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Экстрасенс Мехди Эбрагими Вафа

Little Angel

Once there lived a little beautiful girl! She was tender like a flower and very kind! The life was so that she had no parents! She had some relatives, but in her soul she felt as an orphan. This little girl loved everyone: people, animals and nature, like a magic fairy! She helped poor people, old people, everyone whom she could help in any way. She was just an angel! To feed herself she had to work as a maid in the houses of rich people. And no matter how many hardships she had in life, one could always see a charming smile on her lips! Years passed! The little girl became a beauty, a goddess! The fate gave her acquaintance with a rich young man who courted her in a very beautiful way and for a very long time. They got married. They had children. She did not forget about her past, the new wealthy life did not change her attitude to people. She looked for her acquaintances, relatives and family members, and helped them in the way she could! Her soul did not know offence. The years passed by. Old age came. But they say not in vain, that good returns! That God sees our actions and returns like for like. When trouble happened to this woman and she found herself in a hospital, the people who knew her came to her. Everybody came! They cried. Her grief was the grief of many people. In the hospital people were even sitting on the steps, saying prayers for her health all together.

You will not believe it, but after 3 days she came back home! And this happened a few times. How could this woman tolerate everything that was in store for her? She suffered all that physical anguish silently, with a smile on her lips, as before! It was like someone was always stroking her on her head thus relieving the pain. Her strength was in her unselfish love for the others. She was ready to give her life for another person! She rejoiced the God, and the God was glad for His creature. Unfortunately, there are not many of such people as this little girl on the Erath. It is very difficult to become such a person. The people’s nature is to think about themselves first, and not about the others.

When her life ended, everyone had one and the same feeling. This was the feeling of loss of some part of yourself in this angel! It was awfully painful and hard, but all the close relatives were proud of their mother! She was so much loved and respected! She was great, and the relatives were even glad that she left. And all that was because even if she was still living, her life would still be devoted to other people, and not her health, and it would be as hard for her as in her last days! The funerals were like those of a queen – there were so many people there! All those who came were obliged to her for her help and support in difficult moments of the life of each of them! On the last photo before her death she was also smiling. And all that was because until her last breathe she wanted to give joy to her close relatives and not to show her weakness by no means making the closes relatives sad. Much time has passed since the day of her death, but still on the grave of that little beautiful girl there are fresh wonderful flowers!

I have been watching this girl, woman, goddess for more than 30 years! And how can I not believe in wonders after everything I have seen? She is by far greater than me. For me she is the example of a woman – she is both mother and friend! So I think that the meaning of life is in love! In love for women!

Someone would read this story and feel sad. Someone would be sorry. And I am telling all that with pride in my heart and a smile on my lips! Certainly it is hard to lose such a close person, but when I recollect all her actions, I am only in the positive mood, and I am filled with love for this world and for everything I was lucky to see! If someone asks me: “What is love?” I know the answer: “I have lived in the arms of love! Yes, I love you, mom! Little angel!”

Even after she has left she brings joy. That’s because everything that is connected with her is one big book of fairy-tales! Her kind eyes, open heart, wisdom, faith in wonders dazzled the hearts of all those who were acquainted with her. From her first breath and to the last one she was bringing love to the world! This was the purpose of her life! That is what the ideal of a person is for me!!
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