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this text is from the book "your friend Mehdi"

Chapter six

The Second Half

I won’t get tired of repeating; Russia has presented me with a Russian wife, a wife who, as Russians say, “From the God,” my only treasure, and a son (thank God not the last!). I am sure, marriages happen in heavens. Though Islam permits man to have several wives, I cannot love anybody but my Lyudmila! I always liked Russian women- strong, brave, and beautiful. I have often been asked about polygamy, and there exist a lot of fables concerning this matter. I will explain my point. Like my ancestors (even before the origin of Islam) I think that a wife should be the only and by all means a loved one! I cannot imagine how you can love several women at the same time! I have got one wife and she will remain the only one! I don’t judge whether polygamy is good or bad. I just express my opinion and my principles. Yes, man is able to provide several women, to take care of them. There is something positive in this, because women sometimes commit sinful actions because of poverty!
In my second year at the institute I met a wonderful girl Lyudmila. On the stairs of the dormitory when we saw each other for the first time, I told her at once that she would become my wife. She began to laugh and, of course, didn’t believe. But several years passed and we got married. Now we have a wonderful son Maxim.
This is what newspapers have written about us lately:
“Mehdi’s wife is a Russian girl- Lyudmila. They used to study together. Both Mehdi himself and his loved told us about their unusual acquaintance.
Mehdi: We got acquainted in the students’ dormitory in the second year. She was coming down the steps, and I was going up and said to her “Girl, you will be my wife.” Perhaps she thought that I was abnormal. But I knew everything beforehand, I had had a vision long before this meeting. I had rented a flat before, but then I moved to the dormitory for our acquaintance to take place.
Lyudmila: Of course, I was shocked by this phrase. At first, I thought that he wanted to attract my attention in this way. And then we happened to be in the same company not wishing it ourselves. Gradually we began to date each other.
“Lyudmila, did you know about Mehdi’s abilities at once?”
Lyudmila: Yes, it so happened that we were sitting together and he said what I was really thinking about. He often helped me during the examinations. At first all this was so unusual and horrible, but then I got used to it.
“Did you know the gender of the future child beforehand?”
Lyudmila: My child is the greatest surprise that I could manage to give my husband. As soon as I knew that I was pregnant, I asked him: “Don’t look at me, don’t predict what we will have. Let everything become known in its time.” On Mehdi’s birthday I went to have USI (ultrasound investigation) and learnt that we would have a son. My husband was very happy hearing it.
Mehdi: I really knew that we would have a son, eight years earlier before this event and I told Lyudmila about it, but she did not believe me. In the end everything came in the way I had said. My son’s name is Maxim.
“Do you already know what your son will do? Do you want him to follow you?”
Mehdi: Our son will gain success both in science and, maybe, in sports. But I don’t want him to take my way. I devote all my time to people. It is very difficult.
“Mehdi, doesn’t prediction impute your family life?”
Mehdi: Sometimes it is boring, but it is very painful at times. For example, I knew beforehand when my mother would die and in my relations with my wife very amusing situations often happen. If my wife prepares a surprise for me, I always know about it beforehand. I know not only what present she has bought but also how much she has paid. When I go home I know beforehand what we will have for supper.
Lyudmila: We have been together for already twelve years and he surprises and amazes me practically every day. I never watch weather forecasts, my husband tells me about bad weather. Sometimes he warns me against some danger, he says that I had better not appear at a certain place today.
“Mehdi, if your wife makes up her mind to betray you, you will, probably, know about it immediately?”
Mehdi: If a person wants to betray, he will do it. I try somehow to distinguish between my feelings and my abilities. But you had better think about the problems beforehand to avoid them.
I had seen Lyudmila in my visions before, simply she did not know about it. But I knew, I saw. Embracing her, I understood at once – my darling!
While the TV project was on, two very important events happened in my life. This is the birth of my son, and my mother’s death. They both made some corrections in my life, as they are two opposite events – the greatest happiness, and the strongest sorrow. A lot has changed, this is life and such things often happen. We find something, and lose something. I take this for granted, in a philosophical way.
Lyudmila: I advised him to go to the “Fight of Extrasenses.” There were a lot of interesting things; what he had predicted, often came true. I did not doubt him. I am a person far from wonders, a medical worker -therapeutist. I saw Mehdi’s gift. He also has earthly professions. I thought that he must go to the “Fight of Extrasenses” I knew that he would be a success, and, of course, I helped him, I believed. The most difficult thing for the family relations is “to go through all the troubles under the sun.” It was interesting for me- shall we overcome this trial together or not? Before we registered our marriage officially, we had dated for three years, now we have been married for nine years. We had two wedding parties-one in Russia, the other in Iran. We have overcome all the trials and are happy. Everybody who is close to us and loves us is glad for us. Of course, there are people who are envious. It was really an examination. My son is my major happiness. The most loved, long- waited. When Mehdi received popularity, two events overlapped – the child’s birth and his victory. Anyway, it was a difficult period. Sometimes a person takes a strong happiness emotionally just in the way he takes a strong sorrow only differently. After the birth of the child, a woman needs support and help, but, I had to support my husband instead. My mother helped me very much then. Thank her for it!
