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this text is from the book "your friend Mehdi"

Chapter seventeen

Direct Line – Calls to the Extrasense

The editorial office of the newspaper “Zhizn” (Life) had such a direct or “hot” line. Its readers asked extrasense Mehdi Ibrahimi Vafa questions mainly of personal character. In most cases women called and asked when they would marry.

A nineteen-year-old girl made Mehdi smile who declared that she had been in despair to find her only beloved and thinks that she will never be led to the altar.
“You will and soon!” Mehdi assured.
Divorced women with children called and asked to tell them where to find their only intended. Mehdi comforted the women, asked them to send their photos and promised to tell them what to do to meet their love.
“Oh, girl, I want you to understand: if you think that men do not like you, it will be so,” Mehdi explained to the usual seeker of a husband.” You are disposing yourself negatively, and all your thoughts are prone to become materialized. You should say: “When shall I, such a beautiful and an interesting woman meet my only intended?” And then everything will happen. When it will really happen I will tell you, if you send me your photo to my site, your eyes should be clearly seen in the photo… And promise to invite me with my friends, to the wedding!”
Mothers called as well who were worried about the fate of their children, and wanted to know what their future would be like. The extrasense assured the parents that the child’s future depended on what upbringing they would give him.
“I want you to understand,” Mehdi said, that man’s genealogy is like a tree. The roots are our ancestors, the stem is our parents, and the fruits are children, and depending on how the roots and the stem will feed the tree, the fruits will be the direct result. It is necessary to pay as much attention to children as possible, and to study the abilities and the talents of the child since early age, and as soon as you understand what his inclination is, you should develop it. Parents play a great role in shaping their children’s fate!
The extrasense tried to help all those who called.
The readers were worried about global problems as well, in particular the crisis of the stock market and the global financial problems.
“Mehdi, the following question interests everybody; how long will the crisis last which shocked the world, and what consequences will it have for our country?” (Mikhail, Moscow).
“The financial crisis will last from four till six months. I think they have created strong panic connected with it. Nothing terrible has happened, and it did not have a strong impact on Russia. Yes, real estate is becoming cheaper, unemployment is expected. But all this will go quickly and life will return to normal. Many people foresee that the nineties will be repeated. No, this will not happen thanks to the government, which is taking pains to stabilize the economy in the country. If other people were in power, the country would be in poverty for several years. There are just temporary troubles. The important thing in this situation is not to panic.”
“And what will the New Year be like for the country?” (Victor, 34 years old, Vladivostok).
“The year will be good! That is why, buy a big beautiful fir tree and celebrate it with your family. Next year Russia will ascend as well as China. But the things will be bad in America. Everything will change in the USA and in Russia during one hour, and it will influence the fate of Russians favorably…”
“Will there be any other world tragedies in the near future?” (Anna, Moscow).
“I see the death of many famous people, but I won’t say their surnames, and in the coming six months there will be a strong earthquake in Asia. The earth is a living organism, and what we do to it, is impermissible and it pays us back for our mistakes, and the earthquake will cause deaths, sometimes innocent people. Man should stop, he makes use of the blessings of nature incorrectly, all this will begin to return to him.”
“What will you say about the relations between Russia and Georgia?”
“Russians and Georgians are brothers. What relations can be between relatives? They have quarreled and have made up. Only America is to blame for this conflict, and time will judge for this country will be unhappy, it will answer for its deeds. Georgians are very good people, honest and decent.”
Dozens of calls came from the parents whose children are ill with ICP (infantile cerebral paralysis). The mothers who were already in despair to help their children, had several operations performed, and turned to Mehdi as their last hope.
“I am calling you from Klin region, Moscow oblast. I have got twins, a son and a daughter six years old. Both of them have ICP. They speak in a normal way, understand everything, can do a lot of things, they have got a good memory, even ride a bicycle. But the boy has a constant fear of everybody. How to remove it for him to become a fully fledged child?”
“I am the grandmother of the sick granddaughter. Our little girl’s name is Victoria, she has ICP in a complicated form. She does not even sit. We went to a healer, he cured with clay, but there is no result yet. Acupuncture cannot be used, as she has epileptic surges. What to do?”
“Hello, my name is Zhanna, I have got a son, he is seven years old. He has got ICP. We wanted to take him to a healer. Please say, will it help the child?”
Mehdi asked all the parents to send him the children’s photos for him to determine how to cure them. He also assured that the best healers in this situation are the parents themselves, because they can help their children with their endearment and love.
Some of the callers told stories of their life, which resemble scenes from horror films. Here are some of them:
“I am twenty two years old, I have been pregnant twice, and in both cases I had a miscarriage. I was already in despair. Is it possible that I shall ever be able to become a mother?” (Svetlana, T. Korolev)
“Hello, a terrible tragedy befell my family, four months ago my son disappeared. His friend and he went swimming in the river, they were swimming next to each other, his friend swam to the end but he did not. Nobody has seen him since then, and the body cannot be found, though the reservoir is not large. Please, say is he alive?”
“Hello, I have got a tragedy: my husband has disappeared. In the morning he went in his car, several days later the car was found, but he was not. What happened to him? We were on good terms with him, I fear for him. (Marina, Vladivostok)
Mehdi asked all the callers to send him a photo to help figure out the problem. He also prescribed procedures during a personal meeting.
Mehdi expressed his ideas about world problems causously, reasonably.
Mehdi had a lot of calls. But one call especially worried the extrasense. With tears in her eyes, a woman from the Far East asked him for help. Her name is Lyubov, she is fifty nine years old.
“Hello, Mehdi,” the sad voice is heard in the receiver, “I am an invalid of the second group. My health is very poor, but it is not so important. I have buried my parents, my three children have died, not long ago my husband, sister and brother died. I have remained alone, quite alone in this world. How can I live on? Will there be any ray of hope in my life? The woman’s voice changed into cry.
Mehdi thought hard and smoked a pipe:
“You know Lyuba, please send me the photos to figure out what to do further, but your case is different, I won’t help much. You need to fly to me, as soon as possible.”
“But how can I do it? I am a pensioner! I live from pension to pension. The ticket to Moscow costs twenty thousand. I don’t have so much money!” the pensioner got frightened.
“Though your situation is very serious, first of all you should calm yourself. I will try to help, even in the distance.”
Putting down the receiver, Mehdi sighed:
“Spell is there. I should help her by all means.”
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