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this text is from the book "your friend Mehdi"

Chapter fifteen

Night Conversation

Writer Vasili Fartishev remembered how this book started.
At a September night I woke up without any reason, feeling that there was somebody else in the flat besides me. The clock showed 1.30. I went into the kitchen, drank water and smoked a cigarette. I checked the front door, of course, it was locked by me yesterday and I could not doubt it at all. I want to clarify that I lived in the flat alone, my wife was in the country house. As we say, I was in my right mind and with a sober memory.
And here I clearly felt somebody calling me insistently in a friendly voice. It could not be a dream, as I was already wide awaken, moved, acted. When this telepathic call was repeated, I returned into the bedroom and saw that there was somebody or something in the armchair at a distance of one meter from the bed. It was a fluorescent weak luminescence. I wanted to switch on the light but I changed my mind, looking into this dark luminescence I saw clearly that every second it was becoming more and more contrastive acquiring the figure of a dark-haired man with a very short and narrow beard. It was the portrait of the Iranian extrasense Mehdi Ibrahimi Vafa.
“Salam,” he said in a soft baritone, and I automatically answered: “Alleikum salam!”
I spent my youth in North Caucasus, I was in all its republics and in middle Asia as well, so that such a greeting was not new for me.
“Shall we talk?” said the night guest in a tender voice.
In the TV show “Fight of Extrasenses” Mehdi was always like this – friendly, tactful, extremely polite. Mehdi had beads in one hand and a pipe in the other hand. The pipe had a strange form like an African; its chibouk did not get thin at the end like all other European pipes, but was equally cylindrical from beginning to end.
“Let’s talk,” I answered being a little bit surprised at such a beginning. “Have a smoke, Mehdi.”
He nodded, smoked his pipe, and an amazing aroma of his pipe spread round the room. At first he turned to me calling my full name, that is, my name, patronymic and surname. I asked him to call me by name only as is common with creatively-minded people.
“Don’t be surprised at our meeting, Vasili, I have read your two books and have realized that you are not a beginner in matters of mysticism.”
“But not as knowledgeable as, for instance, engineer Igor Garin from Petersburg. He has published a capital work in two volumes “What is mysticism?” yes, when I was working on the two last novels I began to take an interest in esoterics. Nevertheless, I will not be surprised at our talk. As our genius Michail Bulgakov wrote, if you have started to look into the Abyss, the Abyss will begin to look into you by all means… I have begun and long ago.
“Vasili, I have chosen you not accidentally. You know, after the “Fight of Extrasenses” a lot of people turn to me by ordinary mail, by email and by telephone. I love people and value highly the luxury of human communication. But try as I would, I cannot answer all my correspondents. It sounds somewhat impolite. In principle, the questions are almost the same. I was prompted that a book should be written which could answer at least part of those questions.
“It is a good idea. And your popularity is not surprising. Many people in that telecom test supported you, in particular my wife and me. You are really the most talented extrasense. Your refinement, tact impressed us greatly; when you were telling the mother of the girl how events were really developing as if she had committed suicide, but, as a matter of fact, she was killed…”
“Thank you Vasili and your wife, let God bless her. See, I am not a literary man, I am a physician. I want to ask you to help me with this.”
“Don’t underestimate yourself, Mehdi. You are a poet, I dare say, a unique poet. I understand how difficult it is to write not in your mother tongue. In my youth I used to write verses as well and published them. I think I have learned how to figure out in poetry. I do not need to read dozens of poems, two-three is enough to see if they are written by a poet or by a graphomaniac. You are, no doubt a poet. Though Literature with a capital letter, has probably ten thousands of steps.”
“This is a very high mark for me. Thus, I would like to ask you to help me with the composition and editing of this book.”
“I need to think. I am a responsible person, and if I agree then I cannot fail either you or many other people for whom I have my own duties. You are familiar with carpet-making, aren’t you? Persian carpets are the best in the world. To write a book is like weaving a carpet. You need to make thousands of knots, this is manual work and are there any preliminary outlines, any rough copies?”
“I have got lots of handwritten copies – verses, parables, published articles and interviews. I would like a professional literary man to help me with their editing, with creating a book. Maybe you will agree to write about me as well, and tell the readers exactly my attitude towards life, God, family, relatives, friends and the people surrounding me.”
