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this text is from the book "your friend Mehdi"

Chapter one

A Strange Boy

Many people have an early childish memory. I was not an exception. The first childish impressions are kept in my memory, perhaps from the age of two years, and at the age of four I felt that I should help people. Since very early childhood I used to predict what would happen to our neighbors. I saw everything beforehand. Being a little boy, when I wanted to buy something very much, and father somehow refused, I went out into the street, and passing only a hundred meters from my house, I found on the road the very sum needed or the necessary thing, for example, a ball.
After the third “Fight of Extrasenses” I already told the viewers something about myself in the TV project TNT. And yet a lot remained off screen. I was asked dozens, hundreds of times; how I myself comprehend my gift, my place in life, my devotion.
The gift of clairvoyance opened still in my early childhood. I was always like this, simply I did not realize at once that not everybody saw and heard what I did. To be more exact, nobody ever sees this!
For example, in the old cherry tree in our garden there lived certain creatures… Small… They spoke to me, played, explained something to me. I showed them to my mother and father, tried to introduce them, but my parents did not see anything! Everything that was happening to me embarrassed my father and mother, and the neighbors as well, even frightened them. I, a fourteen-year-old boy, was given a separate room to be on the safe side; and to be far from sins. I was separated from my brothers and sisters – I have got two brothers and two sisters.
My parents said that I never cried in my childhood.
I was very lonely at school. My classmates were afraid of me. But I only sincerely wanted to warn everybody against the troubles awaiting him. For example, I told one pupil that the teacher would ask him that day and would give a two. And he really got it. I said to another; don’t play football today, they will break your nose. He did not believe and his nose was broken. I warned a third one; don’t lose your bag today, or your parents will punish you. But he lost it, and he was punished.
The children began to think that it was me who caused troubles for them. But they could avoid them believing me – this is what I told them. It is a pity that your good intentions are not comprehended, are interpreted differently.
Now I will tell a little about my parents. My father’s name is Ali, he is a businessman, a writer as well, likes to write verses and is also fond of philosophy. He is a very clever man. In my father’s line, we are all Persians for several generations.
In my family, father is the first to have married a woman of another nationality. My mother, her name was Sophia, is a Turk. She came from a family of moderate scanty means, she did not receive any education and did not know the language Farcey. My father and mother were from quite different social layers of the society.

I was born on June 8, 1973 in Tehran. I came to this world strivingly – mother delivered me at home, she couldn’t manage to get to hospital. We can say, that by brothers, sisters, and I were born from great love. Having broken the century-old traditions of his clan, father proved that he loved Sophia. When he got married, serious problems arose in the family. His parents, grandmothers, grandfathers did not understand him, did not accept their daughter-in-law, refused to help the young family. My parents achieved everything in life thanks to their own efforts. They started everything with a zero, though my grandfather’s family was rich.
Father together with mother proved that there exists great Love in the world; they attained the top of their happiness. I am thankful to father that he made such a choice and did not listen to anybody. In the end my grandmother and grandfather accepted my mother as a daughter, and she learned the Persian language and spoke it practically without an accent. Mother proved all our relatives that she really loved father.
I will tell about mother a little bit more in detail… When she was there years old, her mother Zuleikha died, and a year later her father died as well. She remained an orphan. She had to part with two sisters; they were small, and other families took them to bring them up. Mother not once slept near the police building. Then the policeman took her, began to feed her, and the girl in return began to help them, tidy up, cook… Can you imagine? A fifteen-year-old child! She loved sweet tea very much, drank it twenty times a day, and in her old age she suffered from diabetes…
Later mother found a job in a Russian family in the Embassy. She learned a lot of Russian words. She was also a nurse. Of course, she did not have an education, but how she could manage to look after them, how she loved children! She walked with them, taught them songs, took them as her children. She was even awarded the medal “The Best Nurse.” And to the end of her life mother was independent and very strong. She did not want to be a burden, and she did not allow to be looked after. Even after the operation or being ill, she herself always received the guests considering it very important. Many people have the following saying; “The guest in the house is the God in the House,” and mother followed this unshakeable rule all her life. If a person has stepped over the threshold of our house, he is already a guest, and should be respected and surrounded with care. It is necessary to prepare the fastest tea… Mother was very hospitable. Strong and kind, a real stronghold not only for father, and us, but also for everybody surrounding us, people knew her this way. She taught us to be strong and kind. When a person possesses these qualities this is wonderful! Thank you, dear Mother!!!
