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Экстрасенс Мехди Эбрагими Вафа

Once there was a little berry ...
She lived on the outskirts of the forest. She hid the high grass. The bright sun warmed her. She raised by strong wind. Every morning, she washed with dew, and every night to fall asleep to the lullaby sung by the stars. She differed from her friends that she is always smiling! There was not a minute to her face not even flashed a kind smile.
 In the forest, they all knew about it. Very often, when someone from the forest people were sadness, they were sent to the Berry, just to look at her. That was enough. After a few minutes on the face of who until recently looked like tears started peep barely noticeable, but still smiling! Berry often wondered - why is it all coming from? Why can not they help themselves? Is it so hard to smile? Nothing is easier, it seemed that little princess!
Evening came. Here is a small spider in a hurry to go home. Here is a bird carrying something in its beak, was probably a good day, and now she can feed her young cubs. But there, in the sunset again spoiled naughty stream, singing his favorite song. The World of the forest prepares for a new day. Mole rustling leaves, Fox has settled comfortably into his hole, and only the stars are preparing to enter the place of honor. They've already tried on the costumes and the sky is about to shine.
Berry knew that after the last ray of the sun disappears, she needs to sleep, but her vitality and curiosity always stop her! She felt as if she was asleep, then miss something very interesting, something not see, something will always remain a mystery to her ... Overcoming the desire to sleep, she straightened, making his way through the grass, and the eye naturally goes to heaven!
That was the case today. Everything is already asleep, and only a little princess admired the world and as always smiling!
In the distance rose the noise ... The trees were falling into the earth. Ran across the grass waves ... It was him - the wind. He went to see his princess, to which he had a special affection.
-Hi, honey!
-Hello, a strong wind!
-You're also beautiful! But your smile still warms the heart!
Thank you, teacher! I live the way you taught me. I feel the world as you've shown me! I see the way you told me! But why others can not you? Why, when they are sad, they come here and look at me? And only after that their glowing eyes again, but they will immediately leave. I'm alone! No, I'm not afraid to be alone! I'm used to, wise wind! I'm just wondering, why are they different? Answer!
-Honey ... Sweet child ... When I first saw you here, I knew right away that you're special. And you know why? Because you of anything I did not ask. Yes, I'm strong, I'm wise and so all the inhabitants of the forest me asking for something. And you did not ... You just smiled and shook her head playfully! That's why I wanted to become a teacher for you! That's why I told you about their secrets. And you knew. Now you, as I need the rest. You're stronger than they are and wiser, but the main thing is that you're good! This princess, not my merit! And yours!
Nature teaches us all ... For example, rain - it tears of happiness of God, and the sun - light, heat, and good, struggling with evil. Moon - despite the power of the universe - the personification of modesty, because she is so calm, quiet, nice. Water - this is life ... And I do not understand why no one sees it and hears ... Why no one pays attention to what is around it. But you, Berry, despite the fact that such a small size of the heart have the ocean, and your soul is flying in the skies over all others. Only you can see the soul, listen to my heart, sincerely cry and smile at - really! For others, in order that you are alive, in order that you can give to others the joy of happiness. Such a smile like yours - a rarity. I know that the rest of your life you will bring happiness to others. Can you share the joy, you think more about others, not me! You live every day as the last, and ready even in the last seconds someone is happy with your smile! Do not give up, please! Like you, my little berry, paint the whole world! And I ...
I just shared wisdom with those who sincerely want to. I became a teacher, the one who originally loves life and loves this for what it is! Believe me, my dear, I seen a lot. You know, today I'll tell you one more thing. Remember it, the one who loves life in the very life - Bless! Smile! And if it makes smile and others - there is nothing more beautiful!
Again a wave of wind passed through the grass, the trees and shrubs ... Again he was away, but his words have laid berry. She continued to live with a smile and give it to others!

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