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Экстрасенс Мехди Эбрагими Вафа

What cause errors

 A man is amidst the desert. Why is he here? What for? There is hot sand all around. All he was thinking about has lost by now any sense. He is walking slowly. The sand is burning his tired feet. It is he, the sand and the scorching sun. His thoughts are following one direction: to survive! The dreams of water make him crazy. He is going nowhere. Where is the south, where is the north, it is hard to say. His fatigue put him on his knees. He grabbed a handful of sand, looked at it and at that very moment he lost his consciousness. When his eyes opened, he was amidst an emerald sea. It was the sea, the man and the sun. Where was he swimming? What for? His efforts to find a shore lacked any sense. What is going on with him? It is either the desert sand, or an endless sea. By and by he was losing force and again lost his consciousness. The water deeps lured him down. He opened his eyes. He is free. There is a warm southern wind blowing. A shadow cast by an old poplar. Everything around is green. He can hear birds singing. The fragrance of flowers and field herbs. One thing seems strange: he is seeing himself from above. His body is still and his arms are stretched out motionless. He remembered how he found himself near the tree, how much he dreamt before lying down of seeing the sea and the desert. It happened exactly this way. What is it? An astral journey? But now he had to regain his flesh. He sat down next to his body. He was trying to talk, to shout and raised his hands. But, alas, all in vain. A day and a night passed. Suddenly there was a rustling noise in the shrubbery. A snake appeared and slowly started getting closer to the body. He began shouting, but the body would not listen. All of a sudden the snake stopped, she must have felt the presence of something invisible, yet possessing power. The snake disappeared. The vagrant soul could not regain rest and set off on a journey to look for answers. It met on its way an old villager. His hands were all covered with corns, his grey beard suited him and he had a sweet smile like that of a child’s. The old man saw the soul. Suddenly his face became serious; he knitted his brows and began saying a prayer in a soft voice. After that the old man said: ‘I can feel you! Who are you?’ The sold told him its story. The old man said: ‘All right. I shall help. Let’s go, show me where you body is lying! On his way the old man was saying: ‘I am sorry for you. You have failed to understand till now the reasons of all that has happened. Do you remember holding a handful of sand in the desert? He meant to tell you that once we all are going to become residents of his realm, when the soil receives us. At that moment you thought about other things: about riches, power and your life which you found worthless. You couldn’t stay a mere three hours one on one with the desert. It only showed your weakness to you. It won you, by the way, just like the sea did. You must thing hard about the power of the earth, water and all the things which surround you. All my life I have been digging the earth with this very spade, spring water helps me to make it fertile and grow up orchards. And you…To regain your flesh, turn back the time and go there, where you were before falling asleep. Remember all the small things, which are small things to you! Try to remember everything. Absolutely everything. The soul obeyed. It found itself in a forest. A picnic, food and water! All the leftovers and waste were mercilessly scattered around the forest. The cigarette was smouldering and the cigarette butt with a click of his fingers was ejected into the bushes. He went farther with a quiet conscience without thinking that everything around could suddenly be burnt down. He found a tree and fell asleep. The soul understood its guilt and got to looking for the same unextinguished cigarette butt. It collected all the rubbish, disposed of it neatly, but the main thing was the cigarette! Where was it? The soul was looking for its cigarette. And so the day passed. The evening came. It was getting dark. And then there was the old man again. He was holding in his hand that cigarette end. The old man said: ‘You nearly destroyed my forest. The reason is in this cigarette end. My ancestors and I planted every tree with our own hands! I have extinguished your cigarette end. I have saved the wood from fire’. ‘What an ... I am’, thought the soul.The man repented himself before the old man and the forest.The soul returned to the body and now it was about to undergo a long process of realizing what has happened. Since the moment when the body opened its eyes it was a different man. He understood all his mistakes. Before his eyes closed forever, he was protecting the forest, and after his death his soul, which now could not come back to the body, became the soul of the forest. Like once the old man’s soul was!
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