Экстрасенс Мехди Эбрагими Вафа (mehdi_vafa) wrote,
Экстрасенс Мехди Эбрагими Вафа

Boy visionary dreamed of seeing the world and often watched the sunset in the evening and early morning at sunrise. Once in the sky, he saw a white-breasted proudly soaring eagle. The boy raised his head, watching the flight of beautiful birds, followed her. He walked for a long time and that he saw the top of the slot to which the bird flies. The boy stood on the rocks and found a
n eagle's house. There he saw two tiny chicks. One of them, he took to his home. The boy was so fascinated that he was not afraid of any height to which he had to climb any danger of attack eagle while he was taking his child. So, the boy made a new friend, a proud, intelligent and noble bird. Chick was very young. Boy feeding him, caring and felt his father. Since birds struck up a friendship with the boy. The eagle grew up, became more like his father Asiatic. The boy always thought that, along with his eagle, he can fly, and finally fulfilled his dream, to see the world from a bird's flight. But it was impossible.
People who knew about this unusual friendship, often watching everything going on. The news spread through the whole district. Boys come to no time and offered to sell the Eagle at the zoo, then came with a proposal to sell the bird in the circus, but "How can you sell a friend?" - Thought to myself, boy, and, of course, all refused.
Often a boy sitting on a rock and watched as his friend soars, cleaving the clouds. He circled in the sky, the sun on its wings draw patterns, and the boy was sitting and smiling. Then slowly the eagle landed another.
Once the hunters shot Himalayan handsome. Hearing the shot, boy, not knowing himself, he fled with all haste and managed. He raised another with bloody wings, and brought into the house. Day and night the boy was near the eagle. He talked to him, cried, asked all the forces of the world about his friend recovered. And then came the day and the bird again soared into the clear sky, and the boy was running on the ground hopping, with his head to the top and yelling, "Hey, hello to the sky!"
It would be nice if in this story, the boy grew wings and he can fly with his only true friend, but people can not wings.
The boy enjoyed the fact that his friend could fly, could play in the sky with the sun, feel the wind caressing beak and feathers, and could see how beautiful this world is with altitude. Yes, this is his dream, and he could not make it, but his heart beat more often when his close friend could soar into the blue skies. The boy was happy for the eagle as for myself!
Let's get pleasure from the success of other people, friends and relatives. Let's close the envy in the basements of their houses, and only then will fly from heaven luck to all of us.

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