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this text is from the book "your friend Mehdi"

Chapter seven

“I Knew I Would Become a Winner”

The newspapers wrote about me like this on the days of the “Fight.” “He is thirty four years old. Came to Moscow from Iran thirteen years ago. Works as a dentist. He is married to Muscovite Lyudmila, a son was born to them. Mehdi possesses the gift of clairvoyance, he has visions, is capable of predicting and healing. He writes verses about love and God, dances and plays football. He dreams of a world without wars, hunger, sufferings and wickedness in people. He carries a pendent with him where there is a stone-amulet and a photo of his great grandfather, which helps Mehdi in his work. He smokes a pipe and drives a car of the brand “Mercedes.” Among the interests of Mehdi, you can mention his love for swimming, football, chess, billiards, diving; in addition, he is a skillful cook, makes very delicious dishes. He plays several musical instruments, signs; a musical disc is about to come out with his songs about God, motherland, family, love.”
Newspaper “Orakul” (04/08) asked:
“Mehdi, do you try to help everybody? Don’t you think that in certain cases, you interfere in God’s affairs, act against him? Finally there are carmical diseases sent to repent of sins, there are losses given to man as an experimentation. And you take and smooth the path of life…
I answer this newspaper, the TV viewers, and the readers of my book – if a person comes to me and I receive, I have the right to help him. This is a sort of signal for me, a permission to render help. Yes, there exist carmical diseases and carmical problems as well. That is why there are healers to handle such problems. Another question is – how? You know, nothing is dissolved and vanishes by itself. It is my responsibility to save man from pain, illness, spell, and I must manage it, overpower this energy, purify it. It is sometimes difficult and painful but it can’t be helped! Recently I received a woman from Israel, ill with cancer, after this meeting my nose bled for a few hours. There are cases when my temperature is persistent about forty for a week… I must be down with the disease, which I have removed from others.
Of course, it is very difficult to live like this, to a certain extent I do not belong to myself, because if a person comes to me for urgent help, I can’t tell him: “I am sorry, I am tired, and have no time, I want to be with my family… People don’t come to me when they have a cold. People go to a healer when there is no one else to go to, the usual ways are gone and with no result. Oncology, loss of close people, tragedies, serious, insolvable life problems…
Imagine a tree: you can make a flexible root stock grow in any direction. But the shaped stem if it is curved, you won’t make it straight. Such is the case with people; you won’t return many wasted abilities, time is missed. But if you take any one year-old child, during twenty years, I will be able to turn him into a clairvoyant. Hard work will be required, complete restructuring of life. You will have to leave the world for a time, to be secluded. This is a way of purification morally and physically, it is asceticism. And naturally, through constant trainings. Nothing will happen just by the way, as even people born with super abilities, should work hard, developing their gift.
I wouldn’t like my son to display these abilities. It is very difficult to live if you have them. They won’t appear, I don’t doubt. I know that my gift won’t pass on to my son; it is passed on after two generations, as my great grand-father passed it on to me. I also know that my second child will most probably be a daughter. Such a little copy of my Lyudmila. An interesting name – Lyud-mila. “Nice to people.”
What helps me in my life, in work? It is also a frequently asked question. The answer is as follows – God. And also the whole world. Air, wind, earth… and what hampers? Disbelief. What disturbs greatly is when a person comes to you for help and begins “to test,” who is this in my photo? Or what do I have in my pocket? If you don’t belief, don’t come. I have already proved everything to everybody! It is foolish and unreasonable to waste your strength, necessary to help people, on stupid tricks like to “prove.” One hundred and fifty people whom I have cured of lethal illnesses is my proof…
But nobody can help me. Only I must cure myself. Nobody will overpower me; I won’t feel better. But the other man will get worse. You know, I have taken my four-year-old son into my arms only twice. How I wished to embrace him, to hug him, but I can’t do it, because he is still defenseless against the negative energies I work with. But after a year I put a defense for him…
People often ask questions about extrasenses; who are they, how do they live with their gift, is there a personal life for them and don’t their supernatural abilities disturb their relatives? I will try to answer these questions in this book with extreme honesty and frankness.
