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this text is from the book "your friend Mehdi"

Chapter eight


“The winners of the three seasons of the “Fight of Extrasenses” predicted who would become the new leader of the fourth season.
Dentist Mehdi specially meditated the whole night of the Old New year and predicted the following: “Three people will reach the final. 30-40 year-old woman who always wears a locket, with the help of which she receives information from the Universe. A young man 24-30 years old with a Slavonic appearance, with fair hair and in black. And the woman 34-43 years old with dark hair, Tatar, Muslim, who prays a lot. Most probably she will become the winner.”
“...Only Mehdi described exactly all the three future finalists and named the woman – winner. This is Tursunoi,” the Internet said.
My comment
Four months before the beginning of the “Fight of Extrasenses-4”I was asked who I saw as a winner? I have already answered this question by extracts from the press and the Internet. When I was present at the final of the “Fight – 4” I didn't want to repeat what I had said not to spoil the finalists' mood and deprive them of hope.

"In the last experimentation, the extrasenses were given the task; to find the house in huge Moscow, the entrance and even the flat, where the famous actress Darya Sagalova concealed herself, the performer of the role of Sveta Bukina in the serial TNT “Happy together.” For Sylu, Victori Zeleznova and Aleksey Fad this task turned out to be unfulfilable. In the region Yasenovo – a densely populated dwelling district, there were two thousand entrances before the extrasenses, but the organizers allowed each of the fifty participants to open only one door. Mehdi showed excellent results. During the first minute he named the number 19. It was the number of the house. Then Mehdi entered the trance and simply walked in the direction which the spirits showed him. At last he came to the house where Darya Sagalova was. Out of seventeen entrances he chose the right one. Entering there, he rose to the sixth floor and pointed to the flat without fail. He spent amazingly short time on the search. Dasha began even to cry from fear as he approached and when he rang the doorbell of the flat and was astonished by her tears (“Did I really frighten you so much"?) She explained the cause of her tears. She said it was terrible for her to think that there are people in the world with such unbelievable abilities and they can find you anywhere they want!"
My comment
When I came up to the house, I heard an inner voice, a girl called me. All this time I was in the state of trance, I did not understand where I was going. After the experimentation I felt very bad and even could not find my car, I was simply lost. I didn't remember where I was going before this because I was in trance.

• • •

“The participants had the usual assignment; to determine which of the people sitting in front of them is the direct descendant of the clan of the princes Golinitsnikh. It did not take Mehdi so much time to make a correct choice.
Mehdi made an indelible impression on everybody present. And the hero of the experimentation, tall, well built man, Ivan Illarionovich Golitsin presented the extrasense a badge with the arms of the clan of Golitsinikh.”He is a class man!” The extrasense expressed his respect in one of his interviews.”

• • •

"The announcer of the program “Fight of Extrasenses" in Great Britain (the show is called “Psychic Challenge"), there was famous Trisha Goddar. After watching the show, 15 percent of the TV viewers confessed that they began to believe in extrasenses. And 6 percent, on the contrary, were convinced that there were no wonders, they are simply well worked out tricks.
As far as Russians' attitude towards the phenomenon of extrasensorics is concerned, after the second season of the show, a real revolution took place. Earlier, many people expressed negative thoughts about the global experiment of TNT. In medieval times extrasenses were burned on fires. In USA where there is the most exact statistics in the world, it was even calculated that the inquisition hanged five millions of magicians and witches. Here is the commitment for “you shall not kill." It is true that they are now called charlatans, illusionists and deceivers. But when it became clear that some people really did inexplicable things, skepticism reduced. ”Fight of extrasenses," as it used to be, is only an experiment enabling to watch the supernatural and make conclusions."
Here are the words of Mikhail Poreckenkov, announcer of the project:
"In the eyes of the whole world, clairvoyants find people who have long ago been missing, predict the fate of “stars" and discover the secrets of air crashes. Thanks to our project, extrasenses pass through serious school, reveal some new sights in themselves. The most important thing for them is to value how great their responsibility is. People really trust them.”
Maria Shaikevic, producer of the project: "During the shooting of the first two seasons, part of the shooting group came to the settings, cured their children, asked the extrasenses to predict their future and many other requests. We started the third season. I think it is interesting for us to shoot as long as the viewers are interested to see.”
During the casting the claimants were asked to determine what was going on behind the curtain. Somebody saw a car there, somebody else saw a dolphin. One of the participants was sure that there were clowns behind the curtain who were dancing and eating macaroni at the same time. But it turned out that a kissing pair was standing behind the curtain. Only 10 out of 100 claimants could determine it.
As a result, a magician from Zaporozye, a young gipsy, former participant of the TV project ”Home-2," a physician-native of Iran and many other vivid personalities reached the third season.