After she had moved to Tehran and after the wedding party, she began to look for her sisters. She found them and always loved them, took care of them. She did not think of a person “Good or “Bad.” She did everybody good. “I will do good, and God will help me,” mother used to say. Even today I think about her as if she were alive, I see her, listen to her, she helps me in many things… She helps me to be strong! Thank you… Thank you…
There are five children in our family. I am the middle child, the third. There is my elder brother Reza, elder sister Mahbube, younger brother Madjid, and younger sister Mahnaz.
Of course, every person should love children and live for them. However, in Iran in certain families sons and daughters are looked after until they are thirty years old. I think that man has to gain everything himself. There is once more, a very important thing that differs us from other countries; practically in all families old people are respected, taken care of until the last minute of their lives, but they try hard to do everything themselves – their pride does not allow them to accept any help. My father is like this, he is still working, in spite of his old age, though his elder children have been independent for a long time, we can say, they are rather well off and could easily help the old man. But this is his character, it is his credo, one cannot accept help from his children if he can still sustain himself. Because if you accept help from them, it means you deprive your grandchildren of something, your grandchildren will have less vital power, opportunities… I think this is his great wisdom.
I have decided to tell the whole truth about myself.
There is a cherry tree in the yard of our house. In my childhood I climbed up there and played. I was even given the nickname Tarzan. I played not alone, but only I saw them. I showed them to everybody – my parents, brothers, sisters. These were small angels. When it is necessary I see them even now, they are the same as they used to be. But now they appear in the form of pictures. We communicated, played. What has been happening to me during all my life comes from them – it is their energy. I have always seen them, since I was three-four years old. This is my strong impression of my childhood.
My elder sister said that I was ill, and had problems with my head. Realizing it was impossible to keep away from the tree, my people began to worry about my health seriously, and sometimes made fun of me. It was sad.
I did not leave these angels until I was five years old, experiencing both fear and joy.
There was also a woman who used to stroke me before sleeping – it was horrible, I cried, sometimes I couldn’t speak – I was little.
My parents, in spite of their love towards us, their children, did not always understand me, this happens in any family. I am not hurt.
When I was six years old, we went to a village. I liked a little goat very much, and took it to town with me and called it Shah. But there was nowhere to keep it, it is not customary in the capital to keep animals at home. Together with my father we built a small house for it in the yard. It was then that I learnt for the first time that animals can love. If somebody hurt me, the little goat defended me, beat the offender with its horns.
When I returned from school Shah always waited for me. It wanted to be with me forever! Yes, it became my real first friend, because I failed to make friends with my peers. I felt at ease with Shah – we played, nobody asked me questions, I could not and did not want to speak to my peers.
Then a tragedy happened; a black cat frightened the goat so much that it fell into the swimming pool and drowned. My parents gave its body to the dustmen. Waking up in the morning, I began to ask about Shah, but they said nothing to me, and I decided to look for it on my own. It was then that for the first time in my life I started the search mentally. Closing my eyes, I saw the truck with the garbage and how Shah was being thrown into the dump. Though I was little, I started to look for this dump – it was far from our house. I found Shah there, and brought it home and spent the whole night with it. I did not go into the house. At six in the morning I buried it under the cherry tree. My parents objected at first, but seeing my sorrow, they gave in. even today I remember my little goat. Then, at the age of six, I committed the fist deed, manifesting loyalty to friendship.
