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Экстрасенс Мехди Эбрагими Вафа

About myself

 Mehdi Ebragimi Vafa was born on June 8, 1973 in Tehran, the capital of Iran. Mehdi grew up in a large family with two sisters and two brothers. He was a middle brother. Mehdi’s father is a businessman, he is keen on philosophy and writes poetry. His mother, Turk by descent, having love and respect for her chosen one, has mastered the Persian language. She spoke without any accent that was just incredible. It was she who made Mehdi’s father the happiest man. Mehdi was an unusual boy from childhood up. He had visions and it made his parents pay special attention to the boy. They couldn’t understand what was wrong with Mehdi. Sometimes he talked in his sleep, he predicted some events that should happen in the future, forewarned people of danger and of course he shared with them his presentiments about positive changes. Many people around him said that not only words but also Mehdi’s hands possessed peculiar effect – they imparted peace of mind, confidence, delivered from nervousness. Everyone who took his hand felt being put in a good mood and assertiveness. During long years Mehdi was wrestling with the question what was going on with him and why. When he was 18, he became a teacher in remote villages in highlands. Only in mountains far away from people he could reveal all his inner sides. Reading, meditating, praying and listening to the nature helped Mehdi to learn to read the thoughts of people. “I understood, that I was a part of this world and its nature, an active part. I began to feel the sea, I was imbued with the power of the mountains, the wind and fire”. His spirit got so attached to those remote places that he has lived there for a long time. It was the place where he found the answers to his questions. Then Mehdi decided to fulfill his mother’s dream and to become a doctor. That is why he left his house for Russia. He graduated from Sechenov Medical Academy of Moscow and in 2008 got second university degree in stomatology. At the same time he got a degree in psychology. At the instance of his wife and friends he took part in TV-project “Psychic Challenge 3” and became the winner. While participating in the show filming Mehdi went through two events that changed his life - he lost his dearest mother and God blessed him with a son. After Mehdi became the winner on the show, his dream came true. The thing has he dreamed of since his childhood was to help people, and now this time has come. Now Mehdi works as doctor and psychologist, he paints, writes books and poetry, sings and devotes some time to photography. There are lots of extraordinary photos in his collection. He can be described in plenty of words, but in a phrase he is a creative personality. “All the things I succeed in I succeed with the help of God. I always appeal to God and He shows me the right way”.
About 7 months ago I stopped psychic practice at all. Now I work as psychologist. Also I pursue arts: produce pictures and sculptures, sing songs and write books and poems. Very soon I’ll record my first solo album on Russian and Iranian languages.
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