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Psychic Mehdi Ebrahimi Vafa

There were two friends living in a village – Amir and Kayan

. They both were in love with the same girl. Her name was Zoya. She also loved them both in her own way, but she refused to choose one of them. The boys could not accept that situation. There was a quarrel between the two friends; the reason was, of course, the girl’s heart. The ways of the three had parted. Zoya was alone. As the years went by Amir had great success in life. He was self-confident; he had everything that a lot of people were dreaming about: health, wealth, beauty. He could allow himself everything. And Kayan just was doing the housekeeping in his native heath. Amir liked people to speak favorably of him and to pour out their thanks to him. Money had changed him. Pride and ego had gained the upper hand over him. Kayan was distressed for his friend and decided to talk to him.
- What's up with you, Amir? Whom have you turned into? Is it possible that money is ruling you? Is it possible that you resign yourself to money?
-Who are you? - Kayan heard in reply.
- What do you have? Are you successful in your life? You have no right to teach me how to live. You are nobody! Nonentity!
The tears came into Kayan's eyes and he answered in a gentle voice:
- I am your friend. We were grown up together. I supported you every time. I joyed in your success as if it was mine. Why are you treating me like this?
Amir added:
- Everything you have done, was done for the sake of my money and to be proud of being a friend of mine.
The Kayan`s lid came off:
-Yes, I am just an ordinary farmer. Yes, my land is devoted to me. And in comparison with it you are nothing! I can understand the language of animals. I am constructing my world with my own hands. I am a man and a master in my house. My family is proud of me, especially my grandmother. Yes, my hands have a lot of corns. They feel no cold and no pain. But I am stronger than you. If there are no people like me, the people like you would die of hunger. Sometimes I dreamt to be like you, but now I can understand, that I was blind! I wish Zoya to see your real face. You are just a beautiful doll that is empty inside, that needs care and support. You even don’t know that watermelon is the biggest berry. You don’t know that our land feeds us, not a supermarket.
Amir interrupted his friend:
- You are just envious, always have been envious, because you can’t do the things which I have managed to do! You have no such beautiful clothes that I have, you have no car. Why should I keep house if I can hire a hundred of workers like you, Kayan. They will do everything I need to the best advantage.
Amir got in his classy foreign car and went away. That time the friends parted for the second time.
Time passed by. Kayan was working double tides. He came out on top. He founded a poultry farm and became a successful farmer, a landowner. He bought a car, a new house and got married. God gifted him children. But he still had a desire to help people and he founded the Drug Rehabilitation Center. He gave appendants the opportunity to work. Kayan believed in power of earth, he believed that it can cure those ill and unhappy people.
One day Kayan saw a man among the drug addicts who looked like his quondam friend Amir. Kayan approached the man and murmured his name into his ear: Amir…
The tears came into Kayan`s eyes again.
- Who are you? How do you know my name?-the man sitting opposite Kayan asked.
Kayan`s heart became quiet. It was not his friend. But Kayan was still worrying about Amir, he was sure that it was not a chance meeting and that Amir really needs his help. Kayan began looking for Amir. He found out that Amir was in Africa that time. The journey was not easy. The flight, then several hours by bus and at last he had to go by tractor. Then he had been walking for a long time. A lonely village appeared before his eyes. The natives showed him the way to the hospital. Kayan doubted: if Amir was ill, then why was he there? Entering a long light hall Kayan looked around and saw a woman who by all appearances was working there.
-Excuse me, could you help me to find Amir? - Kayan said.
-Sure, with pleasure! You can find him at the director's office. The woman pointed her finger at a distant door.
Kayan`s doubts just grew up: no, it could not be Amir. He was engaged in another business.
-I came in vain, - Kayan told himself in a small voice. But he knocked at the door.
-Come in.
Opening the door Kayan caught his breath and…
Tears. The tears came into his eyes again!
Yes, it was him, Amir! They embraced and were keeping silence for several minutes keeping hugging each other.
Kayan started telling about his life, success and the reason why he was there! Amir was listening him attentively and then said:
-You know, after our last meeting, I mean the quarrel, your words were constantly in my mind, Kayan! I was thinking a lot and had decided to help needy people. I constructed houses, roads and hospitals all over the world. You don`t believe me, but I have found myself in this activity! It has become the sense and the way of my life! I felt that somebody needs me; I needed it so much in the past!
- My friend, I am so happy for you! You are really not the same! You have changed! But…Didn’t`t you miss something in you life?
-What do you mean? - Amir asked.
- I am talking about the family! You make people happy, but what about you? Why are you alone? Don’t forget that it is not enough to help people in order to be happy! Every person living on the earth must have a family, grow up children who can proceed your way.
Amir changed the expression on his face. It was obvious that he was angry:
-I have been living for the sake of other people for 10 years. I have helped everyone I could help. I have forgotten about my own interests for the sake of other people’s happiness. And you are not satisfied with me again? You are flinging me in teeth again? Do you know that I have been constantly thinking about you and Zoya all those 10 years! I loved her, but forgot her for the sake of our friendship. And what about you? You have married another woman! Why did not you look for Zoya? She is our friend also! After the words you told me 10 years ago I have changed my life completely. All this tame I have been thinking that you are together and you are happy.

The tears came into Kayan`s eyes again. He had understood that he was also guilty in the situation.
Then for the sake of his friend he was looking for Zoya. He was dreaming about his friend’s happiness! The searching took short time. Kayan was told about disabled girl who had been helping him to keep books for a long time. Kayan thought that he indeed did not see the face of the person who was helping him. He was also told that the girl was living in the next village. Kayan found her. She was going on crutches. They were talking about everything that had happened to them during those years for several hours. Kayan told Zoya about Amir, told her that Amir still loved her. And when Kayan wanted to tell about himself Zoya interrupted him saying:
-I know everything! All this time I was happy to help you! A terrible accident has changed my life. I have become a disable. I know that you hire me only because the name of Zoya is of sentimental value for you, but you did not know that it was me! I was afraid to show my face, just not to allow you to see me helpless and lifeless.
Kayan`s heart was heavy. He considered that money had spoiled Amir and Zoya went away and forgot their self-giving friendship. But now he understood that he was wrong. Amir had changed and was devoted to their friendship. Zoya was beside him all the time and was doing her best to help him…
Kayan decided to put everything into place and to to act fairly. He told Amir about Zoya and did his best to help lovers to be together! And it is fair!
The story has finished! Happy end, isn’t it?!
You should not reproach people with their mistakes, especially your friends! Don’t consider yourself to be better than others. Let other people to consider you better! It is not difficult to love yourself, try to love other people!
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