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this text is from the book "your friend Mehdi"

Chapter three

We Are Nearer to God in the Mountains

At the age of eleven I seemed to realize what was really happening to me. And in order to understand my gift in its entirety and learn to use it, I began to read books about the secrets of the Earth, parapsychology, hypnosis and great foretellers.
I like history very much. I value and respect our tsar Kir, who was a strong man, a good ruler, a builder, and a warrior and possessed a special gift. Still five centuries B. C. he laid the shortest way from Persia to India, with shifting stations to change the horses, he is the author of many great engineering projects, built a new canal between the Red and the Mediterranean seas, made a gigantic waterway through the mountain (we can call it by a current name-water pipe), established a great empire, uniting twenty eights states into it, fought against the Greeks… A lot of books in many volumes are written about the history of Persia and its contribution to the development of world culture, art, literature.
I am a Muslim, I believe in God and I think that Koran is a holy book. Those who can read it, know that it contains the whole necessary information including how to cure people… But I respect all religions. For example, I think that Jesus Christ was a historical personality, a strong prophet and a present from God for Mary.
We study twelve years at school, it is very difficult to learn, there are too many subjects. I left school for the boys, received a certificate.
By the time I was seventeen, thanks to the knowledge received and the experience, my abilities reached the highest development. In order to improve them further, at the age of eighteen, I left home again, joined the army as a volunteer. I passed a three-month army course.
In the army we were taught how to handle weapons, woke up at six in the morning, were made to run a cross-country race. It was hard during the first two months. I remember when we were given a rest, I sat and drank tea. I like tea very much. A colonel came up to me and ordered in quite a rude way: “Tidy the floor!” and cursed. And a piece of cucumber skin was lying on the floor. He said it in such a tone, that I got offended… I replied: “I won’t, I did not drop it.” Then he began to yell: “This is an order! Fulfill it!” I replied that I would carry out all the orders but this one. He shouted that this is army and he would teach me how to behave. Then I was placed in a lockup because of a small piece of skin. But I did not give in. I said I would not carry out such orders, because I am a man, and the colonel could give orders without curses. A person should respect himself. If you don’t respect yourself, nobody will respect you. Coming out of the lockup I was proud that I had acted like that and did not give in. but it was indeed difficult, and this commander was not a good soldier.
Of course, I don’t advise you to protest against authorities like this. After this incident I decided to leave the army and become a teacher. To carry out orders is not for me. I like to be free, to be my own boss.
I was offered to be a school teacher. The point is that in Iran the so called alternative service is practiced when the conscript can choose, either to go to the army, into the barracks, or do something else for a year and a half for the benefit of the society. Without thinking much I chose teaching children in remote mountainous auls.
I remember the first day when I was taken to this village, I had a real shock! How can people live here? I had always lived in the city, I was a city chap… But there are no roads here, no water pipes, sewage, even a telephone. Then I thought to myself, “If these people live here, so I can live as well.” I repeated it to myself continually… I was shown a house where I was to live; a room with clay walls, and not far away the neighbors kept sheep, goats, lambs, hens, the shed was under my room, that’s why it was very noisy, the animals did not let me sleep. And the clay roof! I was always afraid that it would collapse and press me down at night! Even a cowardly idea came to me – to run away. But how can I go from here, if there are no roads, no transport, only once a week one minibus goes to the city.
I also thought, where I could take water to drink, how to live here in winter under such a nonreliable roof. Frankly speaking, it was the most difficult experience, but I decided not to give in.
Then I was introduced to the pupils. I gave lessons of mathematics, geography, history. I had six classes simultaneously, and in every class children of various ages, from seven to fourteen. How to teach them? This is a small child, and that one is already a grown-up chap, and they are together. It was difficult to make up a universal timetable to teach everybody at the same time. I had to spend all my spare time on this work, practically I taught from eight in the morning until ten o’clock in the evening. But I solved this problem in a simple way: I began to love my pupils, I was not sorry about the time, and everything went well. The water problem was solved as well; in winter I drank melted snow, in summer water from the well. In the city I did not know anything like this.