“I have read about you in the press. Unfortunately, we live in the era of deprofessionalism in all fields and branches, in an era of irresponsible journalism. There are a lot of shameless and ignorant pressmen. To my mind, in those reviews and interviews there are too many inaccuracies and errors. Not a single newspaper gave your full name correctly! The impression is that at present nobody edits anything, there aren’t even correctors. You, giving an interview, could have said; “my father is a pure Persian.” But the pressmen should have written “pure-blooded Persian,” if they are professionals or you say: “I am a mountainous man, but the magazine should have written “I am a mountain-dweller.” The requirements for the oral speech are less, than for the literary Russian language.
“That is why, I have come to you”. Mehdi began to laugh calmly referring to the pressman, sat back in his armchair and stopped smoking.” Sometimes it seems to me that the press not only makes mistakes, but also works for my opponents carrying out their order. So many absurd fabrications! Of course, somebody envies me and wishes evil. Let God judge them. I have got so much work to do, to help so many people, and I cannot leave all this and live for myself and my family…” Vasili, you have got so many questions to ask me… come on, ask them.
Upon my word, I should say frankly that at this moment I did not feel any worry, fear for the state of my own mind. Only I was slightly surprised at the night guest-phantom and our virtual or telepathic contact. Because there had been dozens, if not hundreds of quite incredible, mystical situations and collisions not prone to logical and materialistic explanation. I have seen unidentifiable flying objects (UFO). Perhaps, it is necessary to clarify that I have been busy with journalism since I was seventeen years old. I have graduated from the department of journalism of the university, have become a writer, have been to seventeen countries and have almost traveled the whole of our vast country. I have got into a lot of jolly mess, emergency situations, watched inexplicable circumstances both happy and tough…
I have written in one of my books: “Do not endeavor to do what Occasion does not want.” Now I do not think that there are not chances in life, there are regularities not perceived in time. Signs of fate are scattered everywhere, you need only to see them. I have met with thousands of people including really great people, have heard numerous such virtual stories, which could not have been made up sitting at the writing-desk. Dozens of mysterious deaths, wonderful healings, wonders in general. One of my colleagues, friend of our family Tamara, invited my wife and me to a musical “Nord-Ost,” she had tickets free of charge. But when we were about to go, I do not know why, the wire in the car burnt. I spent a lot of time on to fixing the defect , but the car did not start though. I called Tamara and said, that we would be late this time for sure, and two hours later the whole country was watching the non-stop TV show about the capture of the hostages where Tamara Voinova was killed. I am sure, each of us has his/her powerful strengths protecting us from misfortunes. They are from God. I am saying this as a christened person. I do not lose a single hair as long as they guard me… That is why, to surprise me now by something is very, very difficult. But I did not become a fatalist.
This night visit did not surprise me either, because it was the second telepathic contact with Mehdi. In December 2007, when he was recognized the strongest extrasense in Russia, my wife and I were glad from the bottom of our hearts, the first contact occurred. In the middle of the night my wife and I woke up at the same time and told each other that we had the same dream. Though we have been married since the age of eighteen, so far we have not yet had the same dreams.
We both! Saw Mehdi’s face, his palms put together with his rings on his fingers pressed to his chin, and he bowed us his eastern deep bow, thanking us for our moral support in his “Fight” though in the distance, it was so clear, so joyful and surprising that we answered his gratitude and went to sleep again blissfully.
Now I have told him about this.
“I know I thanked all my admirers like this. Vasili, think of my suggestion.
“All right, Mehdi, as I know, many people somehow feel fear of your talent, gift. I am not afraid. I think that a talented person always manifests his abilities in several fields at the same time. You are a poet and a talented extrasense, a healer and not just a physician.”
“Maybe people fear because I am Muslim? But I always tell my patients, that the most important thing is believe in God and love. God is the only regardless of various confessions. I greatly respect Jesus Christ, because he was a historical individuality and a real prophet a present of Maria from God.
