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this text is from the book "your friend Mehdi"

Chapter eleven

Criminal Stories

An awful event shocked the town of Zhelenzogorsk. On 30, September near the night club “Baikal” the body of seventeen - year - old schoolgirl Nastya Vafina was found. The suspected was arrested, but the mother of the killed girl thinks that somebody else has killed her daughter.

The girl died of grave bodily injuries. A knife was thrust into her body several times, and then she was beaten until she died. An acquaintance of the girl, a sixteen-year-old teenager was accused of the murder. Personal things of Nastya were found with him. This guy so far remains the only suspected for this case. However, the school-girl’s mother did not believe that a thin, short fellow, who was physically much weaker than her daughter, could commit such an atrocious murder. What had really happened to her daughter, Marina Nikolaevna decided to know from the participants of the program “Fight of the extrasenses.” The woman went to Moscow and participated in the shootings of the show on TNT.
Mehdi Ibrahimi Vafa informed Marina Nikolaevna his version of the tragedy. He said that the teenager, who was suspected of the murder, was not guilty.
“My goal,” Mehdi explained, “was to calm down and support this woman at such a difficult moment in her life. I felt her pain from inside like my own. After such awful feelings, I decided not to deal with criminals any longer, but to give my energy to help people in whose life there is still a change for the better. As a doctor I believe that prophylactics is better than treatment.”
The director of the school where Nastya had learned, Elena Chibireva, watched the Sunday show as well.
“I saw that scene and it made me creepy all over,” Elena says. “All Zheleznogorsk watched the program. After that the whole town speaks only about this case and discusses the death of Nastya. Few people believed in the guilt of the arrested teenager before and now even fewer. A short fellow, frail what a murderer can he be?”
Unfortunately, Nastya’s murder was not the only which occurs near the night clubs in Zheleznogorsk.
Not long ago a slaughtered man was found near one of them. A week or so ago behind the night club where Vafina had been killed, an awful fight took place with knives. The policemen had even to use weapons to disjoint the fighters.

• • •

Svetlana Ovchinnikova turned to me to find those who were guilty of her son’s death. I said that the woman’s all efforts might be in vain. The murderers couldn’t be found because of his friend’s misleading testimony. The police have been unable to find the murders of 21 – year –old student of the Institute of the MIA (ministry of inner affairs) Aleksei Ovchinaikov. As the parents of the killed consider the law preserving bodies do not make sufficient efforts for those who are guilty of their son’s death to be punished,
Svetlana lost her son on 24 April, 2006. A telephone call woke up the woman at three o’clock a.m. An unknown man informed her that her was not alive. The student of the Institute of MIA was returning home with his classmate Aleksei Kopitin. Several unknown people came up to them at the entrance of the check-point of the town clinical hospital. The conversation resulted in a fight. One of the hooligans delivered Aleksei Ovchinnikov four – knife – wounds in the liver, kidneys, heart and the solar plexus. Before the “ambulance” arrived Aleksei died because of the loss of blood. His friend got off with bruises only. It was impossible to find the criminals by fresh tracks because of the controversial testimony of the friend.
“Kopitin has confused the investigation,” the inspector of the regional procurator’s office Ivan Bererin said. “Every time he comes up with new versions of what has happened. So far it is not clear why he did not call an “ambulance” and let his friend die.”
Being hopeless in December 2007, Svetlana Vladimirovna decided to ask an extrasense for help. She called me and I agreed to help. I asked Svetlana to bring Aleksei’s personal things as well as his photos. Lighting a pipe I started to draw the picture of the murder. I saw that the young people who had met the students not long ago had lost a great sum in the casino. They needed to pour out their anger.
Svetlana told the journalists, that I had told her all the details of the tragedy, and had described the appearance of the murderers in detail.
“My son’s murderers won’t be found,” says Svetlana. “There will be no end to the investigation. I will not gain any results.”
But Svetlana intends to go to the end, in spite of the prediction:
“If the law preserving organs are unable to find Aleksei’s murderers, we will appeal to the supreme prosecutor’s office. I want these dregs to be punished by law.”
They assured in the regional prosecutor’s office that the investigation of this murder would be conducted to the end. The criminals will be found.
“If the evidence received from the extrasense has any real confirmation, for example, the descriptions of the murderers coincide with the appearance of the suspected, the information will be checked by all means,” the worker of the investigation board of RF Lipetsk region prosecutor’s office said.

