Экстрасенс Мехди Эбрагими Вафа (mehdi_vafa) wrote,
Экстрасенс Мехди Эбрагими Вафа

The Little Cherry.

 One Little Cherry grew on the very top of a tree and always looked drearily down at the green grass, at the river flowing nearby and dreamed to get down. She often had sleepless nights when she was listening to the whisper of the water, to the rustle of leaves and to talks of the nature. Once she heard a voice. ‘Why don’t you sleep?’ – someone asked. ‘Who are you? Who is talking to me?’ – the Little Cherry said with surprise. ‘I am the Moon, I observe you every night and I feel everything. What bothers you?’. ‘I’m tired of hanging on this tree, - the Little Cherry said, - I want to go downwards!’ ‘Downwards? To the people? What for? People will eat you or trample you in a moment!’
‘I am not afraid! I want to go down so much!’
‘All right, I’ll help you, but only on condition that you will walk only at night. And in the daytime you will hang on the tree like before. But promise me not to be sad, I don’t like tears!’
‘Oh yes! – the Little Cherry cried out – I agree to this!’
Suddenly a yellow string appeared in the air, it stretched out from somewhere in the sky. This string embraced the Little Cherry and took her down to the ground but it didn’t let her go. The Little Cherry rolled through the grass, she bathed in the river and touched the ground, sand and stones. But the dawn came and she found herself on the tree again. And it happened every evening again and again. The Little Cherry was happy. But one day the Moon did not come for her. The Little Cherry had waited till morning but there was no magic string. The following night the Little Cherry had to stay on the tree again. She was very angry, she wept and cried, but silence was the answer. And the night came again and the magic string stretched from the sky. It crept to the Little Cherry and embraced her, but the Little cherry was not glad. She didn’t want to be friends with the Moon anymore.
‘Why don’t you want to talk to me, Little Cherry? Did I hurt you?!’
‘Yes! You have not come for a long time! I have forgotten you and I don’t want to know you anymore! Go away!’
‘Little cherry, you are wrong! All this time I have been helping the tree you are growing on. You have looked downwards for so long but you did not see the main thing – your tree is dying. Its roots are withering because of heat. That is why I tried to save your home every night!’
The Little Cherry burst out crying and said she was very sorry. The Moon forgave her. And now they are walking together every night like before.
This story tells you that very often our selfishness makes us make mistakes which are often fatal. We look down and see no ground. We look up and see no sky! We don’t look inside ourselves at all! We should not live like this! Let’s change ourselves, let’s notice the things our beautiful life depends on!
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