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this text is from the book "your friend Mehdi"

Chapter eighteen

Meaning of Life

There are not such people who could be closer to you than your brothers, sisters and relatives. You are tied by blood, and human organism consists of 80 percent liquid. Such energy existing between brothers and sisters cannot originate among people not tied by blood. Sometimes it happens that common interests appear with other people, and you are ready to tell them all your secrets, but it does not mean at all, that they are closer than those you are tied by blood. If people are spiritually far, should you keep contact with them? Whether you wish it, or not, the tie between you is already there. If you cannot find a common language, try to reveal the reason of your disagreement. Forgive each other of course, if envy has become the cause of complications, it is very bad, it destroys a person.
Can parents plan the birth of their child, or there should be the effect of a chance? Of course, one should think about the health of his child beforehand, because parents are completely responsible for his future physical and spiritual state, at least until a certain age. It does not mean that you should exactly determine the day of conception, and therefore the time of his birth, but you need to prepare your organism physically for the appearance of the future man: to give up smoking, the potential parents have this pernicious habit, have all the tests made and so on. This is really important, because we want to give life to a healthy generation! And I do not think that planning a child reminds somebody of a bird incubator, this is a responsible approach as we are people who have brains given by God.
But let us assume, the child is born with a certain pathology. The parents ask themselves: is his illness by chance or is it the first call to the parents? The age here plays an important role; if the baby is already born ill, it means, that the parents were inattentive to their health before its conception, were not sufficient responsible for granting a new life, the medical lapse during the delivery is not excluded either. A child cannot fall ill until the age of year and a half without any reason, angels guard him, the High Powers, to put it in a simple way.

But are children responsible for their parents’ sins? Until the age of eighteen, a child cannot be responsible for his parents’ sins, but later than this age, the young man is already responsible for his ancestors’ sins, in case he leads such a way of life because of which other people suffer.
In general, granting life to a new man, is one of the most important roles of a woman, destined by nature in this world. Before the birth of the child man and woman cannot be called a family, they are called a couple. Let each family decides itself how many children to have, moreover, over population does not threaten Russia, this is for sure, whereas other countries have serious problems with excessive masses of people (China, India). Yet the Earth itself is able to reach the necessary balance of human resources, it will regulate everything itself. There are numerous means of keeping the balance on the planet; wars, unrevealed diseases and many others. The resources to maintain life on the Earth are still sufficient on an all-planetary scale, but this issue will be very serious in forty years.
The basic resources will begin to disappear then, which maintain safe existence on the Earth, hunger will hit, the earth will stop feeding people, who treat her without proper respect. Some prognoses are already published that in the near perspective the nature of migration and even wars will change. In many countries of Africa, Near East a total attack of wildness is noticed, the amount of fertile land decreases, millions of people experience serious shortage of drinkable water. This is the problem which will become the basic one and people will migrate to the north not only for the sake of foodstuffs, even wars will be waged for the resources of drinkable water. Remember; Earth is alive, its resources are limited and it is able to regulate the quantity of the population. Wars, epidemics, floods, earthquakes, new viruses and diseases all this is only part of the means of such a regulation.
In my first motherland, people are able to value each drop of drinkable water, they do not spill it in tons thoughtlessly. In my childhood and youth, I just physically felt that this plant, this tree, this flower were experiencing terrible thirst, and first of all, I watered them and they thanked me.
Scientific articles are published in the press about the mysteries of water. It is established, that it can keep information, for example, about the nuclear explosion thirty times longer than the earth, the soil does. Such experiments were carried out; one volume of water was radiated with small energies. But the other vessel in the neighboring isolated building received the same charge though by an inexplicable reason. In Russia people have believed in magic water for centuries, in holy water and generally in the holiness of water. People remember the living and dead water forms really exist in nature but dead water is becoming more and more nowadays!
I believe in such abilities of water as well and use it in may medical practice. When you say something into the glass with water, its inner structure changes, the water remembers the received information, and since each man consists of 80 percent of water, it is able to transmit the information to another person at a considerable distance. The phenomenon of telepathy is explained scientifically as well.
Russia is the richest country, the Creator granted it all kinds of resources, only the unique lake Baikal holds gigantic water supplies of the country. But the citizens of Russia should at last realize that the resources are not restored, these resources should be valued and protected, and think what will be left to our grandchildren after us.
Now the all-planetary mechanism of self-destruction has already started, that is why, it is difficult to change anything, but there is always a chance and only hope is the last to die, think before to cut down the tree, get into the car unnecessarily to drive to while away boredom, thus burning oxygen and poisoning the air or leave the water tap on. We can protect the Earth, at least from certain cataclysms, for instance, to use electricity less, not to buy excessive products, part of which we then through into the garbage, to go to shops not with plastic bags which do not decay for thousands of years but with usual bags.
For years people ponder over the meaning of life. I am not an exception in this, as I have reached, so to say, mature age. This is a problem out of eternal questions over which the best thinkers, scientists, wise people have thought for centuries.
I do not think that we come to this world in order, after living a certain amount of years in constant fuss, everyday troubles, worries about daily bread, and pass away forever. It is doubtful that our Creator, having laid such complex forms of life and laws of development and having created the top of creation-man, could have made his life, so to say, single use. No, our living on the Earth is not a banal process of existence with strictly changing time phases. I do not think that the society for which the sense of life is to prolong the species, to get old and die would delight God. The process of living on our planet bears a much deeper sense; it is an examination, which we take so that it would be easy and blessful for us in the other life. Those who haven’t passed this examination will be judged by the most strict laws of God. The sense of life is the manifestation of deep feelings towards God here on the earth. Life is given to realize a great need to preserve the laws of God, so that there was something to take to the eternal life , as you won’t take money there, will you ?
Of course, nobody will argue that it is necessary to reveal and realize all one’s talents; it may be any creative work, practicing science, technology, drawing, music and what not! I am convinced, that any talent is God’s gift, it is necessary to develop it by all means, The Bible says just to the point: “It is a misfortune for those who bury their talent in the earth!” It is worst of all when the talent by some strange contradiction is balanced by the vice of such a power. There are lots of such examples in history! And everybody will be responsible for the unrealized gift. But this is insufficient to pass God’s examination. It would be incorrect to perfect oneself only from the professional viewpoint, because there is also the spiritual side in man, which is necessary to develop first of all.
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