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this text is from the book "your friend Mehdi"

Chapter four

God’s Gift

My great-grandfather was a kind and a strong Persian magician, a wizard, the talks about his gift were heard far away beyond his country. And this is also History. At present, I have come to the conclusion, that it is impossible to learn extrasensorics, you can only develop and strengthen the abilities given from above. My grand-grandfather had such abilities, who was called an “Eastern Wizard.” To this day, I wear the pendent which helps me in work, the stone-amulet and a photo of my grand-grandfather lie in it. For all my success I only rely on God’s help. I always turn to God, and He indicates me the true way. Then I see the necessary images, events, atmosphere or I transfer myself into time and space.
During the times of my great-grandfather, the activity of the people knowledgeable enough to help people in Persia was not prohibited as it is now. Part of the gift of my grand-grandfather came to me at the age of seventeen. Natural curiosity and attraction to investigations pulled me, a youngster to knowledge. Having passed the path of realizing the enigmatic gift, hermit’s life in the cold mountains of Iran for a long time, helped me find myself at last.
My father believed in my gift only when I had predicted my grandfather’s death on the bus. This was the beginning.
Once I saw with my inner vision my relatives (this is called an “astral journey”). After trainings, hunger, cold I was able to see pictures. So it dawned on me; my loved mother had fallen ill and she needed help. As if she called me. And then I hurried home, descended from the mountains at once. My intuition did not let me down – mother was seriously ill.
Anyway, there is nothing surprising in this vision and in the predication. I am sure, all people loving one another are tied by invisible spiritual threads, to be more exact, telepathically. Love is the strongest wizard. Outstanding Russian writer Valentine Rasputin wrote a story, the brief plot of which is as follows. The lyrical hero (most probably the author himself) left Irkutsk for a remote settlement in taiga, a hunting house deep in the woods, to rest from the city fuss to hunt, to work at new works. And once he woke up at night in perspiration. It seemed he had a high temperature. He had seen his little daughter for sure, who cried, called her mother, and it appeared that she had fallen ill. Her father left everything, gathered his things immediately, and coming home he learnt that his daughter was really ill and was in hospital. But how could he have had such a vision several hundred kilometers away? There were no mobile telephones then and he is not an extrasense! And this happened because of the telepathic spiritual bond.
…On returning home, I was able to cure my mother and after this I decided to become a doctor, cure people to the end of my life. I understood that a special way was open for me. What was I to do with this? I had no right to refuse this way. I did not find this gift on the road, it was given by God, and that is why it is a gift! I was chosen out of a great number of people and was endowed. It means, you have to live with it, for its sake. To build all my life to this gift. No, I don’t feel a hostage of the gift, I only feel a colossal responsibility; I can’t get off this way and I don’t want to do it.
I am sure of the truthfulness of the wise saying; “If I have a gift of prophecy and know all the secrets, and have knowledge, and the whole belief, I can even change places of mountains. And without love, I am nothing.”
Few people know how great the role of extrasense in history is. A separate book could have been devoted to this topic, but my book is still about something else. I want only to say that both among Hitler’s close people and Stalin’s, there were very strong extrasenses. They predicted the development of events, gave advice, and moreover, exercised their strong energy influence on these rulers. On the order of Hitler, a scientific expedition to the Himalayas was undertaken, Tibet school of extrasensorics was studied, as well as Aryan culture. Stalin had a group of “Secret advisors of the leader,” extrasenses were also involved. Maybe, very few people know that in the 30s of the last century, on the initiative of the Russian writer Maxim Gorky, a special closed institute was organized, where sorcerers, shamans, healers, fortune-tellers, chiromancers, extrasenses were brought from the whole country, and the professional psychiatrists studied their methods of work. There was a special department in the USSR KGB (State Security Committee), which practically dealt with the same thing in order to use certain elements in the security activity later on.
I respect the science based on ancient knowledge-chiromancy. As well as any other, which gives positive results. But a lot of charlatans have appeared, who with the help of chiromancy, knowing only the alphabet, earn their living. However, there are real chiromancers as well, who up to 95 percent tell the truth only by the lines of the palm. Since ancient times this has been very popular in Persia. To this day, there are quite a few talented fortune-tellers who do this. I also always take the man by the hand to see what his problems are.
There are a lot of clever extrasenses in Russia. Do you remember, in the 90-s Kashpirovsky, Chumak made speeches on TV? I even met with Alan Chumak in the TV studio, he has a very powerful energy, he is capable of influencing the society. Many TV viewers confessed that after his TV shows their scars, cicatrices, pigment spots disappeared… I believe in such favorable consequences, even without a personal direct contact, only via TV shows. But the use of the abilities of such extrasenses can serve ambiguous purposes as well – do Russia both good or harm, for example, to zombie the population, so as there were no acts of social protest or to receive a hundred percent of votes in favor of this or that candidate. This is like a hypnosis, neither harmful nor safe. The whole point is in the personal arrangement of the hypnosist. Recall the experiment, which was carried out with Emil Kio under the control of the KGB men; the conjurer entered the department of the savings bank, submitted a clean sheet of paper to the cashier and the latter wrote out 100,000 rubles for him. And even after the money had been honestly returned, looking at the blank white paper, the cashier assured it was a filled in cheque for just such a sum.
Such is the case with extrasenses, the whole thing is in the arrangement, in the purpose of the extrasense, in his responsibility for his gift. I have doubted for a long time; what do I give people, only good or somehow I interfere in their fate, change it? I am sure now, only good!
