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this text is from the book "your friend Mehdi"

Chapter fourteen

Patients Speak

“I was watching the TV program “Fight of Extrasenses-3” with interest. Out of all the participants I singled out Mehdi Ibrahimi Vafa at once. My whole family supported him and via SMS voted for him to take the first place. We were glad at heart that he was the winner! I would like to congratulate Mehdi on his victory very much.”
I knew about his life - from his childhood to the present time from newspapers, TV shows, the Internet. One of the TV shows stated that there was an International centre of Mehdi extrasensorics and he himself receives people according to registration.
I came to the meeting with Mehdi because of the need to make a correct and an important decision in my family affairs. During a short period of time, after a beautiful wedding, a lot of inexplicable things happened in my relations with my husband. This poisoned my life unbearably. I was trying to find a way out of the depression; I worked a lot (it always helped me), did household chores which were to make me happy but instead, I felt more and more depressed.
At the reception with Mehdi and in future my problem was solved easily and in a simple way! I began to change my attitude towards myself and to the new circumstances.
Mehdi is not only a unique physician, but also a psychologist of highest qualification! He gave me important recommendations for me and for my relatives. I shared all that Mehdi taught me with my people. The most important that remained from this striking meeting is that confidence in oneself and love should be in one’s soul!
Mehdi, thanks God, that you exist!
Yours sincerely, Natalya. Moscow, 23 October, 2008.

• • •

“I was born in Russia, lived in the Ukraine. For the last ten years I have lived in London. When I was watching the “Fight of Extrasenses” I liked Mehdi Ibrahimi Vafa at once. My wife suggested going to him and I agreed without much thought. At first I sent him a business offer in terms of his possible visit to London. Then Mehdi himself called me and we agreed to meet in Moscow. My wife and I went there to solve her problems, as I do not have them at all. I talked with Mehdi for half an hour, and got the answers to a number of questions I was interested in. I had my impression about Mehdi even before the visit, and he turned out to be what I had imagined him – positive, kind, romantic. I enjoyed talking with him, moreover, I do not have my own problems, as I have already said. Yes, his work is very hard, and it is hard for the girls who help him. I wish Mehdi and his assistants unlimited love, wisdom and patience in his work with people. Spare yourself, love yourself!
Truly yours, Vitali Fillipenko.”

• • •

“Hello, dear Mehdi!
We, Asia and my mother Akkanim, knew the telephone of Your office from a newspaper and came to you for the first time in July, 2008. You remember we had problems in our family with father, I was ill – stomach, intestines, invalid of the third group. Today we have come for the second time, specially to express You our gratitude for Your invaluable healing help!
What has changed in our life after meeting with you? I found a well-paid job at once, now I have got lots of friends both male and female, and they are all kind, friendly, are disposed positively. In terms of finance I am quite well-off. This is really a wonder, what you manage to do!
With all my heart I wish you well-being in everything! Thank You very much with bows.”
Asia and her mother, November 14, 2008.”

• • •

“A number of misfortunes happened in my family. No need to count them all, the last of them was my younger son’s serious illness. Thanks to TV and the Internet we found Mehdi’s address, and I wrote to him a letter. It is surprising, but soon my worries and difficulties were changed by a surprisingly pleasant calmness, it was passed on to me in the distance through fast heartbeating. As if Mehdi sent me energy and confidence! And after my talk with him the terrible feeling of pressure, and danger evaporated! Now I follow his advice; do not look for calmness, and the important thing is to believe in wonders! Thank You Mehdi!”
Aleksander Vladimirovich Sisoev, 25 November, 2008.”