Children are all clairvoyants till the age of two; they see what is hidden from most people. For example, their angel-guard. With age the delicate world which the child comprehends, gradually washes away, the bond with it is lost. But I see this angel now as well. So clairvoyance is God’s gift which we lose when we grow up. And clairvoyants are those who don’t break the ties with their angels when they grow up.
But it does not mean, that each of us can be taught clairvoyance, return the lost, inborn ability.
To be engaged in clairvoyance is very difficult. In general, there is a lot of confusion in the terms; I would like to make some clarification. There are several directions.
Extrasense is a hypersensitive person, who can derive information from any object.
Clairvoyant sees the past, present and the future.
Foreteller is a person who sees the future, events which will happen.
Healer with the help of bioenergy sees the problem as if from inside and is able to cure, help people.
Medium may get into touch with the souls of dead people.
I used to predict a lot of things, but nobody listened to me, and everything I predicted in fact occurred. It is a pity, many misfortunes could have been avoided.
The moral problem is that if you see, then I have to warn about it, but my belief is against predictions. But I see and say, warn. However, on the other hand, if I say and people will think about the negative, their thoughts can be materialized. So you should say in a proper way, carefully, not to dispose the person that misfortune is unavoidable. To predict is necessary for him to know what he should do to avoid the trouble. I don’t consider myself to be a prophet, imam, holy. Simply, visions come to me and I speak about them, though I don’t know so far if I should do it.
I am writing this book to preserve my visions and pass them on to those who will need them to prevent tragic events. There are signs of Fate round the person, it is important to see them, and many people feel them. For example, it is necessary to fly somewhere, and before the flight you had a bad dream or came across something bad, or were late, or your luggage is not taken. It means, you shouldn’t fly, but you insist and say, but I want! And if a misfortune really happens only you are to blame.
I have no right to speak about certain things, I don’t want to cause people fear.
I feel those people who are near me. I see their aura, can say beforehand what kind of person he is – good or bad, I also see what this person really wants, isn’t he telling a lie?
I wear finger rings. Many people ask if these are simply decorations or talismans? Any object man wears, becomes a sort of talisman. Of course, if you are not guided by the fact that it is in fashion, or it is expensive, but you choose the jewel according to your soul. Your soul reacted, it means, it has chosen. And the object will help; protect, attract success. The object becomes a talisman, when you believe that it helps you. Of course, there are specially made and long-standing talismans. People often bring me their finger rings, pendents, and I turn them into amulets. But there is a very simple and a real talisman, everybody can make it himself. Take the ring you love very much, put it into the water, leave it on the window still and during the week, come up to it several times and say something, looking at it through the water. Say how you like it, ask to help you solve the most important task at the moment; get a job, love somebody, you can also make a dream ahead. Belief plays a major role here. If you sincerely believe that the world is open to you and is ready to help, everything will turn out well! Such a talisman will act all your life; only never give it to anybody else. While you wear it, you fill it with your own energy. As long as you believe, its power won’t decline. This rule is unalterable – reward comes according to your belief…
In general, I must say that Word, Idea, Thought, Belief are very important. That is why you should be extremely careful and circumspect with each of your word; it may often become a program for you or for somebody else.
How did I become a participant of the “Fight?” In a very simple way. Once my wife and I were watching the show about the previous “Fight of Extrasenses,” and I, sitting in front of the TV screen, gave correct answers to the questions which were asked to the participants of the program. Upon reflection we decided to prepare a letter where I told about my abilities and wished to participate in the shootings. I said that I would be the first, I promised my friends, relatives, and most importantly, I promised my mother to win. Also I had a vision; “I will win!” But the victory was not easy, great efforts were required. I sacrificed a lot – my personal time. Contacts with my family, my sleep for the sake of my purpose. Victory was not the most important for me, but the opportunity to prove the world, people, myself, that I really possess such abilities. I wanted to present people with the belief in wonders, revive the belief in the magic and I thank God that I succeeded!