• • •

One of the episodes of the contest; the extrasenses were asked to answer if the director Nikita Mikhalkov would get the prize "Oscar.” Two of them answered: yes, he would get! Not because that the film was good. Simply MIkhalkov impresses them as a person. Vadim Selin gave the director a chance for the award, Aleksei Fad was also ready to make Mikhalkov a laurite, but in his own way:
“Let Nikita Mikhalkov come to me. We will shaman together, and he will receive "Oscar.” When I watch football, I enter the astral, pronounce a certain spell, and the ball not managing to reach the rival's foot, misses away. I did it when Shevchenko was playing for “Milan.” I canceled several penalties of “Juventus” thanks to which “Milan” took the League of champions. Everything is due to me. As far as the film is concerned, I can try, too.”
But Mehdi did not see that Mikhalkov had a chance for an American prize. He said: I respect this talented man, he is a genius in his art. But I think he won't get "Oscar" anyway, and it happened that way. Mass media wrote in those days: “Mehdi is one of the most conspicuous participants of the TV show "Fight of extrasenses."By means of his inborn gift, he manages to overcome any experimentation easily, prepared by the authors of the program. During the shootings Mehdi became a father."

• • •

“The final of the “Fight of Extrasenses” on TNT nearly ended in a scandal. In order to win the title of the winner, the finalist Aleksei Fad tried to buy the viewers' voices. Even this did not prevent the leader of the project Mehdi from becoming the best extrasense of the country. As the winner of the first season Natalia Vorotnikova rightly predicted, at the end of the show, the women - finalists were not leaders and the basic fight was between two men - extrasenses - Aleksei Fad and Mehdi. Aleksei Fad appeared to have made efforts to win the SMS voting. The magician does not deny that he has invested several thousand dollars in the SMS voting."
My comment
Aleksei Fad is my friend, but I could not yield to him, continued to fight to the end honestly, because I am not used to losing. Even in youth, when my team played football and lost the game I removed the gypsum after the fracture and with the bandaged foot I went into the field and we won!

• • •

“After the ceremonial activity - summing up the total voting – the extrasenses went to the restaurant to celebrate the final. They remembered the most vivid assignments, because of which the participants were left out of the project. They congratulated Mehdi on the deserved victory and discussed the plans for the future. After the project Victoria Zeleznova and her husband will go away on holiday. Sylu will go on helping people solving their emotional problems. Aleksei Fad and Mehdi, having forgotten the incident during the final voting will open their medical centre. At present, Mehdi receives patients in various centers in Moscow, one of which is the International centre of extrasensorics of Mehdi. Reviews in the Internet, newspapers, TV shows write and tell about his good results in the work. Mehdi became a participant of the expedition in the Black sea recently where he proved his abilities again, finding several places and objects immediately and surprising all the participants greatly.”

The best extrasense (19.10 – 26.10)
1. Mehdi IbrahimiVafa
2. Lilia Khegai
3. Natalia Vorotnikova
4. Zulikhad Radjabova
5. Alexander Litvin
6. Ziraddin Rzaev
7. Aleksei Fad
8. Victor Vostokov
9. Tursunoi
10. Alexander Agapit
11. Ekaterina Akhmetjanova

My comment
After becoming a winner, I decided to work independently in the centre of helping people. Responsible approach to work, professional ethics of the physician, opportunity to conduct good deeds, choose the ways of decision myself and hundreds of thanks is what we could wish. Unfortunately very often we face various courses of teaching paranormal abilities, many people declare themselves extrasenses ungroundedly and this charlatanism leads to sad thoughts.
Is it possible to learn clairvoyance or develop in oneself such abilities? No, to be able to predict, you should have God's gift, and to develop abilities and learn you can do in the field of psychology, hypnosis and so on.
I want to be modest: what I really can do to help people without any self advertisement which fills the pages of many adverting newspapers. I think, it is as follows:
• general diagnostics;
• helping choose correct way of life;
• clairvoyance;
• examinations of inner organs, examination of the past and the future, astral replacement;
• search of missing people, animals, precious things;
• removal of carmical problems;
• healing;
• removal of sterility;
• removal of the evil eye, "being unable to marry,” loneliness, spells, fears, hallucinations, visions, inner voices, obstructive behavior, bad luck, shortage of money, complexes, sexual disturbances;
• solution of family problems, settling relationships, return of the husband, wife;
• help find the man who has done harm;
• weight correction, removal of obesity, return to normal.
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