people deaf and blind. It’s you who don’t give to many a chance to feel the taste of real love. You are the reason of many separations and troubles. It’s because of you that children are abandoned, who cry, search and wait. It’s because of you that many people are ready to sell themselves! How dare you offend Love? Remember once and for all that love never brings about anything else than happiness!’
Desire realized that Love was right and Conscience was on its side. In spite of the bewilderment, Desire’s face was lit with a smile!
I am eternal and you get old with time and lose importance. While Conscience remains with us till the end of our lives and in the other world tells all the truth about us and our actions!’ whispered Love.
In the other world Desire dissipates in the air. It makes Conscience and I sisters and you are a stranger!
After all she hears Desire got ashamed, felt forlorn and thought: ‘Are Love and Conscience life’s companions and am I just a Desire?’
Conscience and Love felt sorry for Desire and said: ‘You are also necessary! Without you no one could ever love each other and Conscience would remain forever silent! You are the first step in looking for happiness!’
They forgot about all the offences, embraced one another and started living again the way they did before!
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