In my opinion the “Fight of Extrasenses-3” was the most interesting. My colleagues by the project were deserved opponents, but their powers were different. We maintain relations with some colleagues so far, we have become friends. I have always dreamed of friends, and I called a man a friend, this is for ever, even if he sometimes forgets about it. The concept of friendship is dear to me, I try to help everybody who needs support, and it influences my personal time, which I practically lack.
I believe in God, and in wonders. Rivers, trees, waters, everything that is given by nature is alive. It breathes, smiles, gets upset. Many people embrace a tree in the forest, take its energy, talk to it. You should do it more often. To find a common language with nature is the secret of life. When I go into a Russian birch or pine forest, the first thing I do is to wish the forest health.”Hello, forest. Be healthy, God bless you, and give a little health to me” and as soon as we learn to understand the language of nature, life will become wonderful.
My energy is from nature and from God as well.
They ask me why certain moments of show were not shown. I assure you, there was no censorship. Simply the broadcasting time of the Program was limited from the very beginning, participants very many, it was necessary to show everybody, so the organizers of the “Fight” had to cut down something.
For example, there was a very interesting experimentation in the country estate. We were asked to tell about this place. With my inner sight I saw a small boy, a girl, two women and a man. There I uttered the name Alexander. It turned out later that it was Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin. But I don’t know why, but it was not shown. What a pity!
The opposite situation was concerning the reasons of the explosion of the dwelling house in Gurianov street in Moscow. I said everything I felt. I saw that family, named the floor, where they lived, said it was a terror act. I asked not to show what I said about the people having to do with the terror act, but this fragment was shown. But I did not get hurt. I am thankful to the show “Fight of extrasenses,” the TV channel TNT, to everybody who participated in arranging the project, the announcer Mikhail Porchenkov, now my friend, Safranov brothers and professor Vinogradov.
Everything in the TV shows was true, without juggling. All my colleagues are strong: Nadezda Titova, Olga Alexandrova – both healers: Vadim Selin, Victoria Zeleznova, Sylu are clairvoyants; Adelina Karaeva is a medium; Aleksei Fad is a good parapsychologist, clairvoyant and an extrasense, but somehow he calls himself a magic. They are all my friends.
Our “Fight” became the most beautiful thing. I succeeded in proving that wonders really exist. Many people now write and thank me and I am thankful to my mother that she gave birth to me and God who gave me such a power.
There were several most difficult experimentations. First of all they were connected with spells imposed on this or that man, or on the family. Second, experiments connected with murders, crimes, and finally, an experimentation the purpose of which was to find the girl in an unknown quarter, among many dwelling houses and entrances.
During the experimentation “Horse races” everybody bet on the horse number one. I wanted to prove that the leader would become the horse number five. I spoke to the horse, asked it to win. I knew beforehand that the horse number one would have problems. I love horses! They feel, understand man. These are unusually clever and beautiful animals.
The favorite experimentations in the project became the searches of the stolen cow in the village, and I was to look for it in the dark, as well as the experimentation connected with the weapon.
In my work the visions in the form of pictures and images helped me. I was set a task. I was given a photo, personal things and I worked! For example, in the last experimentation, when it was necessary to find the girl, I tried to imagine her, feel, speak to her mentally. Finally, I just called her and she responded! I even felt her heart beating and I succeeded.
Why did I take part in the project of TNT “Fight of Extrasenses?” For money, fame, self-advertising? No, no and no! How much fraud there is round clairvoyance, magic, sorcery, chiromancy… I wanted to show the viewers that besides swindlers there are also real magicians. I wanted people to believe in extrasenses.
I also wanted to further discover my abilities during the participation in the project. I think, I succeeded in proving the skeptics that man’s possibilities are really limitless.
I won’t hide, I also wanted people to know me. Before the project I helped close people, then the acquaintances came to me, those I had already cured. But I can help a more considerable number of people! And if I can, it means I must. Besides now after the victory in the “Fight,” people believe me. When the project “Fight of extrasenses” began on TNT, my personal letter-box was opened, where people sent me their requests for help. I could not refuse many of them, they were about sixty people. I did not take any money from them.
