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Stories of Friends

 There were a little beetle, a little cockroach and a little spider living in a cellar. They were living together like good friends: the beetle used to buzz all nights long, the spider used to weave for himself a web house and the cockroach like a real housewife used to treat its friends every evening to a tasty dinner. It was helped by its reliable comrades: the spider was catching flies, the beetle was finding grains and the cockroach was cooking soup with the help of its magic little pot. A warm dinner shared in a good company. After the meal they would talk about the things which troubled them most of all. The topics of their night time conversations varied a lot.
- I am among the oldest insect representatives on the Earth! - said the cockroach.
- I have survived a comet falling, my genus is so ancient, but the people can smash me in a second with an iron heel of their elegant shoes. Is it a just thing to do? And in some countries cockroaches are even a delicacy.

- Me too, I saw a lot of things, backed up the beetle. I sing songs for everybody, I boost spirits, but they turn all of a sudden bug killer against me and…murder. Is it a just thing to do?

The spider had tears turning up in its eyes! It was so sorry for its friends.
- I am working hard all my life, I am creating a house of thin threads, which are yet to be woven. It means a lot of work. I don’t sleep, but keep on building and building and building… And the people destroy in a moment the whole result of my fantasy and toil. It hurts so much to see no one helping me to build and destroying with such a cruelty. Is it a just thing to do?

And in one voice they all pronounced:
- What are we doing to bother the people? Why do they dislike us so much? Why are they afraid of us? Maybe, they just don’t know that we too are able of thinking, loving and feeling … We are living creatures! We have our families like they do! Why are we punished this way? Maybe, it is damnation? For sure, it’s a horrible wizard who makes us suffer on this planet. This evil curse has to be lifted!!!
And so the conversation went on… They meditated a lot on the topic, but did not know how to help themselves. And so they were sitting and crying aloud together. It was just one question that they asked each other:
- What are we to blame for? Why are we considered sickening and bad? What are we to do to become happy? It’s just one cellar that we need for our happiness, a secluded place to sing our songs, produce new generations and communicate quietly with our kinsmen.

There was a tiny brook flowing in the grey and dimly lit cellar. And one day our protagonists caught sight of a small piece of bread carried swiftly by the waves. The spider, the cockroach and the beetle scrambled upon their new ship and so they went. The brook was carrying them far away from the town, but an unpleasant problem came about on their way: the bread got sodden and began going down. This is why all the passengers had to leave ashore. The found themselves in a sewer. When they went up, they were met by the bright and caressing sun. Everything around looked green and wonderful, the grass was whirring and a southern wind was blowing. They walked across the field and were looking for a place to provide them lodging for the night. Now they needed a little house. Here they found a stone among beautiful grass and huge trees and settled in underneath. It became their new house. From now on no one could prevent them from living the way they liked. They were not interfered by strange sounds, exhaust fumes coming from the cars, by filth or trash, quite on the contrary, the songs of the nature seemed to them both a lullaby and a daybreak wakeup bugle.
They were really happy.
But I forgot to tell you: when they were carried by the brook, the spider narrowly missed drowning. It was only thanks to the cockroach, which dragged it out, that the spider remained alive. I believe this is the best proof of friendship, when one is risking his life to help the other. And it deserves being rewarded. So now they had the stone. Not far away from the stone there was a forlorn shed, which was also inhabited by local residents. The situation emerged, under which they found their mates and things got even better. The spider built an excellent palace with its hands, the beetle was singing so well that it could be invited to take part in Eurovision, while the cockroach was still cooking the best of all soups with the help of its little pot. They were trying hard all together.
The protagonists of this fairy tale are the spider, the beetle and the cockroach. There was a Chinaman, who was training an ant for a long time how to eat with chops. He succeeded and sometimes he demonstrated the miracle on a square. Once a huge amount of people got together and all were observing with impatience such an unusual performance. But all of a sudden a big guy came by, dodged his way through the crowd and, when moving with dedication to the centre of events he squashed by accident the little ant. The crowd gasped with surprise, but he failed to understand what was going on? He asked a perplexed question: ‘What is happening here?’
The matter is that one has to look under one’s feet. Both in a direct and figurative sense. If we, the people, are not friends with ants, gadflies and other insects and dislike them, if they are against our liking, it does not mean we are entitled to disturb their peace on the Earth. Did the person to squash the ant know that the fragile creature was a unique one? The insect has unbelievable strength. The ant with its own weight of less than one gram is capable of lifting a weight, which exceeds several times its own bodyweight.
I remember once seeing in my childhood a black ant carrying food to its house. Yes, there are different ants: black and red and winged ones… The poor guy was trying to bring the food in, but not far from its house it got in a fight with some red ants. I was looking at it and made up my mind to intervene. The war was over. They were separated by a wide river. It looked like their little round heads were looking at me and saying ‘thank you’. I smiled and went on…

Why do we consider ourselves the strongest, cleverest and the most talented ones?
The ability of the cockroach to survive in all kinds of circumstances is amazing.
The spider weaves its cobweb in such a skilful way, that no tailor is able of imitating it.
The beetle buzzes from the beginning to the end of its life; a human being is not capable of it. It will be tired. And will never unravel the mystery what this song of it is about.
The nature has created us on equal footing. We are all residents of one planet. And who knows what will happen, if all little spiders, beetles and cockroaches disappear!
It is an endless mistake to destroy and kill even what we know nothing about!
Love the planet and reckon with your neighbours, be it an elephant or a beetle!
This is not a fairy tale to make you grow fond of cockroaches, beetles and spiders. I am telling it to remind the following:
- Each one plays its role on this planet. These creatures included. They pay the price of their lives to let others exist.
Imagine they all disappear. The science has a proof that if one species disappears, it will trigger a chain effect of another one and a further one disappearing …
There is someone living under every shrub or stone, in every cellar, where it is dark and we are scared! From ancient times they have been living parallel to us and, moreover, they deserve living on.
Where does the strength lie?
The strength lies in the fact which one of all the species can feel and grasp the surrounding world and to find a way out and survive in any situation and under any conditions!
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