“No, Mehdi, the point is not Islam, though “the attack of Muslims” is already felt all over the world. You have spent quite a few years in Russia and you know wonderfully that there are 25 millions of Muslims in our country. For the majority of normal Russians neither the nationality nor the religion have any principal point in evaluating a person. Of course, we cannot approve of Islamic radicalism as well as extremism. In Your case belief is not important. Simply witchcraft, sorcery and magic are considered to be a manifestation of Satanism in Russia. Many people rank extrasenses among them. For example, not long ago my colleagues from a popular Orthodox magazine announced in a clear-cut way, when I mentioned your incredible achievements in the “Fight;” this gift is from the devil! It is obvious that they have not read the teachings of academician Vernadski about noosphere.
“What is your personal attitude towards extrasenses? For example, how do you explain clairvoyance?”
“I have had meetings with three extrasenses before you. One of them assured, that she was a representative of white magic, worked with a burning candle, sign of the cross, icons, holy water. And she dissuaded from contact with her other colleague by saying that she was from black magic. But according to my official duty I had to meet both of them and took some measures of energy protection. In my brief-case I had the portraits of all the leaders of the firm, where I worked. I decided to deceive the second one and I managed to do it! I showed her the portrait of a young woman to distract her attention from me “not to let her overcome me” as I call it. I asked if she could tell anything about Irina by photo? And she gladly began to tell; the girl is from a very high-rank family, at the age of nine she received a trauma of the backbone falling from the swing, and she will still have problems of health because of this. Her marriage was unsuccessful, she delivered a daughter, but is alone now. She is of a domineering nature, capricious and so on.
The next day I asked Irina if she had really fallen from the swing in her childhood and hurt her backbone. “Yes! she answered in extreme amazement. The rest of the information was hundred per-cent confirmed as well. The third extrasense already an elderly man, who was sick himself, put off our meeting for a long time. By seating me at a distance of five meters, he was silent for a long time, asked me not to fold my hands and legs. At that time a question worried me, “Did I have an oncological disease? I reminded him that my mother and grandfather had died of cancer” No, your grandmother did not die of cancer, during the revolution the gendarmes hit his liver, with their high boots, he died of a liver disease. He buried a pot with money in the garden, but do not look for it, it has decayed” He told a lot of other information as well and the most important news for me, there is no cancer! After I had heard about the pot with money, only then did I remember that in my childhood I had heard about it, but had forgotten. How did the extrasense discover this information?
That is why I do not fear your gift, Mehdi. I think, some selected people have the access to the world information system, which covers our planet and they take the information they need from there. Vernadski wrote about the same thing in his work about the noosphere.”
“You are close to the truth, Vasili. In a recent interview to a journal I said something like this: this information system of the Earth is like a gigantic computer, but not everybody has access to it. But extrasenses have it as I see, you as a journalist and a writer, have got a lot of questions to ask me”
“Yes, for example, you are not only a clairvoyant, but also a healer – a rare combination. What are your principles of healing?”
“It is a good question! The combination is really rare, Bulgarian Vanga had it. My basic principle is the same as Hippocrate’s and I have given this oath as a future physician. This principle is called “Do not harm!” And I often say to myself: “Mehdi, do not harm!” another postulate in my medical practice have become the words of great Avitsenne, he is the same Abu Ali Ibn Sina; “We are three, you, I and the disease. If you (that is the patient) is on the side of the disease, I am powerless. If you are on my side, then we will overcome it!” I often repeat these simple but meaningful words to patients. First of all, we ought to believe in healing, otherwise nothing will come of it. There is still another genius thought of Avitsenna. It is about the ecology of the thought. Yes, such an unusual word combination for the ear. I have been and I am pretty sure that any thought is a great strength, possesses considerable energy. The ability to think given to us by God is the basic ability distinguishing us from animals. But there are constructive and destructive, creative and destroying, bright and black thoughts, to put in a simple way!
One should not let any thought enter his brain and any thought should be thought over to the end. A caring mother says to her son: “Hurry up, drive away, you will be late, or you will have an accident!” Caring?! No, she programmed him to have an accident.
If you are envious of somebody, wish him evil, revenge for some words or deeds, you should know they often come true. But the retribution for your evil thoughts now is unavoidable. It is considered that man’s spell is stronger than woman’s.
It is better to drive away such low thoughts, not to think them over to the end, even to repent of your dark thoughts in church and the best thing to do is when you go bed, wish all your toes, offenders… kindness, luck, success! I assure you, after such a wish your affairs will be more successful, and your health will improve. Because the basic laws of life for mankind are Love and Kindness. They can oppose me: how can then we interpret the statistics of scientists according to which during the last forty thousands years there have been fifteen thousand wars in the world? I will answer: God knows everything, but he made man choose: either… or? Those who choose evil and violence will have to be responsible for it.