I liked pigeons very much as well. I kept them at home. These birds always come back home. They are faithful; they never sit on somebody else’s roof. They are there, where they are fed. The pigeons loved me very much not because I fed them. This is a pleasant recollection. But once father did a terrible thing, because I sat on the roof for a long time, did not do my lessons, did not read, he took them to another city and gave them to somebody else. But I was sure, the pigeons would return! Because I was waiting for them, and they always flew back. Pigeons live till the age of ten…
And in a month they flew back! Father realized that between the birds and me there is a special bond. I promised that I would do my lessons, and he left them to me. Thank him. Before I came to Moscow, the pigeons had always been with me.
I love horses very much. It is a graceful, very clever and a patient animal. I think it is endowed with a soul. I made friends with animals, birds, I ran fast, and that’s why I got the second nickname – Cheetah. I was fond of sports – football, mini-football, swimming, tennis, shooting. One day competitions were held at our school, but I had broken my leg not long ago. Our team reached the final, and I entreated our principal to let me play. He agreed. I removed the plaster myself, put on my football shoes and went to play. At the end of the game I felt a terrible pain, I scored a goal, and we won.
At the age of ten my friends and I played all sorts of practical jokes. Little boys are little boys; they can’t do without dirty tricks. Once on a holiday I bought a bunch of roses, stood in front of the school for the girls and presented each of them with a rose. The girls were glad and were surprised as well; why does Mehdi give presents to everybody today? And in five-ten minutes they all began to sneeze – we had put pepper into the roses. At first, it was very funny, but then we understood that it was a bad joke. In the company of my friends I was a live wire. Once we caught frogs and painted them gold color. We packed them very beautifully and presented the girls with them. During the lesson they opened the boxes to see what the presents were like, and the frogs began to jump out of them! There came such shouts and noise that they were heard even in the street! Of course, we did not joke in such a way any longer, but I think, everybody remembers this incident with pleasure. Isn’t it funny? It is funny!
I also had a cock Sultan. It was wonderful. It was small, the feathers were of various color, it was such a beauty. At exactly 6.30 it sang, its song on the roof; cock-a-doodle-doo! Of course, all the neighbors were troubled, and they asked me to do something with this cock, they were sick and tired of it. But what could I do with it? Did I have to glue up its beak?
The cock was very small, but it was so brave! I had not seen such in real life! When it was near big cocks, it always began to fight like a real fighter! It wanted to show that it was really so stern. Good for it!
Then I understood that size didn’t play any role. This cock taught me a lot. I remember how it was beaten, but it got up again and continued fighting! Man should be brave, possess inner strength, and whatever happens to him he should get up, continue living and fight for his happiness. Little cock Sultan taught me this. Sometimes it defeated even bigger cocks. Everybody, who saw this laughed! The little cock runs after the big one to prove; it is strong, it won’t give in.
I never give in either; I try to go to the end. There is a saying “Russians don’t give in!” there is such a saying in our country too: “Persians don’t give in!”
Extrasensory abilities began to appear in me since very early age; there was a confidence that I can or, rather, I had to help people, but I did not know how to do it. Since I was six years old I began to foresee events, which would happen in the future, warned people of dangers, misfortunes, and, of course, told them about the positive changes.
At the age of nine I began to foresee death. At night I dreamt nightmares; illnesses of close people, accidents, and all this, I am sorry to say, came true. That is why my people sent me to the second floor to live separately, it was like home arrest. They, like my classmates, were afraid of my prophecy, as everything I predicted both bad and good came true by all means.
When I began to live apart from my family, spirits began to come to me, I communicated with them. I did not want to frighten them, that’s why I agreed to live in solitude. It was difficult to live alone like an outcast, oh, it is difficult!
Later, new abilities emerged. Many people said that not only the words, but also my hands possess a special action – they give quietness, confidence, cure people from illnesses and sufferings. The person holding me by the hand, had a better mood, self-confidence appeared. And I began even to think seriously; maybe I was a being from another planet?
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