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this text is from the book "your friend Mehdi"

Chapter thirteen

Extrasenses Work Like This

In the third season of the show TNT “Fight of Extrasenses” 34-year-old Mehdi Ibrahimi Vafa from Iran stood out. He received more than 45 thousand votes. For comparison, one of the finalists received only a little more than one thousand votes. Those who want to take an interview from Mehdi are, of course, fewer than those who want to be received by him, but the extrasense is short of time and cannot even contact the press. He made an exception for us. We refused the editorial correcting on purpose, the reader will obviously understand why we have decided this way.

(11 November, 2007)
“You said that this year something special would happen and people would believe in the existence of the Most High?
“No, nothing like this will happen this year, maybe it will happen much later, I predicted something else – natural calamities, air crashes. I know beforehand who will win presidential elections, what relations will be between countries. We will see, if this special event will happen or not, but I hope it will not happen. I will only say, that it is necessary to love God, Earth where we live, it is a must to learn to love each other if we do not do it, the end of the world will come.”
“And do you like president Putin?”
“Yes, I do.”
“And Medvedev?”
“I will keep silent about him, because he is not president yet. I am sure that my early prognosis will come true; the new president of Russia will be Putin’s friend.”
“What can you predict about the relations between Russia and Kazakhstan?”
“The relations between Russia and Kazakhstan will not change, they will be as good as they are now. The economy in Kazakhstan will develop and rise. Your president is a good, strong, clever man, everything will be all right with him. I can say about the government that it will not resign. You will have a great future, because you are anxious about the education of your children who study at all the institutions oh higher education in the world.”
“It is known that the city of Almati is in a seismoactive zone. Will there be earthquakes?”
“Yes, but not strong, in approximately four months… force 3-4.”
“Why don’t you often give interviews, are you afraid of your predictions?”
“No, I am just short of time.”
“Do you put any magic code into your verses?”
“Yes, I do. I want people not to allow the end of the world to come, I want them to change their attitude to the Earth, where they live, to one another, really believe in God. “
“In the final of the “Fight of Extrasenses” the inhabitants of Kazakhstan supported their country-girl Sylu. How, do you appreciate her?”
“Sylu is not a searcher, she heals and predicts. I can only say that everything will be all right in her life.”
“How did you get acquainted with your wife?”
“We lived in the same hostel, she was going up the stairs, and I was going down, when I saw her, I said; “You will be my wife.”
“And do you foresee your life as well?”
“Yes, I do. I think that everybody has the gift of foreseeing, it only needs developing. It is necessary to mediate at least two hours every day.”
“If you had a chance to address all the people, what would you say?”
“I will have such a chance in four years, and I will say such words; “Love one another, love your parents, your children, God, love our Land, do good to each other not to let the end of the world come.”
“Could you and would you like to become a president? It is quite real with your abilities.”
“No, never. The president has his duties, and my devotion is to heal people.”
“Do you cure anybody without exception?”
“Only those, who can still be cured. There are cases that it is already too late, and it is impossible to help, and nothing can be changed. A disease can be different, maybe it is an evil eye, a spell. At present many people in Russia are engaged in sorcery. Such people can damage the aura strongly, especially in non-believing people. It is difficult to influence believers because God helps them.” People come to me with a lot of questions; I help them, as it is my devotion. The questions are diverse. For example, women who cannot marry. I prompt them what they should do to find a husband. Some people ask what profession to choose for the child and still many people are interested in the past; grandfathers, great grandfathers, but sometimes it is better not to disturb the deceased.”
“Was it difficult to win the “Fight of extrasenses?”
“In general, I had no time to participate. But my mother, wife, friends and acquaintances, whom I had helped, persuaded me to show what I could do. There is belief that inspires me. During the participation in the “Fight of Extrasenses,” my stone was stolen, they hoped to weaken my strength, but I know that those people will return my amulet with apologies.”
But despite the fact that the competition was very harsh, we had friendly relations among all the participants. I want to thank the channel TNT, all the participants of the “Fight of Extrasenses,” my friends and all those who believed and supported me so far. I wish everybody health, love, happiness. Your kind magician Mehdi.

• • •


“Is there a regularity between the sign of the zodiac and the person’s abilities?”
“I would not put it that way. Every person may dispose himself both in case of happiness and failure. It is necessary to get up in the morning with positive, kind thoughts thus disposing yourself to be a success.” “Everything will be all right with me!” This is the guarantee of successful concurrence of circumstances for every person. Small troubles are able to dispose your mood for another failure. I agree, external factors can influence the future development of events in this or that direction. However this may happen to everybody. God does not take into account the sign of the zodiac under which you were born. Just you should know that any person can change EVERYTHING. It depends on his own disposition and his own ability to think favorably.
“It means we can make such a conclusion; there are no insuperable circumstances, but there are people, who are not ready for success?”
“I agree! In general, I am a mountainous person, and the information I transmit is received on an intuitive level. It appears that there is the scientific point of view, which confirms my perception of man’s possibilities, it is surprising! In reality any person can become a president, you need to wish it very much, believe in God and that you will be a success. Be in the mood of the positive! ”
“Mehdi, how do you understand happiness? What is it?”
“Happiness is when you love and are loved. It sounds rather banal, but it is the way and not the contrary! If we go from the general to the particular, happiness involves your favorite job, family you love, your friends and we can continue infinitely. Happiness is when everybody surrounding you is all right. The concept “happiness” for me is only all-embracing love, as only this is able to save the world.”
“Is it possible to make use of one’s gift for personal enrichment?”
“Of course, you can and many people do it. I have helped people for almost thirty years without demanding anything in return. But now there is an opportunity to organize the work of the medical centre, to receive people there and help them. I have a wife, a child whom I have to provide with, that is why I can’t help free of charge any longer. But I am not planning my work to get rich, it would be incorrect. If somebody needs help and he has no means to pay, I will help. I especially enjoy the result of the work I have done. If you use your gift for making easy profit, it will most probably, die away. I can go to a casino and win a million or go to horse races and bet on the horse that will win. But I do not do it, it is against my rules. It is a pity that I have to persuade everybody.”
“Is it possible to develop supersensitivity without having such abilities from birth?”
“I am repeating! Man is able to do everything and learn everything including extrasensorics. Who are extrasenses? These are people in whom sensitivity, perception and intuition are developed to a greater extent than in others. We have our “canal” and our “link” with the help of which we receive the necessary data from the world information field of the Earth. This is a big computer, where there is everything, but not many people have access to it. It is quite possible to raise everybody’s level of sensitivity; the important thing is to believe in God and in wonders. It is practically impossible to teach healing, clairvoyance and prediction, it is a gift of God which either exists or not. It is important to distinguish between an extrasense and a healer, a healer and a clairvoyant, a clairvoyant and a predictor. Each of them has his/her abilities. It is quite rare when a person with supersensitive abilities can both predict and heal. I would consider Vanga to be one of such rare people. It is important to remember that extrasenses have always been, are and will be and this gift is from God, who created man. But there are groups of people whose inborn qualities are impossible to develop. Those are mainly people who destroy themselves by alcohol, drugs or by other means.
I think that my pupils will already participate in the new contests of the “Fight of Extrasenses”. As a poet has written; “Teacher, bring up a pupil, from whom it will be possible to learn later.”
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