In the underground or in the street I see somebody and understand that an illness or some serious everyday problems threaten him. It can be prevented, and I know how. My God, you need simply to give up smoking! Or cancel the trip where trouble awaits him. But if you, unknown to anybody, come up to a passer-by and begin to give him advice like this “don’t take this train, you will be killed.” They will look at you as if you were mad. The main point is that they won’t listen to you. You don’t imagine how painful it is to see the man wave off your warnings and continue his way to the abyss.
On the whole, now people trust me more… Of course, it was necessary to know yourself and to prove your real strength. A real duel is always attractive. If our “Fight” lasted for another ten years, I would participate all the same. Moreover, there were not only thought up experimentations there, at the same time we rendered real help to those who had already despaired to receive it; people had asked the organizers of the program who had lost their relatives and hoped that a wonder would happen…It is very good that in this project nobody was confined to the moments planned in the script, everybody was ready to adjust himself so as we could solve real tasks.
I know three more people who are equal to me in strength.
It is more difficult to heal those diseases, which a person has because somebody among his ancestors was engaged in black magic. For example, this spell is the most terrible, it remains for ten generations.
The journalists ask me about the backstage intrigues of the participants, about my gift, my hermit’s life and about the stolen talisman.
A lot of extrasenses with unique abilities, representatives of various schools participated in the “Fight.” It was very difficult on the first day. In order to get into the show of the “Fight of extrasenses,” the candidates first pass through a strict choice proving their supernatural abilities. Then those who are selected into the competitive group, are given an assignment, for example, restore the crime, having been to the place where it was committed, tell the story of the neglected building, find the man hidden in the forest or in the boot of one of the dozen cars parked in the hangar. Everything was conducted under the strict supervision of the expert-illusionists Safronov brothers, deep-rooted skeptics on the issues of magic and extrasensorics, and professional psychiatrist-criminalist Mikhail Vinogradov. One fact should be noted; none of the shooting group or the service staff knew beforehand about the experimentation prepared for us so as the extrasenses were not able to “count” the answers to the questions we were asked, and those who knew were a long way away and were isolated, they were watching us only through the monitor, so the “leakage of information” was completely excluded from the very beginning to the very end!
I think the participant who already left the project Nadezda Titova, was a real healer. She is so kind, and elegant! I respect her very much. At present we work together in the centre “Magic power.”
I had a locket, during the shootings, the participants of the program stole it… It was a handmade stone like those of which ancient palaces were built. A very rare stone. But some people do not understand that strength is within the man himself and not in the talisman. A talisman is only a support.
I am not only a predictor but also a healer. How do I manage it?
After the “Fight,” many people called me and said that they believed only me and think that only I will be able to help them. I won’t get tired repeating you should believe in God. I am only a mediator and I can ask the Most High what you can do as well, simply I do it better.
Today my time is fixed for every minute, and it is very difficult to find an hour or so even to write this book. Books live longer than people, that is why, my assistants and I have a very great responsibility. I won’t be, but the book will remain. Hence the responsibility for every written word. Here is what a wise man said to this point; “Value the word, every word may be the last.” If you want, there is also responsibility to my children, my future grandchildren. What will their attitude be towards it, to its not simple pages years later, when they have a look at it from their height-still higher intellect and culture. But it was more difficult for me to write than the experimentations in the TV project. But I have to finish writing it, because people believe in me, hope, write letters and send emails, I can’t be silent and not reply. This will be disrespect for them. I ought to answer everybody and all the questions, even if I do not always feel like doing it. A real book is first of all confession of the soul, and agree with me, that not everybody is able or ready to undress before thousands of people.

…I knew beforehand that I would come to Russia even three years before this happened, I knew I would become a physician because my mother wanted this. I knew who would be my wife, when our child would be born. Visions come by themselves and not always bring joy. I see deaths, tragedies, natural calamities. It is difficult. I am a living being myself, and cannot take all the misfortunes of the world on my shoulders, though they are not weak. In spite of this, I don’t despair, and try to use my gift for the good of people. You know, I am happy when my visions can really help somebody, prevent a misfortune or at least change something for the better in this not simple world.