I learned a lot of things in this very village. Once in winter I was throwing the snow off the roof and fell down! I am sitting on the heap in the middle of the room and don’t understand what has happened! It turned out that the room was full of snow and I had fallen on the table at which I had breakfast! Anyway, it was both funny and sad! When and where such a thing may happen? Not in the city of course…
The pupils became not friends for me, but like brothers and sisters, I think the best reward for the teacher is when all the pupils get good marks at the examinations. Good for them! They all became excellent pupils. Every teacher should not be only attentive, but love his pupils by all means. I loved them like a brother, I played with them, everybody understood my explanations. I was even conferred on the title “The best teacher of the year.”
I often remember that time and my pupils. I hope that I really taught them a lot of things, and not only what is written in textbooks. And as far as I know (I asked my friends as well) they all gained success in life. Not long ago, last year, my friend went to shoot – the place, the aul and the school, where I used to teach. Knowing that he was a friend of Mehdi, they began to ask him questions about me, remembered me, said words of gratitude though many years had passed… Sometimes I even miss this school. It is pleasant to be a teacher, especially when pupils love you.
And only there in the mountains could I really recognize myself and discover my inner potential. This place possessed some special spirituality, there I felt the power of mountains for the first time. I often climbed up to the top and looked at the sunset. This is a wonder! The mountains became a home for me, I absorbed their strength, energy, couldn’t leave my cherished place. There is such a powerful energy there, that like a magnet I was drawn there everyday, I used to sit for hours, meditated and listened to the noise of the wind. It seemed to me that angels were speaking to me. It was very difficult to climb to the tops of these mountains, I had to make efforts… But a wonderful landscape! When you are sitting on the top, your soul exults, it simply flies like an eagle, and the whole world is under your feet. It was a wonderful feeling, and a powerful strength around! It seemed to me that I had reached the top of my happiness! And the mountain wind! As if somebody strokes me and gives me strength.
Why did I spend so much time in the mountains? Frankly speaking, I did not just sit there, I reflected over something. And finally I got true answers. I realized that before I had seen life from another side. And it was necessary to live a real life like our ancestors, and I decided to be alone for a while, to be left with myself. It is wonderful, when you and nature are unified, I saw various lizards, birds, and, of course, eagles, foxes, wolves, and scorpions. It was so interesting to watch them.
Mountain-climbers know that not ascent but descent is more difficult and more dangerous in the mountains. I think that there is both everyday and philosophical truth here. Now with great difficulty you have conquered the top and are proud of your new victory. In other words, you have reached something in life, in your career. But from the top of this mountain a sight opens on snow-white, still higher peaks – new goals in life. And how one wants to conquer them as well, to fly there! Of course, you won’t fly… And in order to conquer them you need to spend a long and difficult time to come down, with still more dangers than those which were during the ascent. Then it will take a long and difficult time to go to new far away mountains and to attack them long and with difficulties. Isn’t it like this in our life too? In order to reach new peaks, it is necessary to leave the peak, which has already been conquered. This is what mountains teach us.
What did I eat there? Not far from these mountains, there were auls, where I bought bread once a week, and still farther there was a poultry farm, where I could buy eggs and a hen once a month. I took milk from the shepherds, who grazed cows, sheep, goats. But mostly I lived like a cave man. I learned to make fires, cook meals, and serve myself… No, it was a fantastic period in my life! I was able to meditate, to prey and feel nature. I always asked myself – why do we live, what should be done in this life, how should one live? We all die… and what will be after death? In short, what is the meaning of life? To certain questions I found my own answers, which did not exist in books.