• • •

Here is another case.
“In the town of Pikalevo, Leningrad region nine-year-old Natalya Rubtsova was found dead. The schoolgirl left home on the ninth of February to take a walk and got lost. The girl’s naked body was lying at the building of the swimming pool on the outskirts of the town at a considerable distance from the place where Natasha lived. According to the investigators, the policemen found the dead girl. A criminal case was raised by the article “murder.” Meanwhile it is already the second week in the region that they could not find two more first form pupils.
As the representative of the Investigative Board of RF, Leningrad region Vladimir Startsev informed Strana.ru Natalya Robstov’s body was found by the policemen. According to the preliminary information the child was completely naked. According to one of the versions, she was raped and choked. Most probably the crime was committed on Saturday night. That is, at the time when the girl was being looked for “Fontanka.ru” informed. Just after the disappearance of the child, a criminal case was raised by the article 105, CC of RF “murder,” because it was not the first case of disappearance of children in Leningrad region. Searches of eight-year-old Sasha Pronin and MaksimYinkov from the town of Tosno, Leningrad region have already reached Veliki Novgorod and Moscow. They began to be interested in the disappearance of the first form pupils in Pskov as well, where there is no news for already a year about the fate of two ten-year-old children who did not return home from school. Moreover, mentally ill people decided to make money out of the parents’ sorrow.
On 8, February the workers of DFAOC (Department for Fighting Against Organized Crime) of St. Petersburg arrested two inhabitants of Tonsen region who had extorted one million roubles from the parents of Linkov and Pronin who had disappeared . An unknown person called Maksim Linkov’s father and demanded ransom for his “son’s release.” The number of the person was fixed and later, they managed to find out the caller’s locality. He turned out to be an inhabitant of the village of Ryabovo, who at once gave out his accomplice, a patient from the regional psychonevrological clinic. “It turned out that the deliberate criminals knew the mobile number of one of the parents from the announcement about the disappearance of the children, and decided to call to check the efficiency of the law preserving organs. This is reported in the press-service of St-Petersburg CBIA (Central Board of Inner Affairs), which came to strana.ru. One of the suspected handed the mobile telephone and the SIM card which he had at home and had used to call one of the parents of the disappeared children.” In the building of CPPO (Committee Attached to the Public Prosecutor’s Office) the arrested wrote a confession of guilt of their actions. But this did not do anything to help the investigation find the kids.
“Both extortioners are mentally ill people, said the official representative of the Investigative board of CPPO, RF, Leningrad region Vladimir Startsev. They have repeatedly been arrested for false information and provocation. Most probably, they will be sent to be treated but they have nothing to do with the disappearance of the children.”
We want to remind that on the first of February, after classes at school, the boys came to Maxim Linkov’s home. Maxim’s mother allowed the friends to walk until 16.00, but by this time the schoolboys did not come home. At 18.00 Maxim’s father returned home from work. Having heard what had happened he went to look for the children. By midnight the parents turned to the police. From this moment all the workers of Tosnen Board of Inner Affairs work in an intensified regime. The case raised by the article 126 CC, RF (kidnapping of delinquents), is taken under control, St. Petersburg and Leningrad region.
Rescuers, the police as well as groups of volunteers are looking for the boys, thousands of users of the Internet also joined the search of the children. All possible versions of the disappearance of the first-form pupils are checked. They are looked for not only in the territory of Leningrad region and Sankt-Petersburg, but also in other parts of North-West region, in particular, in Novgorod and Murmansk regions, as well as in the republic of Karelia. Every house and cellar in Tosno has been scrutinized, but with no traces of the children.
The investigators from Pskov region declared that this case might be connected with a year-old story when two ten-year-old school boys Pavel Matrosov and Valentina Korik disappeared in Velikiye Luki. According to “Vesti” such a preposition was declared by the investigator of Pskov Prosecutor’s Office Roman Borovski, who runs the case of the disappearance of children in Velikiye Luki, on 27 January, 2007. He underlied that in both cases “similar circumstances and the same method are traced.” According to Borovski, he has already requested his colleagues from Leningrad regional Prosecutor’s Office to provide him with relevant information and he is ready to share with them what he has at his disposal.
Meanwhile, tired of futile searches, the parents of Tosnen schoolchildren tried to find their children with the help of the extrasenses but it did not help either. As the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda “informed. Maxim Linkov’s father and the mother of Sasha Pronin came to Moscow specially to meet with the prophet Mehdi – participant of one of show – programs. But the famous extrasense, as if was unable to get on the trace of the children, confined only to obscure formulations.
But in reality, Mehdi predicted exactly that both boys were under the ground at this moment, and that unknown people tempted them by promises to be shot in a film.
When Mehdi Ibrahimi Vafa said that the children were alive and they were under the ground, they all thought about Sablin caves, the underground entrances of which 8 km in length were not far from Tosno. The volunteers checked the caves right away.
“We searched every corner of Sublin caves,” said Dennis Kozmin – a speleologist. “The disappeared children aren’t there. But their bodies were found only four months later. They were both drowned.”
(“KP” – St. Petersburg) – 12.02.2008

My comment
I do not understand why “Komsomolskaya Pravda “wrote that way and now I am citing exactly what I said then in the presence of witnesses. I said that the children were alive, no need to stop the searches, and secondly, they were under the ground, they were wet and were very cold. I said like this: “Ditches, under the ground are wet, cold.” What do these words mean? I could not say straight forward, that the children were under the ice, it would mean that they were dead and the searches could be stopped. It is better to say about the dead that they are still alive than to say about the alive that they were dead. An extrasense should find a correct approach in a particular case. The newspapers and several participants of the search – extrasenses accused me as if I had not told the truth. And moreover I had taken a great amount of money from the parents. No, what I said was true, and I had taken not a single penny – it would have been blasphemy.
After this case I thought that I had better help people with my energy. Whom I can help with something, give them precious advice, prevent the most terrible, and if the misfortune had already happened, for instance, a person had been killed, and his relatives come to me and I describe in detail, how he was killed and who the killer is, I think this is not good, because my help here is little. This is like adding salt to the wound both for them and me. Because when I see the murder in detail, I feel bad. That is why I want to shut up the criminal cases and not to accept such requests from anybody. There are laws preserving organs for this. Moreover, it is impossible to prove the criminal’s guilt, because the extrasense’s words are not a legal fact. Why should then I make efforts, waste energy, and cause you and myself trouble? I have already been threatened three times. I have decided not to deal with it any longer.
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