What has an impact on man? First of all parents, as far as upbringing is concerned, at the time of forming a personality. I bow to all my ancestors who have brought all their best qualities and features, abilities as far as the XXI century and did not let them die out during wars, natural calamities and epidemics. You, too, thank your ancestors that during 40,000 years of current civilization, they were able to prolong your line!
My Persian roots – eight generations by my father’s line. All my ancestors were tall, clever, intellectually developed, not because they were Persians, but because they were brought up properly. Iran is a multinational country: the ancestors of my father’s line were ardent believers, fond of poetry and philosophy. Many of them earned high respect. All of them practically lived long. I know little about my ancestors by my mother’s line. I remember mother saying that her father was a kind, strong man. They lived in the village, where he was somebody, sort of a chairman, he was called Khan.
Who played a considerable role in my life? If I mean education, then all my teachers. But in life, my mother and father, I have no other teachers. I love my father because he devoted all his life to work, and thanks to him our family lived in decent conditions. Mother was always an example of kindness and will-power.
I love slow music. I love sounds of nature. Good music helps in work, in relaxation, in meditation. My favorite musical instruments are the guitar, saxophone and mouth-organ. There is also an instrument in Iran, the sound of which resembles duduk. You can play the guitar and sing at the same time, thus entertaining a company or just for yourself. The mouth-organ is my mother’s present. I like to play it, too. Saxophone is a very strong instrument, its sounds inspire. The sound of duduk is like the voice of the Earth. The sound dear to me and my ancestors.
I have dreams both color and black-and-white. But often such images as in life, it means, color. Looking into the man’s eyes, I can gather information, read his thoughts. I cannot see somebody else’s dreams. I feel everybody. I won’t say anything bad to him, if he does not have to know it, not to have a negative impact. I can only say what he has to do, how he needs to feed. I preserve medical ethics strictly. I do not like to tell about famous people, either only if they agree.
Sigmund Freud considered that man’s sexual energy is the strongest and determines a lot in his creative work, life, abilities. Yes, sexual energy is important, I won’t deny, but I wouldn’t call it the strongest. To my mind, the strongest is the spiritual energy and belief. There are cases when man devoted his life not to women but to God. Love is a wonderful, unforgettable feeling, which can both give life and take it. It is impossible to live without love. Love is there when your heart sings and your soul flies, your skin dreams of touches. There is not a feeling stronger!
Love is different – to a woman, God or people surrounding you.
I love roses, they are like the smile of a woman. Tenderness, beauty, fragrance – everything in one. Mother used to plant a lot of roses in our small garden. Other flowers are wonderful, too. Life will stop without them. My favorite colors; green is the color of life, white is tenderness, black is dream and prediction that everything will end sooner or later. And this gives us power to do good.
Besides parents and upbringing in the family, your contacts are also important – friends, school, institute. Geographical location and the environment, also influence man. Of course, there are favorable and unfavorable places in nature, technologic damages, anomalous parts… you need to take all this into consideration. Leave the place where you feel bad without any reasons, when fear, melancholy, depression, headaches or other unfavorable symptoms appear, go away! There are also holy places, where your soul, like a flower, blossoms, experiences peace, bliss, pacification, remain there as long as possible, drink the local water, breathe the air there, visit these places as often as you can, and you will live longer!
Today, the new means of mass information – the Internet has a great impact on people. The scientist-sociologists have come to the conclusion that in the coming years, there will be much less postal deliveries, people have stopped writing usual letters to each other, send usual telegrams. I should say that, in general, we live in an epoch of reduced contacts. Recently the minister of Communications of Russia confessed publicly, that postal deliveries decreased three times only during one year. Moreover, many newspapers and magazines are doomed, news will be received by world website, there will be less politics and information on leading TV channels, these are the perspectives scientifically grounded, not predicted like extrasenses do. I personally confirm such prognosis.