Maybe not everybody knows, what meditation is. I will explain. To meditate you should take a convenient posture, you may sit in an armchair, turn on good music, for example Mozart, close your eyes, relax. Say, imagine a sea to hear the noise of the coming waves and feel the smell of the salt. After a complete relaxation, pictures, characteristics, visions begin to appear. And now the room has no boundaries, and you can fly where you want in your soul, set off an astral trip. Of course, in the mountains I had no Mozart, no armchair. But to mediate you can do wherever and whenever possible. Meditation always helps, upon its completion, concentrate on the most important things, concentrate your will power and add energy. This is practiced by many, for example, yogas, and there is nothing special, magic or mystical in meditation.

I should confess that in my youth I loved a girl very much, for many years. I wanted to marry her. But she married another man, a very rich one. As they say, the first love is more often platonic. Maybe, many of the readers have experienced this, they will understand me.
Her wedding party grieved me immensely. And I became a hermit, went to live not far from the aul.
There was also an interesting and an unusual situation, once a month an old wise man visited me, whom I saw and felt even in the distance. I can’t say where he is from. I cannot say anything about him, even I don’t know what his real name is. He was like a wanderer, a dervish, these people were called like this. Old, in white clothes with a stick with the word “Davud,” maybe it was his name. I saw him only six times. He taught me to look differently at what surrounds us. Thank him very much. Maybe I gained more knowledge talking with him than from all the books I had read. This dervish professed one of the oldest directions of Islam, but the point is not even in religiousness. Thanks to long and sincere talks with him, I received quite other non-standard understanding of the laws of nature, composition of the world, human nature, learnt a lot both about the past and the future. On the whole, I can say that this wise man influenced me immensely, determined my position in life, my inner philosophy, fundamentals of the world outlook and ethics.
By reading, meditating, praying, and listening to the sounds of nature, I learnt to read the thoughts of the surrounding people. I understood that I was part of this world and nature. Its real part. I penetrated into the strength of the mountains, wind and fire, these are the basic earthly elements. I love mountains very much, their air, mountainous-valley breeze, special energy comes from mountains. Maybe, we become nearer to God there having ascented one or two kilometers above the plain.
Thus, I prayed, meditated and trained. For example, I tied my eyes with a handkerchief, dropped a coin from the cliff and looked for it with my eyes closed. Sometimes I looked for it an hour or three hours, but finally I found it. Thanks to trainings I learnt to see well with closed eyes practically everything. One wonderful day, after a long training in search of this coin I fell from the cliff from a great height. I only remember that opening my eyes I noticed a river near, which was at a distance of one or one and a half kilometers from the place where I had to fall. I don’t know how I found myself there.
Local mountaineers told me about a special eagle flying here, and now at this moment I saw it! Then I found a small stone on my chest in the form of a heart, the eagle had dropped it from its beak for me! The most important was that small stone was clearly not from that locality. It was made by a human hand out of the material named “manual cement,” it consisted of sand, milk and eggs. A hard stone is received, of which many palaces in Asia are built and probably in Persepolis too. It means, the eagle took it from some ancient buildings… I interpreted it as a sign, I simply felt it. And I had a vision; I saw my ancestors, great grandfather, he was a Persian, a firm believer and very strong clairvoyant. He predicted a lot of things exactly. I will tell about him a bit later. And I interpreted this sign in such a way; somebody had saved me. Thanks to God a lot. But the sign obliged me to certain actions as well. It was not by chance that I fell in a strange way, but survived, it means, now I can return to the city and do something very important. I felt an unusual energy. Thanks to that period of my life, I became a mountaineer, strong both physically and spiritually. I changed, became quite another man. I felt immense strength, I felt that now I can do practically anything, can do the impossible!
Thanks God for the difficult life, which I lived then. I think my brothers and acquaintances could not live like that, they were not able to stand such harsh experiences. It was one of the first right steps in my life and a very important step! I am thankful to the mountaineers of that aul, who I could help, and I am sure that they help me too to this day in the distance. I am thankful to them for it! I taught them, and they, in turn, taught me a lot!
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