Экстрасенс Мехди Эбрагими Вафа (mehdi_vafa) wrote,
Экстрасенс Мехди Эбрагими Вафа

Raining. Great drops of rain. The sound of rain pattering on roofs of houses. It is raining. The wall of falling water. It seems that drops are talking over each other in the dance of rain.
It is such a pleasure, to put out your hands at times, to stop the time for a minute and catch those cold, but at the same time warm for your heart drops of rain.
At this very moment the nature is not crying. No, it is celebrating itself. The hot ground allaying thirst is taking in water plethorically. The leaves of trees are drinking the rain striving to catch every drop of rain. The flowers are joying. The asphalt is smiling. The insects hiding in the holes or behind the leaves of pants are keeping watch attentively over the steamy runlets running on the ground.
The nature is not crying. It is celebrating itself!
The wormlings forgotten about everything are coming out of their tiny houses in order to feel the fresh of rain. The sun gives place to the drops of rain mostly, but sometimes it can’t afford itself to miss the moment of the magnificence of present and it is spying sidewise behind a small cloud the miracle of the world. What a miraculous world! At that moment the rainbow snarled together with the air presents the world with the opportunity to believe in miracle. The variety of colors and the interchange of tinctures can amaze you with a fastidious sense of taste.
The nature is not crying. It is celebrating itself.
The rain unites the earth and the heaven emphasizing the harmony of all the creatures alive!
The rain! It is heavenly tears of happiness! They are just like the tears of joy of a human being who is in love!
Rain streamlets are similar to the cords of a guitar, every cord has its own unique sound and the sound of rain is also idiosyncratic. It is different! We can imagine the moment when a drop of rain is falling onto the roof of a house… on your palm…onto the top of the old grandmother’s window…on the top of cars… onto asphalt…on the smooth surface of a sea or an ocean where once the drop has begun its flight. The water cycle in the nature is the eternity! Love! The love between the earth and the heaven. And the rain is a melody of that history. Just this melody can whisper you about the real love without any bounds! After all only the drop of rain knows what a long journey it makes to return to the earth! Using wings it sails up into the clouds, becomes fuzzy, staying there for a while, but its heart hurries to meet the earth and it strives to fall down at a high speed, it strives to hug the earth! The heavenly tears of happiness are the only way for heavens to touch the earth.
The nature can teach us everything. Only if we can understand her language. If we can find the harmony inside of ourselves. If we can find the harmony with the earth. Only then the heaven can become our friend!
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