Advertising spoils people. Everything that exists in this world, should be used correctly and positively. Man should be brought up. If a person is a believer, Satan won’t be able to do anything with him. Satan will influence only non-believers. Who will help? A good psychologist or an ardent believer, who will change the negative energy by a positive one. This can be done by means of hypnosis as well, rituals, to direct man into trance, meditation, friendship with nature used to help me even without books. There was a time, when I read only professional, medical literature. Man’s strength is in his head, in the brain, in his ideas. I think that everybody ought to see what God gives him, what he warns him against, protects him.
What is talent? In ancient Greece there was such a monetary unit “talent” which was equal to twenty five kilograms of silver. Of course, the point is not the money.
My abilities is not talent, it is a gift, as I can look at the man and see the reason of his problem, I can make a diagnosis, and most importantly, define the cause. I see the future and with the help of my advice, I can put the person into a correct path. Clairvoyance, healing, bioenergy and education enable me to help any, even with incurable diseases. First of all, I give the patient hope and it inspires.
If we speak about talent, I consider talented the one who can learn many languages, solve a difficult mathematical problem in a non-ordinary way, or he is able to learn faster than others. For example, in sports, when there is the goal, physical qualities and talent, the sportsman is sure to become a champion. But there are other views on talent and I respect them as well. But it stands to reason, that besides inborn talent, special ability, everybody always needs hard work to develop this gift of God. Otherwise, looking down on others, superficiality, self-confidence, and foolish megalomania are unavoidable. Lev Tolstoy rewrote his “Anna Karenina” thirteen times and did it with pleasure. Try to rewrite thirteen times any even the favorite book of yours! Most probably you will give up.
Nowadays there is much talk about indigo children. Functionality of their brain is developed a little better, than with others. Such people can be taught extrasensorics, because they have the prerequisites, the basis. I consider that every person has a lot of inborn abilities which he may develop by means of prayers, meditation, and trainings. And if this or that ability is not called for, they simply die out for lack of demand. If you wish, you can learn a lot of things, but in order to become the best in a particular sphere, a gift is needed! Yes, it is true that there are indigo children on the Earth, and in five-ten years they will be a lot more, they will be a new generation.
Our civilization will become more developed, but humanity will pollute the Earth more and more. Numerous cataclysms, eruptions of volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes will occur. I hope that future generations, unlike ours, will begin to love the Earth. But I am not indigo…
As a physician, I think that official medicine really helps many people with many things. But my patients have already been to official physicians not once. If I refuse them, to whom should they go, then? I receive them and tell them the cause of their problems. There are healers who help with herbs, prayers, specially charged water. There are a great number of extrasenses in Russia, predictors, but for many of them, this is just a profitable job. I think, to avoid fraud, it is necessary to set up a committee, which would issue a license or a special permission to conduct such an activity. The committee should include physicians, psychologists and real extrasenses by all means.
Some people think that I have a magic stick, and happiness will come at once with its movement. No, I am not God, I am only a person who wants to help. If the patient does not believe in me, I will not be able to help him. And I did not help some of them. They did not do what I recommended them. I tell him to give up smoking but he does not believe that. He has a cancer. But I cannot frighten the person by death. I help only reasonable people.
My first advice is to go to church. Besides, I determine the disease, can tell how his business is, sometimes it so happens that people surrounding him envy this man.
I can make a talisman for him, an amulet. I can advise him to read a prayer, and if a person himself believes in his improvement, it is wonderful. I have never done anybody harm for money. My basic goal is to help others.
I have practically no time for myself. In the morning I go to work without weekends, sometimes I forget to dine. There is no rest. I restore my strength in the swimming pool, I swim a lot. Water is a great power, it has powerful energy. It has given not only life to the whole of our planet but also it preserves an enormous amount of information. It removes the negative energy well.
I wouldn’t like to have the whole narration on my behalf just because I will have to use the pronouns I, me, my frequently. And the reader may think that the author loves himself very much, that he is subjective. That is why, I want to present in the next chapter and in the other chapters too stories about the “Fight of extrasenses, ”published in the press, the opinions of the participants of the program, patients, TV viewers, quotations from the press, that is, to evaluate my and their participation from outside. I only reserve the right for myself to make some comments.
It will be more objective.
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