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Everything alive

 From the earliest times animals have lived side by side with man. They have always helped people in many ways. Unfortunately, perhaps the main help was in form of products: (pork, beef, milk, eggs, chicken, etc.). During wars they always used horses, the oxen helped to turn up the soil. The horses, deer and dogs have always served and are now serving as transport. The functions of many animals can not be seen by eyes. For instance: worms, insects... When we see something beautiful, we say: "Ough! How ugly!" But the funniest thing is that any plant grows only due to this little worm. They enrich soil, mellow it. Though in many countries people don't feel disgust for insects and worms – they are delicacies.

Many species of animals are currently under the threat of extinction. Their destiny is in the man's hands. We can kill animals, but we can also love them and take care of them, so that they could delight the eye. How hurtful it is sometimes to watch animals at the zoo. Lions, tigers, wolves, bears present threat for man in the natural environment, and in order to observe them they are put into cages and exhibited to the public. Many animals are used as circus performers to move us to laughter and to amaze us. This is certainly pleasant, but just imagine that in the forest you occasionally meet the same carnivore which skillfully jumps through the fire ring! What will happen then? It's not funny at all... One can take a gun and kill the animal. But is it fair? The animal needs freedom in the first place. Each animal has its own territory, and each of them has the right to live. Both people and animals have the right to live. There are many unclear things in the world....it's difficult to figure out when the people are right and when they are wrong. On the one hand, livestock has been providing man with food for many centuries: cows, hens, pigs, etc., but let's see the other side: do you think the animals don't understand what they are domesticated for?

Do you think they don't feel? Now many people will not agree with me, but I'll still say: the reason for many terrible infectious diseases lies not where it's being looked for. The animals have instinct. The infection is provoked by them. This is self-protection. And all that is to prevent us from eating them. I'm sure in what I'm saying. Earlier there were no such diseases. People loved their pets, protected them, even treated them. These animals lived, brought forth and were already ready to become food. Crudely speaking: they were treated humanly. And what is now? Blank unvarnished parasitism from the man's part. And the animals are not quiet in response: the immune system produces poison with the purpose of self-protection.

I'm not a vegetarian myself, but I respect these people. I agree with them. But I would like to advise them: the organism needs protein. It's necessary to take care of the health not to have lack of protein.
Initially people did not take such nourishment as they do now: they have learnt to cook even poisonous fishes and snakes. They are also a delicacy.
I'd like to recollect the organizations which have undertaken the function of animals' protection. Great thanks to them! From me personally and from all the people.
Many people keep pets in their flats: cats, hamsters, hares and even some exotic animals. I see the way people take care of them, love them. There are two sides of it: first: people having no children take a pet. Is it really right? Having a pet is wonderful, but isn't it better to give one's love and care to a new small person. There is the other side: this is great that some granny gives her warmth to the pet. She possibly has no one to talk to except for this cat or doggie. And this is wonderful that the fluffy friend with kind and stout heart can carry off her loneliness. I kept doves and a canary at home myself. My mother loved cats. We also had them. But there is one "but"! The one who wants to keep a pet at home should better do that in the appropriate conditions of the country. Because keeping pets in a one-room flat where a few children are also living is just in an elementary way unhygienic!

One more important moment: now in the conditions of the financial crisis many people are ready to part with the pets because there is no possibility to feed them. How can they do that? In the work of Exupery "Little Prince" the wise fox said: "We are responsible for those we have tamed!" And we should remember about that.
Is the topic so trivial? But I can't but appeal to the masters of pets: "There is a great amount of mothers who would like to walk with their children in the park. The child, for instance, likes to potter about in the ground... And after many walks with dogs the ground is spangled with excrements! This is unpleasant for any person. We consider ourselves to be cultured, educated people. We are "striving" for the European standards. But with such attitude to each other it's too long for us to be "striving" for!
I have recently learnt the way the pets of the stars live! To tell the truth, I was shocked! The open SPA-saloons, gyms, hairdressing saloons, polyclinics, massage saloons. Poor children are dying without a piece of bread, and here we see such excessive luxury. Perhaps it's better and more appropriate to help those children together?!

I would like to return to the topic of the reasons for the arising of infectious diseases in animals. There is one more reason: the God started to observe the man's egoism. We can mention any alive things: for instance, speaking of forest fires. This can be arson, climatic conditions, and why don't we think this is the punishment for the purposeless greedy destruction of trees which give us oxygen, in the first place. I will not even deepen into the facts how many other useful things they give us... It's better to burn than to die slowly waiting for the turn for felling. And even as far as the Earth is concerned, which has soul (core), blood (lava), skin (crust of earth).
So reasoning from that I'm speaking of the end of the world. People are calling all the forces of nature for this process themselves. The Earth feels offended and ashamed for us, it has saved us so many times. For what sake? The God will soon lose all hope for the man's reason and faith in people.
I'd like to tell you a story. Once there lived an old woman not far from the forest. She had many flowers in her gardens, and she loved animals very much. In the day-time she opened the window, and butterflies flew up to her. Once these wonderful creatures flew up to her and sat on the entrance door. The old woman smiled and continued to do her house work. The butterflies continued to flutter abound the room, as if they wanted to tell he something. The were constantly flying up to her and sitting on her shoulders, arms, and then flew up to the entrance. This continued for a while. As a result, the old woman thought they wanted to warn her about something or show her something. She opened the door to the street and saw fire. The forest not far from her house was burning. The butterflies seem to have warned her about this terrible event. Everything turned out to be fine in the end. But how can we not consider these creatures the men's friends? There are many stories about how the animals saved man. And they are all true. Let's respect our dumb animals. Let's protect them, or at least not prevent them from living.
You know, I sometimes don't understand why I say this or that. I don't know if someone understands me, understands what I'd like to say. I don't know if someone makes conclusions. Changes the opinion. I just say what I think. I'm trying to share me feelings and thoughts. Life is just like one second. Let's try to live this second so that we would not feel ashamed for ourselves and our actions. I always say as a doctor: "Prevention is better than treatment!" Our brain is given to us to analyze our actions. The future depends on us. And it is for us to decide whether to build this future or to destroy everything our ancestors have been building.
On this stage there is threat of the animal world extinction (now only partially). And in the future the threat of the man's extinction will probably arise. Who will control this process? We have the "Red Book"! Let's try to do so that the entry "man" would not appear in it!!! And at that let's not forget about those who live near us, namely, about the animal world!
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