“And what do you think about UFO?”
“UFO exist, they were both seen and taken pictures of. But there is such a saying: “the less you know the deeper your sleep will be”. These objects are not from other planets but from parallel worlds. Those creatures are like us but more civilized than we. They do not have wars. There are bases: Bermuda triangle, pyramids, several mountainous regions, seas and oceans where they appear and disappear. They radiate us. I will bring an example from life. A girl disappeared. Three days later she was found unconscious. When she was discovered, she was in the physical state of childbirth, having given birth the day before. So far nobody can explain this incident.
They exist, yes. If people begin to explore the bottom of the ocean, they will get answers to all the questions. What I see is wonders. Some of our natural resources are of interest to the so-called aliens. They see as if they were looked for, but it is impossible, they avoid meetings, if we want to find them. Vanga predicted that there would be contact with them only in one hundred and fifty years.
In Iran, there is an interesting painting, God of fire is depicted in it. First of all, he is depicted with wings, secondly, the eagle is holding a weapon in the picture. How did they paint the wings? This is a myth. Sometimes I myself do not understand my visions.
I think that there will be contact with UFO in forty five years. It is true that it already exists now, but we are not told about it.
“Do powers of evil exist?
“Both evil and kindness have existed since ancient times. There is no shade without light, there will not be any electricity without a positive charge as well as without a negative one. One should understand this unity of contrasts, this is dialectics, there are thousands of contrasts in the world. If we live as now, destroying, then our offsprings will not have air for life. We will disappear – this is evil, what we are doing with our planet now is awful. Everybody has an angel and a devil. When I hold a person by the hand, I read his thoughts, see his future.
“Why is the attitude of church negative to extrasenses, if they are from God?
“As you know, I believe in God. Every day I read prayers, and I think that the gift given since birth is God’s gift. I cannot understand those people who insist that God does not exist. Look at everything that is going on around us- nature, animals, and all our life- there is a Creator for everything. Why church denies is quite explicable. Imagine if I begin to predict the future, cure diseases and so on, and church supports all this, then people will start to believe me and say prayers for me and not for God. But this is not right. I only perform my role on the Earth, help people because God has awarded me with this gift.
“Have you been invited to cooperate with secret services, the organs of MIA (Ministry of Inner Affairs)?
“Yes, I was requested to cooperate with them. Once I disclosed a crime, said the criminal’s name. Then they started to call, to threaten me… I had to promise my relatives that I would not do it any longer. I will be more useful to everybody. I do not want to deal with politics. Sometimes I only express my ideas, because I call myself a free person. I am a physician. Politics is not my business, I can only advise.”
He got up, bowed and disappeared, melted like a cloud of steam. I could not go to sleep for some time and began to write down from memory, the fragments of our conversation.
The most interesting thing was what happened later. In two days they called me and invited to the office of Mehdi Ibrahimi Vafa near Oktyabrsakaya square. When I entered the guest hall of this very comfortable office, the first thing I saw was the very “ African” pipe with a cylindrical cigar holder, studded with stones and felt the aroma of the very night tobacco which remained in my bedroom. Later I learned that it was not tobacco, he uses a set of medical herbs, which had been collected by himself.
The chief of the office was late, and I started to look through the magazine lying on the table. Though I have not been surprised at anything for a long time, I should confess that I was surprised to read in the interview with Mehdi the words about the information field of the Earth, which is compared with a gigantic computer, but not everybody has access to this computer from which extrasenses take any information they need. If I had not written down these words during that night, it would have been a usual idea, because it happens when two people pronounce the same words simultaneously or the same ideas come to them. But such anticipation of information two days before I read it, surprised me, not having read this magazine earlier, I wrote down the very thing which was published in it! How could this happen?
During our face to face acquaintance we again said “Salam-Alleikum Salam” to each other. I told Mehdi about our telepathic “contact” when he entered a locked flat. I do not know how. With a kind smile Mehdi stated: yes, that night at 1.30. He thought about me… “I chose you, Vasili,” he added with his surprising smile.
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