• • •

Here is what the mother of the child ill with cerebral infantile paralysis wrote about her visit to Mehdi;
“Yes, Mehdi is a very pleasant man, very clever and is sure of his power. He looks very kind, calm and manly. I think he is able to convey people a correct psychological mood, which is very important.
The reception was in the “Magic power” (medical center). In addition to various extrasensoric topics, manuals conduct a reception.
Our time came. We went into a cozy study, two candles were burning, there were some caskets, statuettes, brushes, other things, where he burns herbs and so on. In general, it was interesting. Mehdi himself sat in front of me with Vada, at first we spoke little, he held the child by the hand, said something, put his finger ring, brushes on it, spread the ashes of the herbs and passed his hand with water over the child’s fingers. Fumigated the icon-lamp, I do not know, how it is correctly called, he passed herbs over Vada. He asked me about certain things from my life about which I cannot tell you. He was asking with confidence as if checking. In reality, all this had happened to me…
I went to him not as a fortune teller or predictor, because I needed only health for Vada. He is very kind and sedate. He does not hurry; he is calm, smiling, with clear and kind eyes. He asked about my religion, said that it was important to believe in God, to turn to Him… and by all means believe in wonders (he repeated this a hundred times during the reception). He says that God makes these wonders if you believe very much. He told a story from his own life, when a wonder had happened. I do not go to church, I do not know prayers by heart. He says it is not important, you should have a prayer in your heart, at home. Everything will come true by all means. He does not speak about the future, it is like a sin and I did not insist, either. I asked when my son would recover? He looked somewhat cunningly and said, we were going in the right direction and the way is overcome by the one who has taken it. I am missing certain details because they are something personal for me and Vada.
I asked: should we come to you again? He answered:
“Am I magician or not?” (I liked it very much). You have to spend much on the treatment as it is…
Of course, it is still early to speak about the results. So we continue to believe!
He praises me but I cry, he speaks about hope but I cry, well I howled there to last for the coming hundred years. I do not want to cry, but we were speaking to him so sincerely that the words came out of the soul, the most sacral. He liked us very much, and Mehdi presented us with a pendent with a small heart. It was so beautiful. He took it out of the casket and said: “I want this to be with you.”
Thus we flew back to Irkutsk with a pendent, photos and most importantly with belief.
I can use one sentence to speak about him. I have never met such people, he is so wonderful…”

• • •

January 30, 2008
Lilja: A good extrasense, inspiring a certain trust.

“I will tell you about my meeting with the extrasense. He used to study at the medical Institute as well. At that moment I already had a solid record of a disease after two years of visiting physicians. The problem is that the physicians cannot cure it. The extrasense found out everything in fifteen minutes, which physicians could hardly manage to do during two years. In addition, something else was revealed that I did not know at that moment. Being a skeptic, I went to check this disease as well, it really was there! So, if a medical worker possesses extrasensory abilities, it is a great advantage for him as a diagnostician. The problem of therapeutics is that most of them do not have this sixth sense, they are at a loss to find out the cause, sometimes they waste their valuable time. But as far as the treatment of incurable diseases is concerned, from the point of view of traditional medicine, by extrasenses, they are not a success either!”

• • •

“After the ‘Fight” I called TV channel TNT. I was given Mehdi’s telephone. But it was very difficult to get through. But somehow I succeeded. I had had a tragedy in my life, I suffered a lot, and cried a lot. There were problems with my daughter, everything did not go well in her life.
After the meeting with Mehdi, a lot of changes took place in my world outlook, world perception, I felt much easier, calmer. I want to live again despite the sorrow, and everything is all right with my daughter.
Mehdi is not only an extrasense (I think there is no need to convince anybody), but also a very friendly, generous person. I want to thank my fate that he has given me an opportunity to meet with this unusual man! He helped me very much, as a matter of fact, he changed my life for the better.
Thank you Mehdi with bows!

• • •

“In 2007, I saw the show “Fight of Extrasenses-3.” I noticed the ability of the extrasense Mehdi Ibrahimi Vafa. There were various situations in my life but I had never turned to extrasenses and was not going to do it. But I could not help doing it this time! A year and a half of awful depression against the background of numerous problems, I was used to relying only on myself, but I realized that I was unable to handle this situation. I called the centre of Mehdi, registered for a reception! When I was going to the meeting, I was afraid most of all that there would be some misunderstanding here as well. He came to the study where I was waiting. His charm and responsiveness surprised me. Mehdi is one of the few people who can listen! I went to the reception with three basic questions, but I was so confused that I was unable to ask a single one. Most interestingly, he himself raised the very questions which interested me! Everything changed from that day! My eyes began to sparkle! I remembered what a smile is! And most importantly, what he said was right! What can I say here? Thank you, Mehdi! You are a rare person!
Anastasia, 23 years old, Moscow.”
• • •
“We want to express our deep gratitude that you gave us hope and confidence, they helped us to withstand uneasy days of doubt, waiting for the positive solution to the problem.
We are very grateful to you and wish you all the best in your noble service for people who need understanding and positive stimuli, belief in kindness and hope that it will not end…
Special thanks to Your assistant Nastya!
Yours sincerely Larisa and Eva.”
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