Экстрасенс Мехди Эбрагими Вафа (mehdi_vafa) wrote,
Экстрасенс Мехди Эбрагими Вафа

The Golden Horn

 Once a dying man told his son:

- My dear son, you have to become the head of our house. A am passing away but I’m leaving you with a real friend. Take this little black goatling, keep it and never part with it. This is a very special goatling. It will help you when you are down on your luck.
One year went by. The boy was betrayed by all of his relatives. He has lost almost everything he had. His family suffered from utter poverty. The boy was very ashamed of it, he thought he did not live up to his father’s hopes.
- What do you need this goat for? Sell it, your family needs money – everyone told the boy. But he remembered his father’s last words very well. And he could not betray his friend.
Once walking through a field the boy saw his goat. It tried to pull its horns from the ground but failed. He ran to help his friend and saw that the goat’s horns got stuck in a handle of an old jug filled with gold.
The boy remembered a legend about a goat named The Golden Horn. Once it brought wealth to the boy’s father. The boy understood that his black goatling was a descendant of that Golden Horn. The father’s words came true.
The boy was very happy and did everything he could for the goat till the end of its days. And after its death the boy took one of its horns and it became his talisman.
This horn is being passed on from one generation to another and brings good luck to its holders till nowadays.

Sometimes animals can feel more sympathy for you than people that are able to deceive and betray. Love and respect your parents and listen to them. Love the world around you, love animals, and they will return you their devotion.

May everyone of you find your own talisman in your life.

Your sincere friend, Mekhdi.
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