So I am not against TV shows with the participation of extrasenses influencing the audience positively, but, I can condemn, for example, the use of the so-called the twenty fifth shot in TV advertising, when the viewers were zombied, because against their will they ran to buy the very item which was advertised. It’s good that this practice is legally forbidden now. I will say something else; secret services of the world try to use psychotronic (for example, special radiation in the distance, through the wall), and psychotropic (medicinal) impact on the psyche of the people both for the purpose of winning them over their side and giving out secret information.
But now let’s come back to the youthful period of my life.
I learned a lot when I was alone, and at that time I felt even more strength in me. Everybody, who comes to me today knows that after meeting with me everything will be good with them. Many patients confessed this later on even in writing, and we will adduce only a small portion of such reviews in this book.
Before I came to age I felt: my gift is given to me to help people. And I use it only for good purposes. I know that I ought to help people and I do it.
Until the age of seventeen I was not sure of anything. I thought that I simply guessed truly this or that thing, coincidences happen. At times, I get prompts in my dream… it is a prophetic dream – everybody can have it! Famous interpreter of dreams, scientist Gustav Miller considers that to have dreams is a phenomenon happening in one’s subconsciousness – a dream prepares the conditions for the person, when he wakes up, to be able to check his deeds, to bring them to conformity to his ideals and everyday conditions in accordance with the knowledge and warnings received. But there is no answer to the question; who did the person receive “knowledge and warnings” from? From noosphere about which academician Vernadski wrote?
People always communicated mentally in the distance. Before humanity was nearer the nature. If a group of people thinks about one thing at the same time and wish the same, their wish will come true by all means. Let’s assume, several people at the same time, in one of the sacred places hold each other’s hand forming a circle, think of a wish for everybody, it will come true by all means! This proves the strength of the thought.
But at the age of seventeen I proved everything to myself. No, this is not just a developed intuition or predictions; I see clear pictures of the future! And the more I train, the clearer and more exact these visual images become.
Of course, there were errors as well. The most gifted clairvoyant is mistaken in about 30 percent of cases. Even the predictions of the famous Bulgarian clairvoyant and healer Vanga came true by 70 percent. All the 100 percent truth, the entire information is only with the Most High and we are only people. And in certain cases, we are naturally mistaken.
Descending from the mountains, I already started to look at the world and the surrounding people differently, I began to see every person’s aura, felt it from inside.
I believe that everybody needs God, and I suppose that God will help him! That is why, whoever comes to me, first of all I say: to go to church – to the orthodox believers, and to the mosque – to the Muslims. Believe me, read prayers and ask God for help. No matter, what your religion is. The main thing is that a person should make at least a step for another man, trying to help somebody. The works by writers, poets, composers remain for others, for the whole society. I want to leave help after me, because I want people to think about good things remembering me. Not only about the belief, but about the person who loves others and helps them. This is our duty, everybody’s duty. God teaches to do good, not to hurt anybody, to respect and love your family. Unbelief is terrible; it is a horrible misfortune when the soul is empty.
Once I was asked if I was not afraid that after completing my earthly period of life, I would have to pay off my soul for my gift? Long ago I answered myself and people in this way: if this is a gift from God, how can God punish me for it? He can punish me if I use this gift irresponsibly, incompletely, if I help people little and weakly. That is why I always try to do my best.
They also asked me what low human qualities I deny and despise. Yes, there are such qualities – first of hypocracy, lie, betrayal, being unable to value friendship. I am afraid of nothing in this life but God, and those friends who are able to betray. My conscience is clear before God!
Drugs, alcohol, prostitution, unhealthy, disgraceful way of life, avidity of people is disgusting. Two suits are impossible to put on at the same time, two meals running will only harm the organism, you can’t drive two cars at the same time, then why is the drive for money? In order to gain power over other people? This is a sin! You won’t take wealth into the grave. Life is always an examination. Those who have withstood experiences, temptations, receive a good mark and get into paradise , others get into hell. This is the future, any religion says this.
Sometimes good should be with fists, that is, one should be able to defend himself. What is good? This is both God’s gift, and what is given by parents, through upbringing. What is inside can’t be bought. If a person is kind, he has a gift. If he is cruel, envious, believes in Satan, this is not a gift, but a misfortune, and this man will be able to help nobody.
I have got angel-guards. They have been and they are. They are always with me, and I feel them and even see them. They help me.
It is more difficult to speak to a man, who does not believe in God. I help such people to open their eyes wider to reflect and try to understand the essence of life themselves. I explain, but never persuade. I hope that this book-confession of mine will serve the same purpose.
I am telling you – believe in yourself, in God. You should believe in wonders, then life will be wonderful and divine. A simple butterfly is a wonder. A beautiful butterfly is born out of unpleasant, unattractive caterpillar. Ask yourself a simple question; who can create such a thing? Who has created all this beauty which surrounds us? Nobody is able but the Most High. But sometimes we don’t notice this, we are blind, walk over living, small living creatures…
If a person does not believe in God, I don’t understand him. It is a great mistake not to believe in God.
Yes, I consider myself to be a kind, good, decent man, capable of helping others, this is my very profession. Most of my patients’ problem is that they do not believe in anything. I am a mediator between them and God, I have got certain capabilities, I have always seen exact images. What will happen, what awaits us. Through any distance I see the man I need, what he is busy with at this moment, and I can tell everything about him, “What was with him, what will be, and what will soothe his heart…”
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