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Экстрасенс Мехди Эбрагими Вафа

The Story of a Man with a Broken Heart

 He has always dreamt of finding a person to match completely his internal world. He has always dreamt of communicating with a person with his eyes alone. He has always thought of the only one who could come and change all his life. But it happened so that loneliness has become his closest friend. And never sorry he was, because loneliness alone helped him in fathoming himself. It looked like he was to take his dreams into the other world. His life was very hard. Once he confessed his love to a girl, but he was not understood. His words were not taken in earnest. All the gifts he was giving were not appreciated. He loved her so much that when she had to undergo a surgery, he donated to her his body organ without thinking. But… He was forgotten. After that the word love lost all its meaning for him. And he decided that now he will belong to everybody. He began loving everyone and everything around. He neither could, nor even wanted to belong to one person. Once he was reproached that he is unable of loving. At this moment there was a laughter sounding in his soul. He was not hurt or offended: he had got used to misunderstanding, just one feeling was filling his heart. It was the feeling of pity to the one who was so wrong and inexact in selecting his words. He was spending his all being to help the people and was living on a brink. He was never interested in a person’s sex, age or faith; he just used to help with all he could. Perhaps, God awarded him for that with great many friends.
To tell the truth, there was a girl in his life. He called her his favourite angel. But he was concealing his feelings. He did not want to make once more a mistake and feel the old pain, moreover, his angel already had her wings and she was happy. With all his deeds he was showing her that he is not worth of her love.
The life dictates us the way to live and often selects our paths to follow for us. This is exactly why not all the things in life look the way we would like them to. The boy was taught by life since his childhood to love everybody without ever demanding anything in exchange. It was his principle. He risked his life for the sake of other people’s life and never ever was sorry for that at least for a second. With age he became somewhat cruel: the wound in his heart which was his lifelong companion had it impact. But the main thing is that his soul still remained tender as silk. His life was full of stories both happy and sad, but he has achieved his goal: he has proved to everybody and to himself that love is eternal, but we are, unfortunately, mortal!

And at one time he often observed a girl living in his neighbourhood. She was blind. He used to help her, if she needed help and bought her flowers. He felt pain that she could not look into his eyes and see him. She would always say: ‘Thank you! I am sorry I cannot see you, but I feel how kind your heart is, you are real!’ Some time passed and the boy understood he could no longer live without her. She had become part of him. And he made up his mind to give her the gift of his eyesight and become blind himself. He simply wanted to make happy someone, who will appreciate the act at its true worth. Because the eyesight had never brought about to him the happiness he sought so much. The destiny made them meet in the street. He was sitting on a bench where earlier he could always see her. But this time their roles were changed. She came up to him and said: ‘Earlier I used to be blind myself, but there was an angel to come into my life who gave me the gift of his eyesight. I wish and hope very much that such an angel is bound to appear in your life.’ The young man heard the voice and recognized it. It was she! He rose to his feet and said: ‘Thank you. I like you very much!’
‘But, unfortunately, there is nothing I can do to help you!’ she said.
He felt suddenly a great pain and said: ‘I have a request. I have at home a picture in a frame. It shows you and me. I often used to look at the two people in this picture and dream that you too once see it. Buy a frame and, please, put into it our picture. I shall be very pleased, because you see with my eyes. I wish you were happy!’

Our eyes see what our brain wants them to see. Our eyes cannot see, say, love, God, etc., but it can be seen with the heart and heart alone. The boy’s heart was the size of an ocean and, in spite everything, he kept on loving all: both his friends and enemies and those who just failed to understand him. Thus he deserved a divine gift: his heart became his eyes and now he could feel more than any sighted person.
Love each other and do good like the protagonist of this story, and then love will seize your heart and happiness knock up on your door!
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