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Экстрасенс Мехди Эбрагими Вафа

Who am I?

 I am Iranian by my ethnic origin.
I am Muslim by my faith.
My sex is male.
My appearance is Asian.
I am a doctor and a dentist by profession. I have two medical educations.
I am married by my marital status and have a child.
But in the first place I am human, just like you. A human being has to be judged by its inner world or its spiritual content, rather than by other characteristics.
The main thing is whether it is a good man or a bad one or unremarkable. Once upon a time all the people on the Earth were different. They had to survive proceeding from one idea: a man is a man and it means he is no foe. Several thousand years ago the man was much more primitive; it was like an ape, but then the idea of ‘being like us’ played an important role. No more now. Yes, then we, humans, were smaller in numbers. There was one goal facing us then: to survive. Predators, diseases and difficult living conditions used to be foes then, and now the human being’s enemy is a person of different faith, a person living in another area, etc. Just imagine us people becoming enemies to each other. In ancient times people got together in teams despite everything and fought for a common idea and objective. My point of view is that all people on earth are equal. The main thing is that a human being should always remain human. I keep on asking myself the same old question: ‘What can I do? How can I convince others that one must not kill his like! How can I inspire a simple truth that one should be able to forgive even one’s enemy?’
At this moment god blessed me with possibilities to reach the hearts of the people who trust my words. I have made many friends. I feel that I can and must make right steps in uniting the people who live on earth. I bear a colossal responsibility on my shoulders. There is one more issue that disturbs me: ‘What else can I do apart from what I have time to do?’ I give advice to people, spend my energy on a daily basis and support them psychologically. I am helping in solving many problems of great many people who come to visit me. Besides all that, I am writing poems about god, love and friendship. Now I want very much to sing. I am working round-the-clock. But… All this is not for the sake of PR, advertisement, power or money. Thanks to god, I am not in the need of anything. I am troubled by another thing: it’s the visions I want to tell everybody about. The problem is that speaking about them is a sin, but it’s me rather than anyone else who am once to answer for all these sins. And I can’t help speaking, because it’s impossible to conceal in myself so many emotions, besides, I am conscience-stricken.
People are unique by themselves. God has created the human being in his image and likeness and is treating his creature with love. Our ancestors worked hard to develop culture and traditions and to make life comfortable for us who are now living on the earth, while we ruthlessly and in cool blood destroy all they had built. But most of all I am outraged by the fact that when murdering each other people fail to thing about simple things like, for instance, that the enemy has a family, too, and, in principle, he has the right to live. The war. The enemy. The stranger. These notions, regretfully enough, are becoming in their essence a justification for the assassins. Is it a way out? Is it what god has created us for? Think: when killing another human being we destroy ourselves in the first place as a personality, and if we take a global scale, we are destroying the mankind in general. Today human hearts are filled with anger and hatred to persons like them. There are many reasons behind it: it is social abyss among the people and spiritual poverty and so on and so forth. Vanga and Nostradamus were often encouraged in their prophecies by what was happening among people. Ancient civilizations (for example, the Mayas) were convinced that the end of the world would come. They saw the reason for it in people’s inability to love and understand each other. Unlike us, they also used to think hard about decreasing resources. Hatred is like a virus, it destroys everything. Judge for yourselves: the world nations will try in the future for the sake of the power reigning in the world to create an extremely powerful weapon, which exceeds in its might several hundred times the nuclear bomb. The scientists and developers somehow fail to thing about the aftermath their creation can bring to. So who is the enemy? It’s me, you, and us!!! There is one way out: to love each other, to believe in god with your heart and treat with care everything, which surrounds us!
Who am I?
A friend or a foe?
Who is the enemy?
The man or the war?
Who are you?
A friend or a foe?
But remember one thing: we are all human. It’s something which means a lot!
When looking at another human being, the first thought should be that it is a human being just like myself, created in god’s image and likeness. If we ignore such simple truths, then the entire mankind will be in for hard times. Under the present situation prevailing in the world, I think, one does not have to have special abilities to think about the aftermath of the crisis, cataclysms and other unfavourable events.
Look what is going on: people became loving their pets more. They feed, tend and cherish them, whereas poor children in Africa are dying.
I would like to express my gratitude to the organizations, which are assisting in environment protection. Unfortunately, these organizations are sometimes hit by corruption and political influences are exerted on them, but despite everything I appreciate the work they are doing. We often hear in the media: ‘This or that animal species is on the brink of extinction’. People are following it closely, but who is going to control the death of the mankind as a species? No one but us is going to help us.
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