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this text is from the book "your friend Mehdi"

Chapter ten

Special Show About the Winner

As a result of the third “Fight of Extrasenses,” TV channel TNT made a special show, a TV film about the winner Mehdi Ibrahimi Vafa, where there are certain scenes from his family life, and fragments from the experimentations in the TV show.

Mehdi said exactly that in Guryanov street in Moscow, there was an explosion in this house, it was a terror act, it was committed by four men. They brought the explosive in a truck, two of them are Muslims. “This is terrible! – said Mehdi. The point is not in the religion! To commit such a crime… I cannot kill a fly myself. I am very sorry.”
When an expert on extrasensorics Mikhail Vinogradov was in the underground bunker, Mehdi had a vision- stairs leading downstairs. He told the leaders of the project not only that he was under the ground, but also the exact details of the atmosphere that surrounded Vinogradov, and mentioned the depth quite accurately – 65 meters under the ground.
There was another experimentation like this; a sealed envelope was placed in front of the extrasense with a photo of the famous musician Murat Nasirov. Mehdi, just passing his hands over the envelope, said that this man was engaged in music, he had a vision how people applauded him. He said that the musician was famous. But he was killed. When the envelope was opened, it turned out that Mehdi had not known, had not seen and had not heard Murat before.
Perhaps, the most awful experimentation for Mehdi was the day, when he was taken to the cemetery, to a grave and was asked who was buried there. He answered exactly- a woman and said her name. Moreover, he also said that she was choked at first when attacked from behind, and then to cover their tracks, they burned her house. Bending over the grave, he suddenly recoiled in horror;
“There is also a dog there! I hear barking … Is it customary here to bury an animal together with a man?”
The relative of the deceased confirmed; yes, the dog was also burned together with the woman, so they were buried together.
Then the soul of the deceased visited Mehdi for a week causing him terrible sufferings, he confessed that he was afraid, maybe, schizophrenia was beginning all at once? She did not leave him until she asked him to tell her relative her request. And only after the request had been fulfilled. Mehdi had peace in mind.
Aleksei Varlamov, candidate of physics-mathematics sciences turned to Mehdi and told him about his sorrow; his son had drowned but his body was not found. He showed forty two photos of his son. Mehdi chose two of them and on a sheet of paper he drew a peninsula, near the shore of which was the body of his son. He marked with a cross the exact place. The father found the body exactly there.
Now Mehdi is behind the wheel, he is driving to the town of Zeleznodorozni in Moscow oblast, to a woman named Nadezda. During the last three years she lost her whole family- at first her husband died, then her son, then her daughter was killed. “There is a lot of sorrow in my house, ”she said to Mehdi when she met him. “I would like you to say the cause?”Not knowing anything about this tragedy beforehand, Mehdi looking at the photo of her husband Vladimir, made the exact diagnosis; he died of cancer. And Nadezda confirmed this, yes, it was the fourth stage. The doctors confessed- non operable. Looking at the photo of her son, Mehdi determined that he had died of over dosage of drugs because of his unhappy life. And mother also confirmed this. Then Mehdi asked permission to go into her daughter Marina’s room. He mentioned the exact place where she had been killed.
By that time the investigation of the murder had completely reached a deadlock. The only witness was the three-year old daughter of Marina. Asking permission, Mehdi went into the room where this girl was sleeping, took her by the hand and in a minute he said- there were two murderers- a man and a woman, the man stabbed the knife into Marina’s heart, and the woman removed it and put it under the pillow. The woman had ordered this murder because they were both rivals and loved the same man, named Andrei.
At last Mehdi made a final diagnosis: there is a spell on your family, it is put by your husband Vladimir. In ancient times cancer was also considered to be a spell.
It seemed that the experimentation was over, the truth was restored. But Mehdi went on asking Nadezda assuring that he would remove the spell that her wishes would soon come true, and in a year and a half she would have a real friend, a companion in her life. Nadezda confessed that first of all she would like to repair her flat, but there was no money…
The final of this scene is simply fabulous; Mehdi came to Nadezda again, and handed her an envelope with money to repair her flat. She was shocked by such a noble deed. Now the TV camera shows how the habitation of Nadezda has changed after the renovation. Why did he commit such a noble deed? Later on Mehdi answered himself:
“Because she had to renovate her flat first of all, there was a negative aura there, blood had been shed there. I do not know why she told the TV channel about this envelope. I do not need any advertising.”
Mehdi has a lot of female admirers, but as a man of the East, he is careful in dealing with them. His spouse Lyudmila confessed in the film that she understands his fame, popularity. Here is Mehdi walking with a professional basketball player Katya. Once after a trauma, she had her knee operated on, but the surgeons were unable to remove the unfavorable consequences of the operation. Mehdi, with his palms, drew the contour of her body without touching, and then he massaged her knee. Thus, during one session, the consequences of the trauma were gone. “His energy flowed into me!” Katya confessed in amazement.
The viewers will know from this film how Mehdi saved his mother from untimely death several times. For example, his younger brother calls him; “Come, mother is in coma.” He dropped everything, flew to Tehran, took mother by the hand, and she revived again.
Mehdi feels the support and help of his magic-great grandfather even now. “I don’t know how he does it, maybe his photo hypnotizes me,” Mehdi says on this occasion.
Malevolent and envious people began to spread various fables about Mehdi. For example, they backbited as if he took extremely high fees from his patients. Yes, he confessed, that after the “Fight” the financial state of his family improved a little, now they live not in a one-room damp flat on the ground floor, but in a two-room flat but again they rent it. He has also changed his old car for a new one. This is the whole income.
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