Psychic Mehdi Ebrahimi Vafa (mehdi_vafa) wrote,
Psychic Mehdi Ebrahimi Vafa

So here and something happened

that no one expected, but about what Mehdi knew and warned many times. It is notified that the blog is closed from 23 December and will no longer be able to communicate on pages of our house.
If So here and something happened any of you have noticed over the past months, each blog note Mehdi began with the phrase: This text is taken from the official forum Mehdi ( So why was it done?
Explain that long time, Mehdi said that soon will not be able to communicate on the blog page, and should look for other platforms to communicate. He chose his official forum. And well in advance he wanted you to inform that all gradually become accustomed to the forum and leave off the Blog. No one employee believed. And then it happened! So it is
Remained the last days of our contact information here. Say it sadden Mehdi and all employees - not to say anything! Almost 6 years of daily work. So much wasted time. You can not imagine how much effort each employee, and most importantly - he Mehdi spent to create this favorite page. He was so fond of this blog and all its readers knew by sight and by name. If you look closely at the date and time of publication of the post, you will realize that the texts were written and at night and on holidays - at any time. It was not a lie or “chip”. These positions posted repeatedly Mehdi, sacrificing personal time and bedtime. No one has ever explained how long Mehdi could choose the most ordinary picture to post. It was important - to convey the meaning, not just something to place, and attract an audience. Of course, nothing will go unnoticed. One thing that subscribers more than 1.5 million people – already fact. There is even a book dedicated to our blog - Encyclopedia thoughts. And if there's a book - it is an eternity! Nothing disappears in spite of everything. But as hurt by the fact that here, so at someone else's request - a crumbling world created all his soul, with all my heart. No earthly reason to prove something. Many of you, my friends, everybody knows and they have been with us this way from the beginning to the end - when it was difficult and easy! Thank you infinitely for this on behalf of Mehdi! He has always been necessary as air your support. Sometimes he was not in the mood and then he sat down at the computer and just read all your comments. Is not it now? Is not the love of the people in its full manifestation? Is it possible to easily part with this "little house." This is not just a blog! It is his child, whom he raised, invested his whole soul and time! It's part of his life, which he shared with like-minded people ...
Sad .. Hurt .. It's a pity .. Do not understand ... Friends, Mehdi never gives up. It’s not easy to break him- Someone like it or not !
We invite you now to our official forum, where we will continue to communicate. Everything will be as before - tales, lyrics, interviews, thoughts, advice, reflection, discussion ... Let us not give up and lose sight of each other! While it is possible - it is a point to continue begun! Mehdi asked to inform you that, perhaps in the near future he will be able to find a new platform for communication. We will immediately notify about this, but only on a single page of the official forum!
Here is a link to the official forum of Mehdi Ebrahimi Wafa.
See you there, friends!
And thank you all for your support!
Sincerely, Administration Center
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