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Экстрасенс Мехди Эбрагими Вафа

How to avoid hardships in life?

 First of all, in most cases there is our fault in the arising of the problems. Secondly, it’s always necessary to think over your actions to make the situation best, and not vice versa. But I can say one thing for sure – there is always a way out! Suppose many people are worried about the economic crisis, but not everyone worries about it. For instance, the people who lived and are now living in the country, who are friends to nature, don’t attach value to the crisis. This is only a word for them. Just think: during all their life these people live by self-sufficient farms. Earth feeds them. They are not worried about the problems of economic character on the state level, they think about it only hearing the messages of the mass media. People kept asking me: “What is going to happen?” I answered: “The level of unemployment will rise in the country, the prices for food products will rise a few times, life will become harder, the increase of neurotic diseases will be observed. But believe me, no on e asked: “And what shall I do to avoid problems, avoid the crisis?” In relation to that I can say expressly: the efforts of one person are not sufficient. People should unite. Only in this way one can try to change something in the current situation. I suppose Russia has a way out of the crisis as distinct from many other countries of the world. Many countries will suffer much, they will be practically destroyed. The unemployment level will reach incredible size, there will be famine, many diseases will appear, etc. Now the problems are solved by means of reduction of the employees’ number, some companies and factories suspend their activity for a while, the customs duties for import are increased. This leads to the rising costs of the food products. Is that the right way? The person will simply not be able to buy what he wants. In the situation of a crisis everyone thinks only about himself/herself.. It is important to care about each other. Probably, for the solution of problems it would be better to increase production and decrease the price for the products. But at that it is necessary to trace the quality of the manufactured products and establish the relevant prices so that they could comply with the world standards and be competitive in the world market. I suppose that in this case the demand for the work force will not decrease. The crisis will influence America most. The amount of the unemployed will be progressing greatly with time. The efforts to improve the situation will not be successful. I wish the current president Barack Obama to have endurance and tolerance as he has received the reins of government in such a difficult moment for the state. Though no one knows, maybe this is intentional? This or that person is always convenient, even to have someone to blame. Quite hard period of live is in store for him. Let’s return to the crisis. What should one do to escape from the current economic situation? As I’ve already said, the most important thing is to solve this problem by joint efforts. Russia is a rich country possessing a huge store of resources, having the potential for development. I’d say more: the crisis can provoke the rise of the country in the economic sphere. But…how should one behave? It is important not to hung up on the crisis. It is important that the people would not transfer from mouth to mouth like a virus the negative send of power which is essentially much more terrible than the crisis itself. This negative send can influence on the health of the citizens and the physical state, and this is the main weapon in the struggle against crisis. Every morning open your eyes, come up to the window, open it and breathe deeply. At that say the words of gratitude for the fact you are alive, that you see this world, the beauty of nature (of course if this is a good view from the window). Don’t forget about the positive attitude. Remember that your Motherland is Russia, that this is the most wonderful country, and you are its citizen. Love your country! An important role is now played by certain groups of people related to the system of management and responsible for the solution of economic matters. It will depend on them whether the crisis will be for the good or for the bad. These groups can attract investors, provide the stability of the currency. It is necessary to give the chance to all those who wish to create the own business, and it should be protected. One should seriously think that the riches of the country, the material base of the Russian citizens would not be transferred overseas for the purpose of providing safety. The people who want to carry out their money from the country should understand that Russia has the best conditions at the moment. The prices for resources intended for export should be made more beneficial for Russia. It is necessary to attract intellectual resources. People should realize that competition in this sphere has always existed, is existing and will exist. Kit is necessary “to give way” to small-scale business. Struggle with corruption should be continued. The economic situation in the country should be advertised only from the positive side. This will certainly cause interest of other countries. One of the main elements of the society is the young people. It is necessary to make education available, and first and foremost – to increase its level. The future of the country is the new generation. The growth of production should be provided, and then that of export. The enforcement of the military power and defense of the state play an important role. There are neighboring countries influencing the economics of Russia, including the influence through the mass media. Which means it is necessary to support friendly relations with the neighbors. To this end I’d like to say that the reason for the crisis lies in the fact that everything depends on money. People want to live in luxury: buy flats, cars, etc. The mistake is that easily available crediting system of settlements does not justify itself (from the part of the population). People take credits and can’t pay them back. Knowing that the banks gibe out credits, and then just confiscate the property on security of which the credit was given out. You should always be proud of what you have: the family, work, children, love them. They say it right that money does not bring happiness, and love is eternal. Love for the relatives, close ones, to the Motherland, to God and to everything that surrounds you! I wish everyone health, happiness and fortune! Don’t forget that the future depends on us!
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