We are together; we have a lot in common. We didn’t drift away, all decisions are made together.
There are no extrasenses or unique people in the family where I grew up. My parents are engineers; we have an ordinary and a very kind family. My father is not alive any longer. He was a very honest and a decent man – Man with a capital letter. Everything I have gained in life is thanks to him; he was always an example and support for me.
Iran is the motherland of my husband and my second motherland and I love it. When I go there, I try to keep local customs, always wear a kerchief, never turn my back to older people… People are kind, hospitable there. They great warmly. Of course, eastern mentality differs from ours, that’s why a lot seems incomprehensible.
I know the spoken Farcey language. My son must be taught this language by all means, a lot of sayings and proverbs. I think Iran is the closest country to us among all other eastern countries. The attitude to the family, women, children makes us closer. Man and wife try to do everything together. In both countries they are anxious about elderly people, they are not sent to asylums. The measure of any country is the attitude towards elderly people and the children. In this sense, Iran is a healthy and a human country.
Mehdi: Every year I go to Iran, often with my wife. My father, brother and sisters are there. They are impatient to meet me. Father cannot come to Russia even for a week, because he has been working for twenty eight years practically without any single day off. Friday is a day off in Iran, but even that day he is at work. Father has worked all his life for his family, so that nobody was ever in need of anything. Many people consider it wrong, as if such a workaholic doesn’t like, doesn’t spare, himself. I will put it in another way; father likes his family, his work and everything he does is for the sake of his close people. As far as the schedule is concerned, a man gets used to everything.
According to tradition, father is obliged to buy a car for each of his sons before their wedding party, to build a house and give an education, work. For girls it is necessary to collect dowery, which they begin to prepare since the age of five.
The contemporary civilization began from the East. In Iran, Syria, Iraq science, medicine, crafts, arts developed-these are rich and ancient lands, which gave the world numerous discoveries. This is not America, which attacked Iraq. Today the political pressure on these states is felt by stronger military powers, which is wrong! This is a wolf’s law, when the strongest may “eat up” the weak. That is why, God’s interference and warnings addressed to them are quite possible.
It is interesting for me in Russia to be engaged in searches, excavations. I take part in expeditions with my friends. I want to prove how carefully our ancestors treated the Earth. Maybe it will be a lesson for those who try to destroy everything. Earth will still be able to serve man for a long time. Before the “Fight” my wife and I had been to Iran, to cities Ispahan, Shiraz, and made a film there. When we were at the grave of the tsar of Persia Kir 1st, on eagle was soaring in the sky. For a minute it slowed down above us and dropped a small stone. As I have already told, a similar case happened to me when I lived in the mountains. It means, these are signs. I have been wearing that stone with me to this day.
I am writing not for the sake of money. This is my first book, there are many thoughts in it, they may be banal, but this is true; it is necessary to be friends, to be kinder, not to fight. I want people to know what I am, trusted me, believed in my advice. Maybe, somebody will get rid of his problems, fears independently. Many are afraid of death, but if a person believes in God and feels Him in his heart, then his soul gets into heaven. If there is belief, there won’t be any fear of death.
While making the film I became a father! This is a great happiness. My son was born in October. When they had just started to shoot the third session of the “Fight of Extrasenses,” I confessed at once, that I would become a father soon, I am looking forward to it. And finally it came true.
“Mehdi, tell us, what has happened to you today? – asked me Sergei Safronov, the announcer of the program “Fight of the Extrasenses” on TNT. Holding my palms together, slightly lowering my head, I pronounced the cherished four words proudly and excitedly; “Today I became a father.”
I was to have two experimentations that day. The first was the task of the TV project. The second – to wait for the completion of the shooting the whole day. And only then I could finally rush to the maternity hospital and see my first-born. I knew about his birth on the telephone when I was on the way to the place of the experimentations. I had nothing to do but to get to the place of destination, carry out the task and only then go to my beloved wife and son.
Frankly speaking, I was nervous and that day I was especially eager to show excellent result during the experimentation.
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